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2013 WWE Summerslam Results Coverage (Updated)

The 2013 WWE Summerslam results are on the way as the latest pro wrestling pay-per-view event hits the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.  The latest event, scheduled for Sunday, August 18 will feature a free live stream show match, and then a full card of exciting matches on the main show.  Fans will be able to follow along as results are updated, here at WWE Characters the Blog.

Among the big matches on the card will be John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan, with Triple H as special guest referee.  Christian challenges Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Dean Ambrose puts the United States title on the line against Rob Van Dam during a special live stream pre-show, starting at 7 p.m. EST.

The Summerslam pay-per-view will officially get underway at 8 p.m. EST on cable, satellite, and WWE's live stream through their site or mobile apps.  The latest results will be presented below as the winners are announced!

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(2013 Summerslam Axxess results: In early results from the Summerslam Axxess event in Los Angeles, the divas team of Natalya and Maria Menounos defeated Brie Bella and Eva Marie.  Photos from the Summerslam Twitter showed off some of the match.  In other action, NXT stars Paige and the NXT tag team champions retained their titles.)

2013 SummerSlam Results:

Josh Matthews hosted the Summerslam kick-off show with a panel of Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Vickie Guerrero. Michaels was sporting a Daniel Bryan-style beard and camouflaged gear. He talked up the Cena-Bryan match, and then Booker brought up Bray Wyatt against Kane. Vickie said Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian was what she's looking forward to.

They showed footage of RVD's win in the 20-Man Battle Royal and then Mark Henry joining him in the ring to help fend off The Shield's attempted attack.  Matthews talked up the US title match for the pre-show.  Booker and Vickie started to bicker over who was responsible for bringing RVD back to WWE.

Video package for the CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) match build-up and feud was shown.

Paul Heyman joined the panel via video from backstage.  Heyman interrupted Matthews when he started to compare Punk/Brock to David vs. Goliath.  Heyman said there will be no heroic slaying here by Punk.  During the bit, Heyman announced a new stipulation that Punk and Brock reportedly agreed to: for a no DQ match tonight.

They showed Ziggler breaking up with AJ weeks ago, and then the meeting between Kaitlyn/Ziggler and AJ/Big E on The MizTV segment.  It was followed by a visit to Venice Beach where Ziggler, Big E, AJ all shown giving sound bytes.

They showed video footage of the buildup surrounding Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena, after Cena handpicked Bryan as his Summerslam opponent.  Brad Maddox, Triple H and Vince McMahon were included in various highlights.  HBK talked up how much he believes in Daniel Bryan after training him.    Vickie suggested that John Cena has everything handed to him, and that WWE needs a fresh face in Bryan.  HBK predicted Bryan will leave as WWE champ tonight.

Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler were shown as commentary team and brought up tonight's big matches.

Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose
US Championship Match

Ambrose entered on his own from in the stands with no sign of Rollins or Reigns.  RVD was introduced second, and then bell ring with just about 25 minutes until the pay-per-view's start time.  Ambrose got the early advantage throwing a shoulder block to take down RVD, and then he cockily backed into the corner to wait for RVD to get up.  RVD responded for several takedowns and then did his double thumb point to get the crowd to chant "Rob Van Dam."

Ambrose took over again for a bit, but RVD battled back and punched/kicked on Ambrose in the corner.  Ambrose responded on a whip to the corner with a boot to RVD's face.  Later in the match, RVD went for Rolling Thunder at Ambrose in the corner.  Ambrose moved away and RVD leapt onto the corner then sprang back for a flying cross body near fall.  RVD managed to knock Ambrose to the mat and then looked at the fans before heading to the corner to set up for a Frogsplash.  He was cut short when The Shield's theme music hit and they came down through the crowd.

Mark Henry's song came on and he came down to help RVD, followed by Big Show.  WWE headed to a commercial break for the new WWE 2K14 video game.  After break, Show/Henry and Rollins/Reigns were serving as lumberjacks of sorts on the outside.  RVD had several near falls with the crowd hot.  Ambrose later missed on a leg drop from the corner, and RVD set up on the corner for a move but was distracted by The Shield on the apron.  RVD finally hit Rolling Thunder, and then connected on a Frogsplash for a pin.  However, Reigns got into the ring and speared RVD down causing the ref to call for the bell.  Henry and Big Show got into the ring to chase off The Shield who got into the crowd smiling at the save.

