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Raw Results 10/28/13

Raw Results from Orlando, FL:

The show opened with John Cena coming out to say he's back, "the new champ is here."  He thanked JBL for doubting his ability to return for weeks, saying he may have to ice his arm once in a while, but he's ready to go.  Cena said Del Rio will get a rematch at some point and says if he wants some to come get some.  Instead, Damien Sandow arrived out with the MITB briefcase in hand, saying Cena might be fooling the people but not him.  Sandow said it's impossible for his triceps to heal that fast, and says Cena must be more hurt than he is showing.  He says Cena is probably afraid he'll cash in on him.  He gives the briefcase to the ref, then yanks it away saying "maybe another time."  Sandow then kicked Cena and beat him up with the briefcase, then slammed his arm off the ringpost.  Sandow whipped Cena shoulder-first into the barricade, then picked him up to throw him into the steel steps.  Sandow got a steel chair, then put Cena's arm on the steps and smashed it with a chair.  Sandow asks for a referee and hands over the briefcase to officially cash in.

John Cena defeated Damien Sandow to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Cena spoiled Sandow's attempt to cash-in the MITB briefcase.  Late in the match, Sandow countered Cena's AA attempt and hit "You're Welcome" for a two count.  Sandow punched the mat in frustration, then set up Cena on the corner for an attempted superplex.  Cena blocked that and headbutted Sandow before shoving him away.  Moments later, Sandow went for a piledriver, but Cena blocked that, then hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Big E Langston defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification.  The match was for the United States Championship.  During the match, Langston was gaining momentum, but Reigns pulled the ropes down and then Shield attacked Langston.  They set up for a Powerbomb on him, but The Usos rushed in to make a save.  Brad Maddox announced a six man tag match involving them all.

The Shield defeated Big E Langston & The Usos via pinfall.  Late in this one, Rollins got his knees up on a Superfly Splash attempt from Jey.  Rollins tagged in Reigns and then they tried for the double suplex.  Instead, Jimmy caught Jey and they hit two superkicks.  Rollins was knocked to outside, but as The Usos turned back, Reigns speared them both down.  Reigns made the cover on Jey to get the pinfall win.

Shawn Michaels came out to the ring to explain what happened last night saying he knows he owes the fans an explanation, but more importantly he owed Daniel Bryan one.  He called Bryan out, and D-Bryan came to the ring.  Shawn said he was impartial but all hell broke loose last night.  He said HHH is his friend and he had to be there for his friend.  Michaels said he's taught Bryan a lot and there's another lesson to him: never trust anyone here.  Shawn said he's trying to apologize here so Bryan should shake his hand.  Bryan shook his head no at the handshake and Michaels called him a name.  Michaels said he's an "A+ player" and demanded that Bryan shake his hand.  Bryan went for the shake, but instead put Michaels down in the Yes Lock and made Michaels tap on the mat.  Referees had to rush in to pull Bryan off him.

Later backstage, Renee Young finds Bryan to get his comments on what just took place.  Before he can answer, the lights go out, and sounds of an attack are heard.  As the lights come on, The Wyatt Family is seen attacking Bryan on the floor.  They tossed him into a ladder, and then Bray hit Sister Abigail on him.  Bray backed away, then slammed an equipment case into Bryan's head.

Los Matadores defeated Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal of 3MB via pinfall.  On the outside, Heath Slater tried to chase Torito and went after him with a net.  Torito crawled under the ring and then sprayed Slater with a fire extinguisher.  Torito ran around the ring, then gored Slater.  Meanwhile, the distraction allowed Fernando and Diego to hit a double team backbreaker on Drew McIntyre for the win.

AJ Lee & Tamina defeated The Bella Twins via submission.  Late in the match, Tamina hung Brie up on the ropes.  Nikki rushed in and tackled Tamina down, but Tamina picked up Nikki on her shoulders and used her to swing into Brie's head.  She knocked Brie to the floor, and then hit a Samoan Drop on Brie.  AJ tagged in and put the Black Widow on Nikki to make her tap out.

