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Raw Results 10/14/13

Raw Results from St. Louis, MO:

The opening segment in the ring had Shawn Michaels speaking to the crowd about being the referee for Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell.  Randy Orton came out to interrupt, and the two had words, with Orton telling HBK he better not screw him over.  Michaels vowed to deliver Sweet Chin Music to Orton if he tries anything on him at Hell in a Cell.  Michaels turned to leave the ring and Orton spun him around for an RKO, but Michaels shoved him away, then teased Sweet Chin Music with Orton ducking and rolling out of the ring.  The Miz came charging down to the ring and attacked Orton.  Referees had to separate them, and then Miz got in the ring taunting Orton to fight.

Randy Orton defeated Miz via pinfall.  Orton blocked Skull Crushing Finale late, so Miz kicked him in the leg and started on a Figure Four leglock.  All of a sudden, The Wyatt Family's video piece came on with the lights going out in the arena.  They came back on, showing Bray Wyatt sitting on stage in the rocking chair with Rowand Harper behind him.  Miz was distracted, then turned around and was hit by the RKO by Orton for the pin.  Post-match, Wyatt spoke about not wanting to watch Miz suffer anymore as he craves fame too much.  He said "I'm just gonna put you down," and then laughed, "Follow the buzzards."  Miz was shown recovering in the ring during the speech.

Fandango defeated Santino Marella via pinfall.  Late in the match, Santino got ready to use the Cobra sock to get the finisher.  Summer Rae jumped up on the apron and distracted Santino.  Fandango took advantage and rolled up Santino for the pinfall from behind.

Backstage, Paul Heyman tried to suggest a stipulation to Brad Maddox for the CM Punk vs. Ryback match at Hell in a Cell.  He suggested a handicap match with Ryback teaming with Curtis Axel.  Maddox came up with a different idea, and said Heyman can put his faith in Ryback for Beat the Clock tonight.  It's Ryback vs. R-Truth, and CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel.  Whoever beats the clock in a quicker time for their match gets to pick the HIAC stipulation.

Los Matadores defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre via pinfall.  During the final moments of this match, Los Matadores hit the double team sit-out slam on Heath Slater to get the win.  Post-match, Jinder Mahal tried to get involved, but the Torito mascot gored him.  Los Matadores then hit their finisher on Mahal before Torito flew off the top rope with a flying crotch splash on him.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to cut a promo, with HHH talking about how he's felt since Big Show knocked him out.  They brought up how they had to buy out the mortgage on Show's house, and this is how he re-paid them for it.  He talked about having to be the boss and do what's best for the WWE, even though "nobody really likes the boss."  Triple H taunted the fans saying, "Do you want me to be the bad guy? Fine, I'll be the bad guy."  Daniel Bryan's music and he came out on stage to interrupt with the fans starting a "Yes!" chant.  All of a sudden, Alberto Del Rio came out and hit Bryan down from behind, knocking him down the ramp.  HHH and Stephanie smiled from the ring as Del Rio hit a standing sidekick on him.  Stephanie announced on the mic that Bryan will take on Del Rio as his opponent tonight.

Ryback defeated R-Truth via pinfall in 5:44 for his Beat the Clock match.  Late in the match, Ryback was frustrated when he saw 4:20 on the big screen for his time.  A CM Punk chant started up and Truth tried to take advantage.  He went for a pinfall on Ryback, who got out of it at 2.  Paul Heyman got upset at ringside, frustrated over how long it was taking Ryback.  All of a sudden, Ryback grabbed Truth and hit Shellshocked on him for the win.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon walked up to the Bellas, asking Brie what her fiancee Daniel Bryan might think of her match with Tamina Snuka tonight.  Nikki started to talk strategy with Brie but Steph informed her that Nikki won't be allowed at ringside, but Tamina will have divas champion AJ Lee there.  Steph said "Oh and congrats on your engagement!" before walking off.

The Real Americans defeated Tons of Funk via pinfall.  Antonio Cesaro hit his Great Swing move on Tenasi late in this one.  Zeb Coulter got on the ring apron to count the number of spins.  Cesaro spun him at least four times before dropping him for the pinfall.

Tamina Snuka defeated Brie Bella via pinfall.  AJ Lee was ringside for the match.  Late in the match, Tamina finished Brie off with a big boot to her face and the pin.  Post-match, she hit another power move on Brie, then hit the Superfly Splash.  AJ got in the ring and put the Black Widow on Brie to inflict more punishment, before refs came in to break things up.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan due to countout.  Late in the match, Randy Orton came on the Titantron speaking to Daniel Bryan and saying he's sorry about what happened to Brie, but he's going to check on her now.  Orton went into a nearby trainer's room and closed the door, then shrieking was heard on the other side.  Del Rio went for a surprise pinfall on Bryan, but D-Bryan kicked out.  Bryan ended up escaping a cross arm-breaker attempt and rushed out of the ring and backstage.  WWE showed backstage where Bryan went to the trainers room area, where Brie and Nikki were standing.  Meanwhile, a countout occurred, giving ADR the win.  There was no sign of Orton, until he all of a sudden rushed Bryan and attacked him in the trainer's room.  Refs eventually came in to clear Orton away and check on Bryan.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns via pinfall to become new WWE Tag team champions.  The match lasted almost 20 minutes and was fought under No DQ rules.  Towards the end, the Big Show came walking out of the crowd in street clothes.  He got to ringside and clocked Ambrose, then Rollins.  In the ring, Reigns ducked Cody Rhodes' kick attempt, but Show hit the KO punch on Reigns.  Cody took the pinfall and got the 3 count, making him and Goldust new tag champions.

Post-match, Show walked back into the stands, while the new tag champs celebrated in the ring.  Triple H rushed down to the ring and pushed the new tag team champs out, then looked towards Show in the crowd.  Show was doing "Yes!" chants in the crowd.  Hunter paced around the ring upset, with the new tag champs up on stage.  The last images shown as Raw went off the air were Triple H fuming in the ring and Show standing tall in the crowd.

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