Monday, July 30, 2012

Raw Preview 07/30/12

Last week's Raw was a monumental event complete with returning guests such as D-Generation X, The Rock, Lita, Vince McMahon, and Brock Lesnar.  It also featured plenty of drama and a betrayal in the squared circle during the main event title matchup.

During the main event match, John Cena officially cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase for a shot at CM Punk's WWE Championship.  Rather than winning the title like all previous MITB winners, Cena's attempt was thwarted by The Big Show.  Show interfered in the match twice; once with the referee knocked out, and another time with the ref conscious as Cena had the STF locked on Punk.  With the second involvement by Show, Cena won, but due to a DQ.  Therefore, he was not named the new champion.  With that in mind, Cena will certainly be upset with Big Show after what went down.  What will Cena have to say to the World's Largest Athlete?

That wasn't the only drama that occurred in the main event though, as CM Punk shocked the world following the bell.  As Big Show continued a post-match assault on John Cena, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rushed to the ring to try to make a save.  He did, for a bit, fighting off Big Show.  However, CM Punk rushed into the ring and attacked Rock, knocking him to the mat.  It shocked not only Rock, but also most of the WWE Universe, as CM Punk has turned the tables once again.  Now, the WWE wrestling fans will wait to hear what Punk's reasons are for the attack.  Will The Rock have a response on tonight's show in some capacity?

Also on last week's show, Triple H finally got the answer he wanted from Brock Lesnar.  While it was manager Paul Heyman who accepted the SummerSlam match, Brock made an appearance as well, after Stephanie McMahon attacked Heyman.  The in-ring confrontation led to Triple H and Lensar going at it, with The Game getting the upperhand and tossing Brock out of the ring.  That left Lesnar smirking, as the two will now head towards a huge match in August.  Will Brock show up again on Raw, and will it be live or via satellite?

Check out tonight's 3-hour episode of Raw beginning at 8PM EST on USA!

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