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Raw Results 05/13/13

WWE Raw Results from Tulsa, OK:

A video package recapped last week's big events: Ryback defeating Kane with The Shield arriving to surround the ring and Daniel Bryan coming in to try to defend his partner.  That ended with Ryback leaving the ring and Cena rushing down to get involved.  Once The Shield pounced, Ryback came in with a chair to help out, but ultimately hit Cena with it.  Also last week, Brock Lesnar destroyed HHH's office at WWE HQ, but Triple H showed up on Raw to confront Paul Heyman from the ring, aka "his office."

Jerry Lawler was in the ring to start Raw and discussed the feud between Chris Jericho and Fandango.  He talked about how tonight the two will square off in a "Dance Off" on Raw.  During the contest, Fandango's dance partner Summer Rae faked an ankle injury to draw concern from Jericho's pro dance partner, Edyta Sliwinska, formerly on "Dancing With the Stars."  Trainers came in to check on Summer, with Jericho distracted, so Fandango slipped back in the ring and attacked.  He hit his big legdrop off the corner and even used part of the wooden dance floor from the ring set to hit Jericho with.

Ryback defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall in a quick match.  Ryback had control most of the match and eventually hit Shellshocked for the win.

Darren Young & Titus O'Neil defeated Tons of Funk via pinfall.  Late in the match, Clay hit a splash on Titus, then knocked D-Young off the side apron.  He went after Titus, but eventually chaos ensued and Titus scored a rollup pinfall on Clay to get the win.  A replay showed D-Young using a hair pick to hit Clay at the end.

Smackdown's Teddy Long came out to discuss the World Heavyweight Title situation and if the title would still be up for grabs or forfeited.  Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger interrupted, saying Swagger should receive the title.  Big E Langston and AJ Lee came out saying the title is going nowhere.  Big E suggests Swagger should be fired for what he did to Dolph.  Big E and Swagger get into it.  Teddy breaks it up and says Dolph won't be stripped, but Jack Swagger will face Alberto Del Rio in a #1 contenders I Quit Match at Extreme Rules.  For tonight, fans will vote on WWE's app for either Swagger or Del Rio vs. Big E.

Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall in a non-title match.  Before the match, they announced that Kofi will defend his United States Championship against The Shield's Dean Ambrose at Extreme Rules. In a relatively quick match, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise for the win out of nowhere

Josh Matthews interviewed Mark Henry in the ring about his upcoming match with Sheamus, asking how he plans to defeat him in a Strap match at Extreme Rules.  He told Matthews to put the strap on, so he put it around his wrist.  Henry then dragged Matthews to each ring post to touch it, like he'll need to do in the PPV match.  He let Matthews go and called out Sheamus.  Sheamus' music eventually hit and he came to the stage.  Henry tells him to get down to the ring so Sheamus says he never backs down from a fight.  He heads to the ring then says he put a present under the ring earlier.  Sheamus grabs his own strap from under the ring and uses it on Henry.  They go back and forth with Henry eventually getting sent to the floor and heading up the ramp.

Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.  Late in this one, Orton hit his huge powerslam move.  Cesaro eventually ended up out on the apron, so Orton went for the draping DDT.  Cesaro blocked it, then had a rollup for a nearfall.  Orton ultimately hit an RKO out of nowhere for the win.

The Miz defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  The Miz made his big return to the ring tonight.  3MB was ringside and tried to get involved but to no avail.  Miz was able to put the Figure Four on Slater to make him tap out.  They also announced Miz vs. Cody Rhodes for an Extreme Rules pre-show match on Sunday.

John Cena won a six-man tag team elimination match due to disqualification.  They announced that Team Hell No will defend their tag team titles against The Shield's Rollins and Reigns in a Tag Team Tornado match.  All four men will be in the ring at once, with the first team able to get a pinfall or submission announced as the winners.  The first elimination came when Kane cleared the ring of Shield then went to the outside and used the announcers table on them for his attack, getting DQ'd.  Later, Bryan had the No Lock on Rollins, but he fought out of it.  Ambrose tagged in with Bryan fighting both guys off.  However, Rollins took down Bryan with a huge kick, then Ambrose hit a faceplant to eliminate him.  That left Cena against all 3 members of Shield.  Cena staggered to get back on the apron and then waited for the crowd to help him get revved up.  He rushed into the ring attacking the legal man for Shield.

