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2013 WWE Hell in a Cell Results Coverage

The 2013 WWE Hell in a Cell results will arrive on Sunday, October. 27th from American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.  The latest WWE pay-per-view features multiple championships on the line, including a fight to determine who will hold the WWE Championship, as well as the return of superstar John Cena.  At least two of the matches will be fought inside Hell in a Cell cage structures, with other matches in the ring.  A Triple Threat Tag team title match highlights the undercard as well as a grudge match with CM Punk taking on Ryback and Paul Heyman in a 2-on-1 handicap match inside the cell.

The event officially starts at 8 p.m. EST on pay-per-view, but a 7:30 p.m. EST Live Online Kickoff show will help to get fans ready for the PPV.  More details are below, along with the latest results from tonight's PPV coverage:

2013 Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show Match:

A breaking news story occurred on Sunday, Oct. 27 as WWE announced Curtis Axel was injured and would be unable to compete at Hell in a Cell.  Due to the injury, the IC title match vs. Big E Langston was removed from the live stream "Kick off show" at 7:30 p.m. EST, and replaced with Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow instead.

Tonight's PPV panel for the kickoff show consisted of Josh Matthews, Dolph Ziggler, Kaitlyn and R-Truth.  Big E Langston eventually came to join them as well.  They had a backstage segment with The Shield complaining about how Big Show cost them the tag titles, and saying they deserve a straight tag team title match rather than Triple Threat.  Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose got into it a bit, with Big E eventually challenging Ambrose for his US Title.

There was a backstage segment involving The Miz trying to talk Vickie Guerrero into giving him a match with Bray Wyatt.  Vickie told him he's not medically cleared, so Miz said he'll make it a fight on his own, leaving Vickie behind.

Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow (Kickoff pre-show Match)

Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kofi made a comeback hitting a springboard cross-body splash on Sandow.  However, Sandow was able to overcome the comeback attempt and hit his finisher, “You’re Welcome,” for the win.  The commentators discussed the possibility of Sandow cashing in MITB during tonight’s PPV at the World Title match.

2013 WWE Hell in a Cell Results:

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated The Shield via pinfall to retain the Tag Team championship.  Late in this one, Jimmy Uso went up to the top rope for the big splash move.  Seth Rollins crotched Jimmy on the ropes, and then Cody tagged himself in to take over against Rollins.  Rollins went for a superplex later on, with Cody blocking it and then superplexing Rollins onto the other four guys outside the ring.  Back in the ring, various finishers were hit, with Rollins blocking Cross Rhodes.  Goldust punched Rollins and then sent him back towards Cody who hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

The Miz came out to the ring looking for The Wyatt Family.  In particular, he called out Bray for a fight.  Bray appeared on the Titantron asking Miz if he knows what he's asking for.  Bray suggests he'll "see the monster inside."  The lights go out and when they come back on, Rowan and Harper are in the ring to attack Miz.  They punched on Miz several times then hit a big clothesline.  Suddenly, pyro exploded and Kane made his surprise return.  He rushed to the ring and knocked Rowan out of the ring before picking up Harper and throwing him to the outside.  Kane finished by chokeslamming The Miz and setting the ring pyro off from the ringposts.

Fandango & Summer Rae vs. Great Khali & Natalya

Fandango & Summer Rae defeated Great Khali and Natalya via pinfall in a mixed gender tag match.  Khali was about to go for his "chokebomb" finisher on Fandango, but Fandango managed to quickly make a tag out to Summer Rae.  Summer Rae danced around Khali to distract and taunt him.  Natalya came in and knocked Summer down, eventually getting the advantage.  She went for a Sharpshooter but Summer snapped Natalya's head against the ropes and then rolled her up into a pinfall for the win.

Big E Langston vs. Dean Ambrose (US Championship)

Big E Langston defeated Dean Ambrose due to countout.  Late in this one, Ambrose went for a tackle on Langston in the corner, but missed and hit into the ringpost.  Langston speared him off the apron, and Ambrose couldn't get back into the ring to beat the referee's count.  Ambrose got his championship belt and went to leave, but Big E grabbed him and tossed him back into the ring, then hit The Big Ending on him before raising up the title belt.

CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman (Hell in a Cell Handicap Match)

CM Punk defeated Ryback & Paul Heyman via pinfall in a Hell in a Cell handicap match.  Punk and Ryback made their ring entrances, and then Paul Heyman arrived out on electric scaffolding.  He raised himself up to the top of the cell saying he was "Satan" and he would stand over and watch Ryback destroy Punk during the match.  Late in the match, Punk was able to set up a table, but Ryback went to powerbomb Punk on it.  Punk countered that with Ryback crotching him on the corner of the table.  Heyman laughed as he watched above, but moments later, Punk hit a low blow on Ryback and then rolled him onto the table before going to the corner and flying off with an elbow drop on Ryback through the table.  Punk finished off Ryback with the Go To Sleep.

Post-match, Punk grabs a kendo stick and heads up to the top of the cell where Heyman was.  Punk grabbed Heyman by the shirt, then hit him in the stomach.  He followed with shots to the back and legs with the kendo stick, before hitting GTS on Heyman.  Punk looked down at Heyman laying on top of the cage and then celebrated with the live crowd.

Los Matadores vs. Real Americans

Los Matadores defeated Real Americans via pinfall.  Late in the match, Cesaro hit the Giant Swing on Diego and had a near fall.  Fernando rushed in to break things up.  Diego hit an enziguiri then tagged in Fernando who rushed in to hit Swagger with a springboard forearm and DDT.  Cesaro broke up a pin attempt, but Diego dropkicked him to the outside.  Moments later, Cesaro tried to pull the ropes back, but Fernando kicked Swagger into Cesaro.  Diego tagged in and the team hit a double backbreaker to get the pinfall win.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Title)

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall to become new World Heavyweight Champion.  Late in the match, Alberto had a near fall on Cena after a backbreaker, then rushed at him in the corner.  Cena avoided it and Del Rio hit into the ringpost instead.  Cena went up top and hit a crossbody for a near fall, then went for the STF.  Alberto managed to get his hands to the ropes and got up, then hit a superkick on Cena for a near fall of his own.  The finish saw Cena go for the AA but Alberto countered, going for the Cross Armbreaker.  Cena countered that and hit Attitude Adjustment for the win to become new champion.

Brie Bella vs. A.J. Lee (Divas Championship)

AJ Lee defeated Brie Bella via submission to retain the Divas Championship.  Late in the match, Brie whipped AJ to the corner, then ran at her, but AJ got both knees up.  AJ went for Black Widow but Brie blocked it and went for a quick rollup pin.  AJ kicked out, so Brie rolled it into the half crab submission.  Tamina got on the apron to run interference, with Nikki yanking her off there.  The two got into it on the outside.  Brie ran the ropes and tried to kick AJ in the face but hit Nikki instead.  AJ capitalized on the distraction and put Brie in the Black Widow to make her tap out.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall to become new WWE Champion.  During the match, Triple H came down to ringside to yell at Shawn Michaels about his officiating work.  Orton yelled at Michaels to pay attention to the match in the ring.  Bryan went for the YES lock but Orton blocked it, then connected on a hangman's DDT.  Orton went for the RKO, but Bryan shoved him away.  Orton accidentally hit into Shawn in the corner and knocked him down, so HHH asked the refs to open the cage door so they could check on Michaels.

Daniel Bryan tried to help review Shawn, but HHH shoved Bryan away.  Bryan got upset and hit the double knees to the face on HHH, before starting up a Yes chant.  Michaels got up and instantly connected on Sweet Chin Music on Bryan to lay him out.  Michaels looked down to see HHH on the mat.  Orton made the pinfall cover on Bryan and Michaels counted the 1-2-3 to award Orton the win.

Tonight's final results will be available here on the blog at approximately 11 p.m. EST.  Stay tuned for the latest coverage as well as all the fallout and followup on Monday's episode of Raw!

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