Winner: Rob Van Dam wins against Dean Ambrose due to disqualification.  Ambrose retains the US Title.

Summerslam opened with The Miz hitting the stage to welcome fans to the pay-per-view. He talked up the co-main event of Punk vs. Brock and Bryan vs. Cena for the WWE Title. Fandango's music hit and he arrived out on stage dancing with Summer Rae to interrupt. Miz said "Really?" several times, then welcomed everyone to Summerslam. A video package showcased the two big main events.

Lillian Garcia introduced Jo Jo from "Total Divas" to sing the national anthem.  The U.S. and Spanish announce teams were shown right before the first match started.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire Match)

Kane's pyro shot off and he came to the ring first, surveying the setup of the flame strips around the sides of the ring.  His theme music cut out and the Wyatts were shown up on the screen.  Bray lit the lantern and announced, "We're Here."  The trio made their way to the ring for the opening match.  Bray sat down in the rocking chair with Harper and Rowan standing alongside him on the ramp.  The lantern went out and the lights came on before Wyatt got into the ring.  The ref called for the bell and the flames went up around the sides of the ring.

Kane got the early advantage after punching Wyatt down.  The flames shot up even more.  Rowan and Harper tried to approach near ringside but the flames shot up scaring them back.  Moments later, Kane blocked several duplex tries and hit one of his own on Wyatt.  Wyatt took control of things but Kane soon responded by grabbing him around the throat.  Bray fought back, but Kane booted him down.  A sidewalk slam by Kane made the flames shoot up again.  One of the Wyatts friend to hand a Kendo stick in to Kane, but it caught on fire.  A nearby fireman blew out the stick with an extinguisher.  The Wyatt family tried to spray the extinguisher on one side of the ring, but failed.

Kane hit a big chokeslam but didn't go for the pinfall.  Instead, he hit a second chokeslam on him, then gave the cutthroat sign.  All of a sudden, Harper and Rowan grabbed a blanket of some sort from nearby and put it on the side of the flames.  It caused the fire to go out, as they set up some steel steps and got into the ring to attack.  Kane fought them off for a bit, but then hit a huge splash on Kane and left him laying on the mat.  Rowan and Harper helped Bray up to his knees, then they held up Kane.  Wyatt smirked then hit his finisher before pinning Kane.  The ref counted it as the Wyatt family watched.

Post-match, Bray sat in his rocking chair as Rowan and Harper put Kane on half of the steel stamps at the bottom of the ramp.  They grabbed the other half, the brought it over and slammed it down on Kane's head to put him out of commission.

Winner: Bray Wyatt won via pinfall over Kane in the Ring of Fire match.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow got the early advantage, taking the fight outside the ring and attacking Rhodes.  Back in the ring. Rhodes backed Sandow into the ring corner to break a hold.  Cody went for Cross Rhodes but Sandow blocked it and flipped Cody to the mat, before hitting a side Russian leg sweep.  Sandow hit the Elbow of Disdain for an early near fall.

Later on, Rhodes hit a Brainbuster move from the corner for a near fall of his own.  Later still, Cody managed to hit the Disaster Kick and went for the pinfall, but Sandow kicked out at the last moment.  Sandow dodged Rhodes in the corner, then rolled him up for another near fall.  Rhodes evaded Sandow moments later and hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Damien Sandow.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Championship Match

Late in the match, Christian set up on the ring corner for a move but had his back turned to Del Rio who jumped up and hit him with a Backstabber.  Del Rio grabbed a pinfall but Christian kicked out.  Moments later, Del Rio hit a hard kick on Christian's head in the corner for another pinfall attempt.  Christian avoided another Del Rio move from off the corner, then hit a flying elbow to take him down.  Christian tried to rev up the fans, but Del Rio backed Christian into the corner and kept ramming into him, before setting up for the Superplex.   Christian flipped over and tried a Sunset Flip, but Del Rio hung onto the ropes then punched Christian in the face to break it.  Christian hit a huge Hurricanrana for a near fall of his own with the crowd hot for a finish.

