Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Main Event Results 10/23/13

Main Event results from Birmingham, AL:

Josh Matthews and The Miz were on commentary for the show.  Matthews was wearing a sling on his left arm after being attacked by Alberto Del Rio on Raw.

Seth Rollins defeated Goldust via pinfall.  Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns were both at ringside for their tag partners.  Late in the match, Rhodes and Reigns were brawling at ringside.  Goldust was distracted by it, allowing Rollins to grab the rollup pinfall for a win.

They showed a John Cena video promo package ahead of his return at Hell in a Cell 2013 PPV.  It started off with his entry to WWE and meeting with Kurt Angle, as well as a meeting with The Undertaker backstage early on.  Other highlights included his first major title win, defeating Brock Lesnar, and winning the Royal Rumble, as well as his matchup against The Rock.

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro defeated Prime Time Players via submission.  Real Americans were introduced before commercial, so they rushed the ring upon Zeb Colter's orders.  Swagger and Cesaro tossed their flags into the ring and then posed with them up on the ring corners.  During the match, Cesaro hit the Cesaro Swing on Titus, spinning him over ten times before dropping him and tagging in Swagger.  Ultimately, Swagger made Titus tap out to the Patriot Lock.

The Raw Rebound was next.  They showed highlights from Raw where the contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton ended with Big Show driving a big rig  truck into the arena to cause a distraction and Bryan hitting a move on Orton ahead of their match at HIAC.  Matthews said that Triple H will respond regarding what happened on Raw this Friday on SmackDown.

Cameron and Naomi defeated Aksana and Alicia Fox.  Late in the match, Aksana and Alicia tried to doubleteam clothesline Naomi.  Cameron was on the outside and yanked Alicia Fox out of the ring.  Naomi hit her Rear Call on Aksana, then took the winning pinfall.  The Funkadactyls danced in the ring to celebrate their win.

Damien Sandow defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  The two ended up brawling on the outside, with Sandow getting the uperhand after shoving Ziggler into the apron.  He rolled him back in and later hit the Elbow of Disdain for a near fall.  Ziggler gained momentum late including a Fameasser for a near fall.  However, the closing moments saw Sandow grab the ref for support and kick Ziggler in the leg as he charged at him.  Sandow followed with a Full nelson slam for the pinfall and then had a referee uncuff his MITB briefcase from the side post.

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