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Raw Results 05/20/13

Raw Results from Kansas City, MO:

An ambulance drove into the arena with its sirens going, then stopped inside near the ramp/stage.  Ryback hopped out through the back doors with a mic, then climbed up on top of it to give a speech about last night, saying Cena left with the title, despite there being no clear winner.  Ryback proposed an ambulance match for the next PPV: WWE Payback.  Ryback said he'll send Cena to the medical facility and everyone else to the morgue with him.  Ryback went on a rant to insult the audience as being lazy, fat and lacking goals.  After his speech, the commentators talked over the upcoming match at Payback between Ryback and Cena.  They switched over to news that Paul Heyman will introduce his newest client on Raw tonight.

The Miz and Chris Jericho defeated Fandango and Wade Barrett via submission.  During the match, Fandango and Barrett got into words with each other, with Fandango deciding to leave the ring apron at one point.  He picked up a mic and gave a pronounciation lesson for his name then danced around at the ringside area with Summer Rae.  Barrett was left alone in the ring and got hit by a Codebreaker, with Jericho tagging in Miz to lock on the Figure Four for the win.

Vickie Guerrero came out on stage and said Jack Swagger would fight in a match tonight, with fans voting for one of three opponent choices on the WWE app.  The three choices are Randy Orton, R-Truth or Great Khali.

Sheamus defeated Titus O'Neil via pinfall.  Darren Young was ringside during the match and interfered at one point, tripping Sheamus on the apron on an attempted move to jump over the top rope.  Titus capitalized to regain control, kneeing Sheamus in the gut.  Later, Sheamus got back in control, avoiding Titus rushing him in the corner.  He got up Titus for the Irish Curse backbreaker, then set up for and hit the Brogue Kick to get the win.

Paul Heyman came down to the ring to talk about his latest client addition.  Heyman talked up Brock Lesnar defeating HHH in the steel cage match at Extreme Rules.  He said HHH had to tuck the sledgehammer between his legs and go back home to "mommy."  Heyman said Lesnar has fulfilled his obligations to WWE now, but what's Paul Heyman going to talk about now.  Heyman said "It's time for something new, something different."  He said he's giving the WWE Universe that big highlight moment out of his generosity that everyone will look back on.  Heyman introduced the newest Paul Heyman guy, Curt Axel (aka Michael McGillicutty.)

Heyman's speech was interrupted by Triple H's music, as The Game came to the ring with a mic.  Triple H said Heyman could put whatever spin on things from last night he wanted, but fact of the matter is Brock limped away from that match last night.  Axel got into HHH's face telling him "the game has changed around here," then told HHH if he wants to talk to Heyman, he talks to him first.  Triple H slapped him down, surprising Heyman.  HHH said he changed his mind, first he's going to have a match tonight with Axel, then he's going to kick Heyman's butt after.

Big E Langston defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall.  Late in the match, Del Rio hit a backstabber for a near fall on Big E.  Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker, but Big E shoved him out of the ring.  ADR got back in and hit a huge enziguiri kick, but AJ distracted the ref.  Langston poked Del Rio in the eyes, then followed with his finisher for the win.

AJ Lee defeated Layla via submission.  In the late part of this one, Layla mocked AJ, skipping around the ring. Layla gained control and hit a kick then a dropkick.  She kept attacking to stay in control.  Aj managed to counter with a sideslam, then put the Black Widow submission on Layla to force her to submit.

Cody Rhodes defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall. Ryder made a late comeback, hitting his move set including the Broski Boot.  Ryder made a cover for a near fall, then the two exchanged more offense.  Ultimately, Cody hit the Disaster Kick to get the pinfall win.

Post-match, Ryback's music hit and he came to the ring as Cody left.  Ryback hit a huge Meathook clothesline on Rdyer, then a power bomb, followed by Shellshocked.  He tossed Ryder out of the ring and then brought him up the ramp to the ambulance, throwing him into the back and closing the doors.  The ambulance starts up and puts on its sirens, taking Ryder away.

The Shield defeated Team Hell No & Kofi Kingsto via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kane had the chokeslam ready to hit Reigns with, but Ambrose jumped off the top.  Kane knocked Ambrose down, then grabbed Reigns for a chokeslam.  Rollins hit a springboard in to break things up.  Reigns was able to hit a huge spear on Kane to take him down for the pinfall win.

Backstage, Kaitlyn had a conversation with Natalya about the fact her "secret admirer" keeps texting her, and she has a number to call.  She said she hasn't been able to get a hold of them by calling.  Cody is seen walking in the background using his phone and as he comes past them, Natalya grabs him and Kaitlyn takes his phone to see if he's texting her.  She finds out he's just posting pics of himself on the internet.

Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall.  In the late part of this one, Orton hit a draping DDT through the ropes then went for the RKO.  Swagger blocked it, then put the Patriot Lock on Orton.  Orton was able to roll through to break it, but Swagger re-applied it.  Swagger switched the hold to Orton's other leg, but Orton got to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Orton kicked Swagger away and to the outside.  Swagger got back in, but Orton hit the RKO quick for the win.

Triple H and Curtis Axel fought to a no contest when HHH was unable to continue.  Late in the match, Triple H began stumbling around out of the ring, with trainers coming to check on him.  They had him sit down and gave him a towel, with water, which he poured over himself.  He tried to get up and head back to the ring, but fell down on the ground.  Trainers helped him back over again.  HHH fell another time and trainers went over to tell him he couldn't continue.  They kept talking to him as Raw went off the air and HHH looked out of it.

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