Moments later, Christian went for a Spear, but Del Rio got both feet up to kick Christian in the face.  Del Rio with a quick cover but somehow, Christian kicked out.  ADR went for a submission, but Christian escaped that and hit a drop toe hold.  Del Rio with another kick to the face as Christian got into the ring and another near fall.  Del Rio's nose looked a bit busted up as the crowd chanted "This is Awesome!"

Christian finally hit a Spear and took down ADR, but his shoulder was hurt.  Christian sat up holding his arm and wincing.  ADR rolled over, grabbed Christian and locked on the arm bar submission.  Christian tried to break out and withstand it, but ultimately tapped out.  Post-match, Renee Young interviewed ADR in the ring about his win.  He talked about how he is still the world champion and is representing the Mexican people, giving them a "hero and idol" to look up to.  ADR hoisted up the championship belt after tossing the mic down.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

During the match, Eva Marie and Nikki got involved several times.  At one point, Brie escaped a Sharpshooter, throwing Natalya into the corner.  The Funkadactyls rushed around the ring and attacked Eva and Nikki to get involved.  The crowd had several chants including chanting for each of the commentators, and then a "We Want Ryder, Woo Woo Woo!" chant.  Utlimately, Natalya was able to hit an Alabama Slam and get the Sharpshooter on in the middle of the ring for the submission win.

Winner: Natalya defeated Brie Bella via submission.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
No Disqualification Match

Punk sprang to attack Brock as the bell sounded, but Lesnar quickly slammed him to the corner, then threw him into the adjacent corner.  A huge CM Punk chant started up.  Cole announced there were 17,749 in attendance at the Staples Center.  Punk managed to recover and hit a series of knees. The first took Lesnar down to the ropes, and the second knocked him out of the ring.  Punk followed with a suicide dive to take Brock down near the ramp, with Heyman looking worried.

Punk took the top of the steel steps off and went to hit Lesnar with them, but Brock was up and rammed into the steps to knock Punk down.  Lesnar put Punk on his shoulder and ran at the ring post, but Punk slid off and shoved Brock into the post instead.  Punk followed with a double axe handle off the corner to take Brock down again.

However, Punk turned his attention to go chase down Heyman on the side of the ring.  Lesnar quickly attacked from behind, and moments later threw him across the announce table.  He threw part of the announce table onto Punk on the floor then stomped on it with Heyman laughing.

Lesnar regained control in the ring, beating down Punk more and locking a Bear Hug in.  Punk used elbows to the had to break out of the hold, but Lesnar used a big knee to the gut to take Punk back down.  Punk retaliated more moments later and went for a move off the corner.  Lesnar caught him from the air and tossed him backwards overhead.  Heyman yelled "Make him pay the price, show him who is the Beast!"

At one point, Punk pulled out an ear bite move to stun Lesnar, then kicked him multiple times.  Lesnar looked dazed and confused.  Punk got onto the corner and hit Lesnar with double knees, and the two both seemed out of it.  Lesnar backed to one corner and Punk went to the opposite, then delivered a running high knee.  Punk went for another and Lesnar tossed him overhead.  Punk managed to elude a move by Brock, then hit a roundhouse kick to knock Brock to the mat.  Punk delivered a flying elbow drop off the corner for a near fall.

The two traded setups for their finishing moves, with Punk delivering another roundhouse kick to knock Lesnar down.  Punk finally got Brock up for a GTS and went for it, but Brock countered it putting the Kimora submission onto Punk.  Punk's arm was bent backwards but he moved around Brock to change up the submission into one of his own.  Brock moved and Punk put Brock into the Trianble submission.  Brock fought it off, stood up and slammed Punk down to the mat again.  Brock fought off tapping out for a while, looking like he wanted to tap.  Lesnar stood up again with Punk up in the air.  Brock finally ran with Punk up on his shoulders and hit a Powerbomb, then had another near fall.

