Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WWE NXT Results 05/23/12

WWE NXT Results from Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Jinder Mahal defeated Derrick Bateman by submission.  Late in the match, Bateman had control after hitting a dropkick for a near fall.  However, moments later Mahal managed to get him into the Camel Clutch to make Bateman tap out.

Percy Watson defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Late in this match, Watson missed on a big splash in the corner.  However, he was able to land a huge flapjack slam finisher to get the win.

Maxine defeated Alicia Fox by submission.  She put a Dragon Sleeper on Alicia late in the match to get her to pass out.

The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Drew McIntyre and Johnny Curtis by pinfall in a tag team match.  Curtis and Drew used a lot of tag team work in this to keep Ezekiel away from a tag to Khali.  However, late in the matc, Zeke made the hot tag to Khali.  He came in and cleared house before eventually hitting his Punjabi Plunge powerbomb finisher for the win.

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