Thursday, August 2, 2012

WWE Superstars Results 08/02/12

Here are the latest WWE Superstars results for the 08/02/12 episode of the internet show.  After the traditional WWE Superstars video package aired, it was time for the opening match involving Tyson Kidd and Heath Slater.

Tyson Kidd defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  After commercial break, Slater had control of things, but Kidd made a comeback.  After landing several kicks, Kidd had a near fall.  He hit an enziguiri kick and climbed to the top rope, with Slater throwing him off.  Slater had two near falls, before Kidd connected on a kick to Heath's head.  He followed up with the Blockbuster finisher for the pinfall victory.

Layla defeated Natalya by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Natalya hit a slingshot faceplant for a 2 count on the champion.  Natalya stood on Layla's hand, then locked a submission hold on.  Layla managed to fight her way out of it and got a rollup for 2.  Moments later, Layla countered Natalya's suplex attempt, and hits a big kick to her head for the win.

After a break they showed the latest Raw Rebound.

Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel by pinfall.  In the late stages of this one, Justin Gabriel hit several kicks on Rhodes, and also splashed onto him on the outside floor.  In the ring, Gabriel hits a springboard dropkick, but only gets 2.  Justin connects on a springboard moonsault with Rhodes kicking out at 2 again.  Justin managed to duck Rhodes' Beautiful Disaster kick, but then Rhodes grabs him for Cross Rhodes to get the win.

That concluded the latest episode of WWE Superstars.  The full episode can be seen at website.

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