Brock ended up outside the ring later and went for a steel chair.  Punk got on the corner and jumped off with Brock holding the chair up.  Punk flew onto Brock, hurting his ribs but also crashing onto Brock.  Both men got back in the ring, with Lesnar taking the steel chair.  He went to smash it on Punk, but Punk hit a low blow to take down Brock.  Punk got up on the corner with the steel chair and tucked it under his arm, then flew off and landed with a steel chair elbow onto Brock's head.  Incredibly, Lesnar kicked out of the attempt.

Later on, Punk tried to repeatedly bash the chair on Lesnar, but Heyman got on the apron and grabbed it.  Punk turned around and went after Heyman, but Brock attacked from behind.  He hoisted up Punk for the F5, but Punk had Heyman's tie, choking him.  Brock finally dropped Punk who put up Lesnar and hit the GTS.  However, Heyman came into the ring to break up a pinfall attempt.

Heyman got into the ring again with a chair as Punk had a submission on Brock.  Punk let go of the hold and stepped on the chair, and eventually punched down Heyman.  Moments later, Brock had the steel chair and smashed it down on Punk several times, before putting up Punk for a closing F5 face-first onto the steel chair.  Lesnar with the pin and victory.

Winner: Brock Lesnar won via pinfall over CM Punk in the no disqualification match.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

The Doritos "Boldest Fan" was able to sit in front of the announcers table with three friends. He won a challenge to take a splash from Mark Henry in the ring during a Summerslam Axxess event. During the match, Kaitlyn managed to escape a sleeper hold from AJ, then crawled over to tag in Dolph. Moments later, Kaitlyn came in to break up a Big E pinfall attempt on Dolph. AJ came in and kicked Kaitlyn to the outside.

The finish saw Dolph set up for a move with AJ grabbing Dolph's leg from the outside. Kaitlyn speared down AJ, and Big E took down Ziggler for a near fall. Big E set up for a finisher moments later, but Dolph escaped off his shoulder and hit the Zig Zag for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn defeated Big E Langston & AJ via pinfall.

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
WWE Championship Match

Special referee Triple H had the first introduction and came out to his "King of Kings" theme song.  Next up was Daniel Bryan who drew plenty of "Yes!" cheers from the crowd.  His music stopped and then it was time for Cena's intro which drew plenty of audible boos from the crowd.

Cole pointed out the swollen up elbow that was bandaged up on Cena, suggesting Bryan might target that injury.  There was an early takedown and then both wrestlers reset to opposite corners.  Bryan nearly took down Cena with a submission, but Cena eluded it and slipped out of the ring.  He went over to the WWE physician near the timekeeper's area and pointed at his elbow.  Lawler asked the doctor what Cena said and he said he told him the elbow's fine.

Cena used power moves, but Bryan did intelligent wrestling counters, including a near fall.  Cena went for an AA, but Bryan grabbed the top rope and then jumped onto the side apron.  Cena ran the ropes and smashed into Bryan sending him into the commentators table.  Cena tried to whip Bryan to the steel steps, but Bryan reversed and sent Cena into them shoulder first.  Bryan went to suplex Cena off the steps, but Cena blocked it and hit his own suplex.

Later, Bryan escaped an Irish Whip and jumped onto the corner, then backflipped over Cena.  He ran against the ropes and hit Cena with a flying clothesline for a takedown.  Bryan then delivered multiple kicks to Cena's chest, but Cena ducked the last one, then hit his multiple shoulder tackles.  Cena slammed Bryan down and went for the Five Knuckle, but Bryan kicked him in the head.  Moments later, Cena slammed Bryan down again, and this time delivered a FIve Knuckle Shuffle.  Cena set up for the AA, but Bryan flipped out of it then got up on the corner and delivered a missile dropkick for a near fall.

