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Raw Results 07/30/12

Raw Results from Cincinnati, OH:

CM Punk came out to start the show talking about why he attacked Rock, because Rock disrespected him in the ring and made Raw 1000 all about him.  Big Show comes out and says the only reason Punk is still champion is because of him.  He vows to become the next WWE champ.  John Cena rushed to the ring to start punching away on Show, who shoves Cena away and gets out of the ring.  Punk leaned against the ropes watching and shaking his head.

The new Raw GM AJ Lee arrived out and announced that for tonight's main event, Cena will take on Big Show, with the winner facing CM Punk at SummerSlam.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella by submission.  Late in the match, Santino was in control and got out the Cobra sock.  Del Rio blocked the Cobra punched and shoved Santino shoulder-first into the ring post, then locked on the armbreaker submission.  Del Rio gets on the mic saying he just defeated the US Champion like it was nothing.  He says Santino is beneath him, just like Sheamus and the fans.  He says he won't wrestle again until it's for the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam.

Brodus Clay was in the ring dancing with Cameron and Naomi.  Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring and starts trying to dance to some old school hip hop music.  Damien Sandow comes down to the ring to interrupt.  He talks about the horrible crime committed on last week's show by DX.  He then attacks Clay, taking him out at the leg.  Sandow keeps kneeing Clay and then rips his necklace before posing in the ring.

There was a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan asking AJ if she's insane for leaving him at the altar.  She tells him to shutup since she's his boss now, not his bride-to-be.  AJ tells Bryan that she has him booked to face Sheamus in a match.  Bryan asks if it's for the World title and AJ chants "No" at him before walking off.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall in a non-title street fight.  The fans voted online for the match type choosing street fight 73%.  Other options were No Holds Barred and Falls Count Anywhere.  In the match's late stages, the two competitors were fighting in the ring over a kendo stick.  Sheamus went for his White Noise move on some steel steps in the ring, but Bryan blocked it.  However, Sheamus came back and hit the Brogue kick to lay out Bryan on the steps for the pin.

After a commercial break, Bryan was still in the ring refusing to leave until a doctor came out for him.  Kofi Kingston and R-Truth come out for the next match, telling Bryan to leave.  He introduces himself to Lil' Jimmy, then kicked him out of the ring.  Truth goes out of the ring to check on Jimmy, so Bryan insults him for talking to an invisible child.

A bunch of guys in white suits come out, seeming to be there for R-Truth.  AJ comes out and says they are really there to check out Daniel Bryan, because he's been acting mentally unstable and needs to be evaluated for work.  The guys take Bryan backstage.

Vince McMahon will appear on Friday's SmackDown to announce the new GM for the show.

Titus O'Neil defeated Kofi Kingston by pinfall.  Late in the match, Abraham Washington got up omn the apron and tossed his show in the ring at Kofi.  Kofi grabbed it and threw it back out at him, but when he turned around, Titus was right there to hit a huge slam on him for the victory.  During the match, AW called his team "unstoppable like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel."

They had John Cena backstage with CM Punk.  Punk says he isn't going to wish Cena or Big Show good luck, because he doesn't care.  Cena is about to speak, but Punk stops him and says he knows he's mad because he did to the Rock in one night, what Cena couldn't in a year.  Punk tells Cena to get over it and get ready.  He pats Cena on the shoulder and walks off, with Cena shooting a look.

After returning from commercial break, Michael Cole and Lawler apologized for comments made by Abraham Washington during the match regarding the Kobe Bryant rape case in Colorado.

Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Slater was in the ring as they showed footage from last week's show involving Lita defeating Slater (with help from APA and various legends).  Slater got on the mic challenging "any current superstar" to a match.  Out comes Randy Orton to make his big return.  In the final moments of the match, Orton hit a big powerslam and then his DDT from the second rope.  He finishes up with the trademark RKO for the win.

They showed Daniel Bryan backstage with a psychiatrist.  Bryan kept answering "Yes" to every question the guy asked, then started yelling it like his chant in a crazy manner.

Christian and Jericho defeated The Miz and Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Late in the match, Miz countered Walls of Jericho.  Miz kicked Jericho in the face, but moments later Jericho blocked the Skull Crushing Finale.  He hit Codebreaker to get the big victory.  Post-match, Ziggler lays out Jericho with his MITB briefcase, then stands over him for a bit smirking, before leaving the ring.

The psychiatrist backstage with Daniel Bryan shows him various pictures and asks Bryan what each looks like to him.  He goes through several and for the final says a spaceship.  The doctor puts it down and Bryan thinks it looks like a goat face.  He asks if Charlie Sheen is behind all this.  Bryan then says if Sheen is watching, he's the one winning.

Lord Tensai defeated Tyson Kidd by pinfall.  Tensai got the win after Kidd was making a comeback.  Tensai hit a surprise slam and then his senton bomb splash for the win.  Post-match, he kept attacking Kidd despite the ref telling him to stop.  The ref gets out of the ring and tells Justin Roberts to reverse his decision.  Roberts announces Kidd wins due to DQ.  As Kidd's music plays, refs get in the ring to prevent Tensai from more attacks.  Instead, he slaps Sakamoto and throws him out of the ring.

They show Bryan backstage with the doctor again.  This time the doctor says he finds that Bryan is obsessed with Charlie Sheen, but otherwise he is 100% sane.  Bryan thanks him and the doctor leaves.  Just then, the small room goes dark except for a red light.  Kane comes in and tells Bryan he's his anger management therapist.  He slams Bryan into a wall and leaves him layed out in the ring.

John Cena and Big Show both won due to interference by CM Punk in a #1 Contender's Match for the WWE Championship shot.  Punk was on commentary with Jerry Lawler and Cole, and kept insulting Lawler's commentary skills.  Late in the match, Cena and Show fought at ringside, with Show tossing Cena right onto Punk, causing both men to fall down.  Moments later, Punk goes into the ring when Cena is trying to hit the AA on Show.  He makes a save, then kicks Show in the face to lay him out.  Punk gets on the mic saying there's no winner.  He leaves the ring and heads backstage.

GM AJ comes out and announces both Show and Cena are winners.  She says both men will challenge Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE title in a Triple Threat match.  Punk comes back out on stage to argue with AJ, demanding respect, as Raw goes off the air.

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