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Raw Results 05/21/12

Raw Results from Richmond, VA:

The show opened with highlight shots from last night's Over the Limit main event, with Big Show interfering to help John Laurinaitis defeat Cena.  Cena came to the ring to discuss how shocked he was at what happened last night with Big Show, and saying he had Laurinaitis beat.  Eve came out, introduced Laurinaitis, who talked about all his injuries from the PPV.  Then he introduced Cena's opponent for No Way Out - The Big Show.  Show came out talking about how he loves the business more than anyone else and did what he had to do.  He vowed to knock Cena out at No Way Out on June 17th.

John Cena defeated David Otunga via submission.  Cena was able to win in about two minutes after chasing Otunga down and using Attitude Adjustment followed by STF to make Otunga tap.  John Laurinaitis and Eve were shown watching from up on the ramp.

Post-match, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil all rushed the ring to attack Cena.  Sheamus rushed to the ring to intervene and make a save.  Laurinaitis got on the mic saying he didn't give these guys permission to interfere, then sent them back to the showers.  From there, JL booked Cena and Sheamus to fight in a 2-on-3 handicap lumberjack match later tonight.

Ricardo Rodriguez came out to introduce Alberto Del Rio.  However, Santino Marella came out to say Ricardo knows nothing about the "art of introductioners."  Santino and Ricardo did a battle of rolling R's, before Santino eventually brought out The Cobra and poked him in the neck.  Santino introduced Del Rio, who made his way to the ring as they showed a WWE video package about Raw coming up on its 1,000th episode.  Once Del Rio got to the ring, he chased Santino off.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Orton had Del Rio down and started pounding the mat for the RKO.  However, Chris Jericho rushed into the ring and attacked Orton, hitting the Codebreaker.  He said on the mic multiple times how he's best in the world at what he does.  Jericho hit two more Codebreakers before leaving the ring with Orton down.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring and demanded a rematch with WWE Champion CM Punk after making him tap out last night.  Punk came out and reminded Bryan what he did to him on Smackdown, when Bryan smashed a steel chair on Kane, and then took off, leaving Kane to think Punk did it.  Punk then introduced to Bryan his opponent for tonight - Kane.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane due to disqualification.  At one point, Kane was on the outside of the ring and Bryan dove out onto him crashing to the floor.  Punk was on commentary and told Lawler/Cole to hang on, as he left, grabbed a chair and went towards Bryan.  Punk teased that he was going to hit Kane, but then Bryan yanked the chair away.  Punk backed off, and as Bryan turned, Kane saw him with the chair and attacked.  From there, Kane repeatedly hit Bryan with the chair, then chokeslammed him twice in the ring.  Post-match, Punk got in the ring pretending to check on Bryan, then locked him into the Anaconda Vise to make Bryan tap on his arm.

Backstage, CM Punk was walking when AJ came up to him.  She told him she enjoyed seeing him beat up Daniel Bryan.  Punk brought up how maybe she's not crazy, but sadistic.  AJ started to break down in tears, and finally Punk hugged her to comfort her.  After several moments of that, Punk told her "I kinda dig crazy chicks" and walked off.  AJ started to act crazy, crying a bit again.

Cole and Lawler talked over the incident between Triple H and Paul Heyman last week where Heyman told HHH he'll see him in court for an assault and battery lawsuit.  They said has an exclusive report on the legal situation with Heyman, Lesnar and HHH.

Justin Roberts introduced the man who won the "People Power" Battle Royal and Intercontinental title last night.  Cole and Lawler reviewed last night's win via still image pics.  Jinder Mahal was shown putting his hat into a plastic or glass case at ringside area.

Christian defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.  He hit the Killswitch late in the match, but added a huge frog splash off the corner to get the pinfall win.

Cole talked about some of the Twitter tweets from the WWE Universe about Big Show's actions last night.  They reviewed a clip of Big Show promising to knock out Cena at No Way Out.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly by pinfall.  Layla was shown watching backstage on a flatscreen monitor, shaking her head.  Kelly had control late after hitting her tilt-a-whirl leg scissors spin to throw Beth into the corner.  She went for her flip splash move towards Beth in the corner, but The Glamazon smashed her down from behind on her way there.  Beth followed up with The Glam Slam to win it.  Layla was shown backstage just shaking her head.

They showed John Laurinaitis riding on his scooter backstage with a big "People Power" logo cutout on front.

Sheamus was introduced, followed by John Cena for the 3-on-2 Handicap Tag Team Lumberjack match.  Vickie Guerrero arrived out to the ramp and did her "Excuse Me" bit and then introduced Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler as two of their opponents.  Justin Roberts then announced their tag team partner, and Lord Tensai arrived out after Sakimoto came to the stage and did his pre-match salt tossing on stage.

The lumberjacks included Reks, Hawkins, Otunga, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Primo, Epico, Hunico, Camacho, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.  Lawler noted none of them appeared to be friends of Cena or Sheamus, with Cole joking maybe they don't have any.  John Laurinaitis was shown up on stage with a crutch watching the match.

John Cena and Sheamus fought Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Lord Tensai to a no contest/DQ.  At one point during the match, Sheamus was knocked to the outside by Tensai.  Some of the lumberjacks attacked but Sheamus fought them off, then jumped off the steel steps to take out more lumberjacks on the other side of the ring.  The heels worked to keep Sheamus worn down and away from tagging out.  At another point in the match, Sheamus began fighting back, punching on Tensai.  Tensai had blood on his forehead, but still kept Sheamus in the heels corner.

Finally, Sheamus broke away and made the hot tag.  Cena came in on fire and took down Ziggler.  He set up for the Five Knuckle but then saw Sheamus getting beat up on the outside by lumberjacks.  Cena dove to the outside to try to help out.  Cena and Sheamus appeared to be getting beat up, but then faces rushed to the ring including CM Punk, Great Khali, Christian, Brodus Clay and Santino.

Cena stormed off up the ramp from the ring and went backstage.  The camera went backstage with Cena approaching Laurinaitis who was limping away on crutches.  JL said he had no idea where Big Show was and reminded Cena if he touches him he gets fired.  Laurinaitis hobbled away on his crutch with Cena looking angry.  He stood there looking to the side for several moments with the camera close up.  Then, just as Cena turned, a big fist came into the picture and knocked Cena out.  Big Show was shown and walked over Cena's body, with Laurinaitis looking back from a distance as Show kept following to close out Raw.

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