Cena nearly put Bryan into the STF, but Bryan blocked it and then put the STF onto Cena instead.  Cena struggled for the bottom rope.  Bryan pulled him back, but yanked up Cena with a German Suplex into a pinfall attempt.  Cena kicked out, and Bryan did another German suplex into pinfall, with Cena kicking out.  From there, Bryan locked the Yes Lock on.  Cena stood up, fighting out of the hold, but Bryan jumped onto Cena with another hold, wrapping his legs around Cena's torso, and putting his arm around Cena's neck.  However Cena stood up with Bryan still locked on and rammed him into the corner twice.  Finally, Cena flipped Bryan up into the corner.  Cena fell to the mat, worn down.

As they both got up, Cena charged over and hit the AA quick.  He had the pinfall, but Bryan kicked out, surprising the crowd.  Cena went to the top rope, but Bryan rushed over to attack.  Cena fought him off several times, with Bryan continuing to rush up and attack.  He hit a huge double kick then climbed on the corner with Cena and almost landed a Superplex.  Instead he flung cent down to the mat, with Bryan keeping his legs on the corner.  Cole noted Bryan didn't absorb hitting the mat.  From there, Bryan flew off the corner with a headbutt for a very near fall.

Bryan rushed against the ropes and was going for the suicide dive, but Cena was up and hit him with a forearm smash to the face.  Cena then got on the top rope and hit a flying leg drop off the corner for another very near fall.  Moments later, Cena got Bryan up on his shoulders on the corner ropes.  Bryan fought out with repeated elbows to "Yes" yells from the crowd.  Bryan went for a Hurriccanrana but Cena blocked it and jumped off the corner, hitting Bryan's head on the mat.

Cena and Bryan traded submission move attempts, but both guys fought out of it.  Cole and Lawler said Triple H may have been calling for the doctor for Cena, but Cena waved it off.  Bryan hit multiple running knees to Cena's face, and kept going for it, but on the third attempt Cena smashed him down with a clothesline.  A "this is awesome" chant started up from the crowd.

Cena and Bryan traded strikes and kick moves with the crowds giving dueling chants.  The two flew into each other from against the ropes and hit the mat for a break.  Back on their feet, they traded slaps to fire each other up.  Bryan started to attack but Cena whipped him to the corner.  Bryan jumped up and did a backflip, but Cena grabbed him and put him on his shoulders.  He went for a move but Bryan countered to DDT Cena to the mat.  Back to the top rope for Bryan, and he went for a flying move.  Cena was on his feet and caught him, then put him for an AA.  Bryan countered again and turned it into a pinfall.  Cena kicked out.  Bryan caught him with a kick to the head.

Bryan went to the corner and revved up the crowd with Yes chants.  He ran at Cena and hit a huge kick to level Cena, then pinned him with Triple H counting for 3.  Bryan jumped up, celebrating his victory.  Triple H patted Bryan on the back.  Cena got to his feet and spun Bryan around.  Triple H stood nearby in case of a fight.  Cena extended a handshake to Bryan and then to Triple H before leaving the ring.  Bryan's music hit again and he began to celebrate.  HHH held up Bryan's hand in victory, then shook his hand as Yes! chants rang out and confetti fell from the ceiling.

Post-match, with Bryan still celebrating and after some pyro went off, Randy Orton's music hit and out came the Money in the Bank winner with his briefcase.  He stopped at the bottom of the ramp with Bryan daring him to get into ring.  Orton stopped though and held up the briefcase to remind Bryan what he has inside.  Orton started back up the ramp and Bryan began to celebrate.  Orton stopped about midway up the ramp, turned back and stared at Bryan.  Suddenly, Triple H grabbed Bryan, spun him around and hit him with a Pedigree to leave him layed out on the mat.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena via pinfall to become new WWE Champion.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
WWE Championship Match

Orton cautiously stepped into the ring with the fallen Daniel Bryan and referee Triple H.  He glanced at HHH, then handed over his MITB briefcase.  HHH asked for the bell.  Orton turned Bryan over and made a secure pinfall cover, with Triple H counting the 1-2-3.  With that, Orton became the new WWE Champion.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Daniel Bryan to become the new WWE Champion.

WWE Summerslam will hit Pay-Per-View on Sunday, August 18 starting at 8 p.m. EST. The event will run for approximately three hours, with full results available above as of 11 p.m. EST. Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog as your updated results source for the PPV!

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