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Raw Results 09/08/14

Raw Results from Baltimore, MD:

Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho in a steel cage match. Jericho was about to escape at one point, but the Wyatts were down below so he decided to jump off the wall onto them for a cross body block. He started clutching at his knee after, and even took off his knee brace due to the injury. He managed to get to his feet and rushed to the cage door, but Bray Wyatt got up and rushed over too. They fought at the door with Wyatt attacking Jericho’s hurt knee and then falling out the door for the win. Post-match, Bray did more damage on the hurt knee and hit Sister Abigail on Jericho in the ring.

They had a backstage segment with Rollins and Kane talking about how great Raw started off. Triple H came in and congratulated them for the start of the show but said they need something big to happen tonight. Orton came in and said he’ll make something memorable with what he does to Reigns did tonight and it will make what Rollins did to Ambrose seem small.

Dolph Ziggler had an in-ring segment where he talked about the recent celebrity phone hacks and nude photo leaks. He said he found out a “D-List” celebrity who deserved to be hacked and exposed also was. He showed several photos of Miz backstage in a shower cap and with shaving cream on his chest. Miz and Damian “Mizdow” came out to interrupt with Miz threatening Ziggler not to take this any farther. Ziggler had the final photo shown which was Sandow spray tanning Miz on the backside, with it pixelated out. Sandow got in the ring, but Ziggler eventually put him down with his moves. He taunted Miz to get into the ring but he backed off.

AJ Lee and Paige defeated Rosa Mendes and Natalya via submission. Paige had control of things against Rosa late, but AJ grabbed Paige by the hair and slapped her to tag herself in. She applied the Black Widow on Rosa to make her tap out. Post-match, Paige yelled at AJ for what she did in the match. Paige took the Divas belt and kissed it. Paige was disgusted by that, but grabbed it back and kissed it herself. AJ skipped off.

They showed Jericho backstage having his knee attended to by a trainer. Randy Orton came in and attacked, slamming Jericho’s knee into a crate. He stood over Jericho and said “Sorry Chris, it’s the season premier.”

They had an in-ring promo started off by Paul Heyman dissing John Cena and the valley of the Thuganomics. John Cena came out to interrupt, saying he saw Lesnar take down Undertaker at Wrestlemania and nobody’s heard from him since. Cena said Lesnar beat him at Summerslam but he was back on his feet a week later, because he never gives up. He said he’ll never change his way of being himself, as the guy who kids cheer for and the dads hate. He brought up how great a feeling it is for him to be the guy kids wish to hang out with as their one wish, and to have a man who lost his leg in combat give him a purple heart because he inspired him. He said he expects Lesnar to show up next Monday on Raw to fight, or if he decides to stay home, he’ll fight Heyman instead.

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus via pinfall. Cesaro came out during the match as a distraction. At one point, he got up on the steps holding Sheamus’ US championship. Sheamus yanked it away and dropped it down with Cesaro crashing into the barricade. Rollins kicked Sheamus from behind and then hit the Curb Stomp to get the win. Post-match, Cesaro got into the ring mocking Sheamus with a “Fella!” before he hit a Neutralizer on him.

Lana and Rusev came out with Lana dissing the Star Spangled Banner which was written in “decrepit Baltimore.” She sang a mocking version of it with Rusev in the lyrics. Eventually they had the Russian anthem played with a picture of Putin up on the screen.

Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville defeated Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd via pinfall. The tag match was to hype this Thursday’s big NXT event on WWE Network. In the match, Neville had the pinfall on Breeze, but Kidd came in to break things up. Later, Zayn dumped Kidd to the outside and then jumped out onto him. Neville was able to hit a slam on Kidd before hitting the Red Arrow finisher for the win.

They had special guest Jerry Springer come to the ring, introduced by Stephanie McMahon. Springer hosted an in-ring attempt to discuss what was going on with the Bellas. It ended up with other family members chiming in, such as a video of their parents on the big screen saying it was hurting them to see the twins fighting. Brie said she didn’t care what their parents said because Nikki broke her heart. Eventually, Springer introduced their younger brother JJ. He came out and talked about how it’s obvious who was at fault. It seemed he was going to say Brie, but named Nikki instead. Eventually, Nikkie and Brie got into a cat fight, with Nikki inadvertently hitting JJ. Spring went down too. Eventually, they were all separated and Springer pretended to go on a stretcher but then gave a double thumbs up sign as a joke.

Goldust and Stardust defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. The match lasted just over two minutes with Stardust hitting his finisher Dark Matter for the win. The Dust Brothers posed up on stage post-match with Usos rushing out and attacking them with crutches. The Brothers escaped.

Michael Cole introduced a tribute video in honor of the late Joan Rivers who was a special guest ring announcer at Wrestlemania 2.

Adam Rose defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. During the match, Slater was on the outside and tried to attack the bunny from the Rosebuds entourage. The bunny ducked him and then kicked Slater down. In the ring, Rose hit his finisher on Titus for the pinfall. Post-match, the bunny hit a splash off the top rope onto Titus.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns about his upcoming match against Orton. He said Orton’s the Viper but he has the antidote for him.

Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton via disqualification. Late in this one, Orton hit the draping DDT on Reigns, then prepared for the RKO. Reigns shoved Orton off, then hit the Superman punch. Both Reigns and Orton were slow on the mat after that sequence. Kane and Seth Rollins came running down to the ring along with more crew members in black clothing. The crew members went under the ring for a bit. Orton yelled for the cage to get lowered down and it started to. Rollins tossed a chair into the ring. Eventually, the cage lowered with Orton and Reigns inside but Reigns got the upper hand. Rollins jumped off to dive onto Reigns and took him down. Kane got into the cage through the door and then started to slam Reigns around. Orton started smashing the chair on Reigns and told him it wasn’t his day. Rollins hit a Curb stomp on Reigns onto the chair. The three heels posed over Reigns to close out Raw.

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