Kane defeated The Miz via pinfall.  Late in the match, The Miz mounted an attack and tried to jump off the top turnbuckle at Kane.  Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him for the win.  Post-match, Kane got on the mic to call out Stephanie McMahon.  He said she's on a power trip and ruining peoples' lives, but that's what is best for business.  He says the monster is hers to unleash.  Kane walks toward Stephanie and stared her down, then ended up walking off, after taking his mask off.

CM Punk came out to talk about his win last night and how he slept like a baby for the first time in months.  Punk talked about getting his hands on Heyman last night and putting him to sleep, then said there's one thing left to do.  Punk said he needs to take care of Ryback next because he's nothing without Heyman.  He said he's beat Ryback once before and will do it again, based on how the fans vote for the match stipulation.

CM Punk defeated Ryback via submission in a street fight.  Late in the match, Ryback tried to powerbomb Punk through a table, but Punk got away.  Ryback punched Punk and set him on the corner to attempt a superplex.  Punk punched Ryback off then knocked him to the mat.  Punk went for the crossbody from there, but Ryback caught him.  Punk escaped Ryback's attempted finish, then kicked him in the back of the head, causing Ryback to land on the table.  Punk did the elbow drop through Ryback on the table from there, then put the Anaconda Vise on to make him tap out.

Post-match, Punk as celebrating the win when the lights went out.  The Wyatt Family made their way down to the ring and surrounded it.  Punk is able to fight them off with a kendo stick, but eventually got taken down.  Rowan and Harper punch away on Punk in the corner, then Harper whipped Rowan into Punk.  The duo kicked away on Punk a bit, before Bray finally got into the ring to taunt Punk.  Punk headbutted Bray and started to fight back, but Harper clotheslined him from behind.  Bray hit Sister Abigail on Punk then says the "devil made him do it."  The lights go out on the scene.

The Real Americans defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Cody prevented Cesaro from interfering in the match, hitting the Disaster Kick on him to send him out of the ring.  Goldust hit a crossbody springboard move on Swagger for a near fall.  Swagger was able to get the Patriot Lock on Goldust, but he broke out.  Cody and Cesaro got involved, causing a brawl, so Swagger hit a chopblock on Goldust's knee to make him tap to the Patriot Lock.

Alberto Del Rio arrived out and talked about how John Cena stole his World Heavyweight Championship.  He said Cena's win earlier guaranteed him a rematch and he is going to hurt Cena's arm, targeting and attacking it until he breaks it.  Alberto said the title belongs to him, but the people already know that.  He raised the Mexican flag up in the air, then taunted the crowd a bit.

Natalya defeated Summer Rae via submission.  Great Khali and Hornswoggle were ringside as was Fandango.  Natalya elbowed out of a chinlock late in this match, then went against the ropes, but Summer hit a crossbody for a near fall.  Fandango was up on the apron, but Hornswoggle yanked him off the apron.  Fandango shoved Hornswoggle down, so Khali hit a big chop on him to level him.  Summer screamed at Khali for that, which allowed Natalya to take advantage and swipe Summer's legs.  She followed with the Sharpshooter to make Summer tap out.

The final segment featured the entire locker room standing on the stage with Stephanie and Triple H heading to the ring.  The Shield joined them there.  They talked up how HHH brought a "born star" into Evolution with Orton.  He talked about the monster he originally found finally maturing into the A+ star he is, the face of the company as WWE Champion.  Orton was introduced and Stephanie told the roster on stage that he is their champion so they need to show him respect.  Orton said being champion makes him better than all them.  He said he's not just face of the WWE, but he's their superior.

Suddenly, Big Show's music hit and he came down to the ring with The Shield getting ready to fight.  The Usos, Cody Rhodes and Goldust rush down to fight off The Shield.  Big Show gets in the ring, so Orton and the McMahon's fled.  Show said on the mic he won't sit there and watch this go down.  He said he doesn't care how long it takes but his lawsuit against Triple H will bankrupt him and the company.  Orton got in the ring and attacked from behind to hit Show with the WWE belt.  Triple H tried to get in the ring, but Show got back up and knocked Orton out, then turned his attention to HHH.  Show dared HHH to step into the ring with him.  HHH teased it, tearing his jacket off, but backed off as Show taunted him from inside the ring.

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