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2013 WWE Extreme Rules Results

Welcome to 2013 WWE Extreme Rules results.  This latest article will present the winners and a brief recap of each match from the latest WWE Pay-Per-View held at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO on May 18, 2013.

Live Stream Online Pre-Show Match:

The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes via submission.  Late in the match, Cody kicked Miz in the face with a boot kick.  Cody went off the corner, but Miz caught him and put him into a Figure Four.  Cody tapped out to submit and Miz won the match.

WWE Extreme Rules Matches:

Chris Jericho defeated Fandango via pinfall.  In the late part of this match, Jericho put the Walls of Jericho on Fandango, who managed to crawl to the bottom rope and break the submission.  Fandango went for a boot kick, but got dropped by a kick to the back of his head.  Fandango went to the top for a finish, but Jericho got up and hit the Codebreaker mid-air for the win.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall to win the United States Championship.  Reigns and Rollins came out to the crowd area, but didn't come to ringside with Ambrose, leaving him to go at it solo.  Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise late, but Ambrose fell to the outside.  Kofi managed to bring Ambrose back in for a pinfall attempt.  Ambrose got a roll up attempt, but Kofi kicked out.  Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise again, but Ambrose ducked it and then dropped Kofi face first for the win.  Post-match, Reigns and Rollins came to the ring to celebrate Ambrose's title win.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry in a Strap Match.  In the late part of this contest, Sheamus was trying to tap all the lights, but Henry blocked his attempt, sending Sheamus out to the floor.  They fought on the outside, with Sheamus strapping Henry to a ring post and stomping on him.  He pulled Henry face first into the ring post with the strap.  Henry rolled back in and Sheamus followed.  Sheamus started to touch each of the ring posts to light up the lights.  Henry tried to stop him at the fourth, going for a World's Strongest Slam.  Sheamus blocked the attempt then hit a Brogue Kick and hit the fourth corner for the win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger in an I Quit Match.  Late in this match, Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb, and the ref asked if ADR was giving up.  ADR continued and managed to put on the Cross Armbreaker.  Swagger held out and turned it into the Patriot Lock.  Ricardo is ringside with a towel and ADR tells him not to throw it in.  Zeb Colter got involved, throwing a towel in to make it look like Ricardo did. The ref sees it and calls the match in favor of Swagger.  Post-match, another ref runs down to explain what happened.  They watch a replay of what happened, then asks ADR if he can continue.  ADR gets to his feet and the match restarts.  Swagger goes after ADR's leg to work him over, but ADR withstands it and nails a super kick to Swagger's arm.  He manages to put on the Cross Armbreaker.  Swagger almost quit there, but countered the hold.  Del Rio locked the hold on tighter, forcing Swagger to finally quit.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns defeated Kane & Daniel Bryan via pinfall to win the WWE Tag Team titles.  Late in the match, Kane made a save as Daniel Bryan was getting beat down in the corner.  He went for a slam attempt, but Reigns shoved Kane into Bryan in the corner.  Reigns hit a super kick on Kane.  Moments later, Kane grabbed Reigns for a chokeslam, but Rollins made a save from the top rope.  Reigns hit Kane with a big spear for a near fall.  D-Bryan came in to make a save.  Once Bryan had tagged in, he kicked away on Reigns some to take control.  However, moments later, Reigns and Rollins hit a double team move to put Bryan away for the win, capturing the titles.  Post-match, Ambrose returned to the ring to celebrate as they all showed off their WWE gold.

Randy Orton defeated Big Show via pinfall in an Extreme Rules match.  During this one, a kendo stick, steel chairs and a ladder came into play, as well as the RKO.  In the late part of the match, Orton kicked Show in the face, then hit the RKO on top of a steel chair.  He waited for Show to get up, then looked around as he heard voices from the crowd.  Orton went for the punt kick and nailed Show in the head, then made the cover for the win.

John Cena and Ryback fought to a no draw/decision in the Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship.  During the late part of the match, Cena got the upper hand and put Ryback onto a table, then jumped from a short balcony in the crowd area to drive his elbow onto Ryback.  They both got up about the same time.  Later still, Cena used a fire extinguisher to repeatedly spray Ryback on the stage, then clocked him with it.  However, Ryback made it back to his feet.  Moments later, Cena went for the AA, but Ryback slid out and then rammed Cena through some of the stage lighting.  A bunch of lights exploded and the two competitors were nowhere to be seen.  The cameras were shown backstage with both men down.  Trainers and referees checked on them.  Cena was taken away on a stretcher, and Ryback walked off on his own with the help of a referee.  No decision made.

Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H in a steel cage match.  Late in the match, Triple H went towards the top of the cage, then retrieved a sledgehammer from up there.  Lesnar yanked him back down to the mat and grabbed the sledgehammer.  HHH ducked a shot from the hammer, then put the sharpshooter on Lesnar.  Paul Heyman got inside the cage and HHH let up on the hold, hitting Heyman with a Pedigree.  He decked Lesnar with the sledgehammer then hit the pedigree on him for a very close pinfall attempt.  HHH grabs the sledgehammer to do more damage to Lesnar, but Heyman hit him from behind with a low blow.  Brock took the sledgehammer then nailed HHH in the jaw with it, leaving him motionless on the mat.  Lesnar limped around a bit, then yelled and hoisted Triple H up to hit the F5 on him.  After a pinfall cover, Lesnar was the winner.

Post-match, Lesnar limped backstage from the ramp.  Heyman was helped up the ramp by referees, then raised Lesnar's arm up.  Triple H was helped up from the ring by WWE trainers and left for the backstage area.

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