Cena ended up fighting all three men off, and clearing the ring at one point, allowing him to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Rollins and pin him for an elimination.  Moments later, Cena got Ambrose up, but Reigns came in to distract the ref.  Ambrose grabbed the top rope and Reigns shoved the ref aside to tackle down Cena.  Reigns was DQ'd for that, eliminating him.  Ambrose crawled over to try to take an easy pinfall, but Cena kicked out.  Cena got Ambrose up for an AA, but the other two members of Shield rushed back in to attack, forcing the ref to call for the bell.

Post-match, Shield kept up the attack and hit the Triple Powerbomb on Cena.  They eventually left the ring, but Ryback's music soon hit.  He came to the ring and stood over Cena, then left, seeming like he wasn't going to do anything.  Ryback stopped for several moments, then turned around and rushed back to the ring, grabbing a steel chair from under the ring.  Ryback got in the ring, then stood on Cena's leg with the hurt achilles/heel.  Cena pleaded with him, but Ryback smashed the cheer down on his injured area, then left up the ramp posing on stage and yelling "Ryback Rules!"

Jack Swagger defeated Big E Langston due to countout.  Lawler announced that WWE fans voted Jack Swagger 65% to 35% for Del Rio to be in this match.  Cole was shocked by it, but JBL quipped, "he's from Oklahoma."  In the match, Swagger had the Patriot Lock on Big E, but he managed to get to the ropes to break it.  Big E then dumped Swagger to the outside, followed him out there and threw him over the crowd barrier.  However, Swagger managed to get over the barrier and got back into the ring before Big E could.  Post-match, Alberto Del Rio rushed down to attack, but Swagger fought him off and went for the Patriot Lock.  Ricardo Rodriguez attacked Swagger with his bucket to make the save.  Del Rio put the Cross armbreaker on.  Big E got involved, but Del Rio made a come back to kick Big E down, then sent Swagger to the outside, then stood tall as his theme music played on.

AJ Lee defeated Natalya via submission.  Bella Twins and Kaitlyn were on commentary with Khali and Hornswoggle standing by.  Kaitlyn had another gift she was checking out during commentary, with Bellas making fun of who might have sent it, saying it was her dad.  Lawler suggested it was AJ, saying she's been through every guy in the locker room.  AJ eventually won the match by putting a submission hold on Natalya, wrapping her legs around her neck.  Natalya tapped out and the nrolled to the apron, where Kaitlyn helped her out of the ring.  Khali and Hornswoggle went to help them up the ramp as Cole said it was like the cast of "The Munsters" out there.

Triple H came to the ring and the steel cage dropped down around it.  HHH talked about learning to feed upon the hate he feels.  He said he's never felt more at home then in the ring and when surrounded by steel.  He called out Lesnar, who came out with Heyman.  Heyman started to talk but HHH told him to zip it.  Heyman talked about how Brock is a seasoned cage fighter and he's going to make HHH hate many things, including having to face his father after a loss, and he'll hate having to go down in history as "the loser."  Heyman said Lesnar's ready for a fight tonight, but HHH has to wait until Sunday because his client "doesn't fight for free."

HHH taunted Lesnar as not being a man, saying Heyman can't afford for Lesnar to step into the ring and face him like a man.  HHH suggested that when he defeats Lesnar on Sunday, there goes Heyman's meal ticket.  HHH said he thinks Lesnar must think he's the baddest man standing in the room, but Heyman doesn't.  HHH said he's not talking to Heyman anymore, so he directed his talk to Lesnar.  HHH asked if he's going to keep listening to Heyman telling him what to do, or if he's going to come down to the ring instead of being "Brock Lesnar, the bitch."

Lesnar started down to the ring with Heyman pleading for him to stop.  Four referees stood by advising Lesnar not to go inside the cage door, but he started up the stairs for the ring.  Lesnar put one leg in through the ropes and then went into the ring to stand face to face with HHH.  The two started exchanging strikes, with Lesnar ramming HHH into the corner.  He threw HHH with a backwards suplex, then yelled for Heyman to shut the door.  Paul did so and Lesnar rushed at HHH, but HHH avoided him and tossed Lesnar face first into the cage wall.  From there, HHH grabbed Lesnar and ran him over to throw into the cage door, knocking Heyman and several refs towards the crowd barrier.

Lesnar went over and helped up Heyman to leave the scene while glaring towards HHH as the crowd booed.  Triple H's music played as he climbed up the cage wall and sat on the top of the scaffolding.  Heyman and Lesnar looked towards him from the stage as Raw went off the air.

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