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Raw Results 08/11/14

Raw Results from Portland, OR:

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar arrived out to start the show with a promo. Heyman talked up Brock conquering most of the WWE including Untertaker’s streak. After still shots were shown from Extreme Rules where Cena defeated Lesnar, Heyman said it was a tainted victory and Brock was only 50% due to diverticulitis. He said on Sunday he’ll be 100%. He said this Brock’s house now and he’s taking the man of the house out to dinner, but after they’re done, they’ll be “coming back home.”

After a break and some video greetings from celebrities for Hulk Hogan, Corporate Kane came out to announce the next match. He said since Reigns beating him was like beating two men, The Authority handpicked two opponents for tonight.

Roman Reigns defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel in a 2-on-1 handicap match via disqualification. Things went to the outside after a break and Ryback ran Reigns into the ring post. The ref warned the duo about that, but they smashed Reigns into the post again for a DQ. Post-match, Reigns annihilated them with Superman punches and a spear to Axel. He delivered a sound byte to Renee Young who came into the ring, telling her “Orton claims I stole something from him. I never stole anything from him, but this Sunday I am taking everything from him.”

Orton was backstage with Kane and told him he’ll end Reigns on Sunday. Kane told Orton The Authority wants him ready for Summerslam, so tonight he faces Sheamus. Orton chuckled and said “Ok, fine..”

Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam via pinfall. Late in the match, Rollins held onto the ropes as RVD tried for a monkey flip from the corner. Rollins hit the Curb Stomp then collected the pinfall. Post-match, there were big birthday gift boxes on stage for Hulk Hogan’s b-day celebration. Rollins went up to one and Dean Ambrose ended up busting out of it. Rollins took off. Ambrose got on a mic to say fans would get their money’s worth for $9.99 when he beats down Rollins on Sunday.

Stephanie came out to the ring and introduced Megan Miller, who was a rehab therapist for Daniel Bryan. In the ring, Megan ended up confessing that her boyfriend recently left her and that she’d had dinner with Daniel and Brie before. She confessed that she and Daniel had also had an affair. That brought Brie out to confront her. Eventually, Brie ended up slapping Megan and taking down Stephanie and putting the Yes Lock on her. A variety of WWE staff rushed in to pull them apart with Stephanie said they weren’t going to finish this at Summerslam, but tonight in the ring.

Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro via submission. Late in the match, Swagger grabbed Cesaro by the ankle, but Cesaro managed to get to the ropes, then kicked Swagger. He went to the top, only for Swagger to ran up and hit a suplex with him off the corner, followed by the Patriot Lock for the win. Post-match, Zeb delivered a promo about how everyone is going to remember Swagger waving the American flag at Summerslam. Just as they were about to say “We the People,” Rusev’s music hit to interrupt. The segment ended with each opponent waving their respective country’s flags.

They had a pre-recorded sit-down interview with Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt facing each other with Michael Cole as interviewer. Wyatt brushed off Coles as the mediator and started to directly speak to Chris, telling him that he has hurt a lot of people in order to help them, and for that he’s not the least bit sorry. He said that he is a monster and his smile is the last thing the “savior” Jericho will ever see. Jericho responded saying he’s not scared of Wyatt and has been a survivor all his career. He told Wyatt he doesn’t know which Jericho he’ll see at SummerSlam, but he’s going to follow the buzzards, grab them and shove them down Wyatt’s throat to leave him “speechless.”

Eva Marie defeated AJ Lee in a non-title match by pinfall. Paige skipped around the ring which distracted AJ in the match, allowing Eva to get a surprise rollup pinfall. Post-match, Paige delivered a poem as her promo saying AJ has a face she wants to punch and on Sunday she’ll skip out with her title. AJ was upset over the promo and attacked Eva Marie outside the ring, throwing her into the barricade.

John Cena came down to the ring in new gear with his titles for a promo about Brock Lesnar. He talked about how Lesnar views the business. He said that he comes out each week to the cheers and boos, but refused to turn against his fans. He said he won’t lay down for Lesnar, so Lesnar won’t beat him this Sunday. Cena said because of Lesnar’s warped view of the business, he is going to make sure he doesn’t get the title from him. Cena said Lesnar said it’s his house, but it’s the fan’s house. He told Brock he has way too many fingers and is giving him the middle one. He said “This Sunday I’m the one who beats the one. This Sunday, the champ is here.”

Brie arrived to the ring ready to wrestle for a match. Stephanie came out to the ring in regular clothes rather than ring gear for the match. She said Megan is pressing charges against Brie for slapping her earlier in the ring. Two men came out to handcuff Brie and take her away backstage. As they did, Steph said on the mic it shows that what goes around, comes around. She said she’ll see Brie at SummerSlam, if she makes bail.

Heath Slater defeated Dolph Ziggler via count out. The Miz was on commentary during the match and stood on the announcers table. That distracted Dolph enough for Slater to try a pinfall, only for a 2 count. At one point, Ziggler went to ringside to grab Miz and rough him up. He tried to get back in the ring but didn’t beat the count out, giving Slater the win. Post-match, Dolph offered a handshake to Slater who tried to kick him instead. Ziggler hit the Zig Sag on him.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus via pinfall in a non-title match. Orton ducked a Brogue Kick late in the match before sending Sheamus into the turnbuckle. Sheamus made a quick comeback and tried for a move off the top rope, but Orton surprised him with an RKO for the win.

A bunch of superstars and divas came onto the ring for Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration. Gene Okerlund and Jimmy Hart were in the ring, with Mean Gene introducing Hogan. Hogan gave props to Portland and then played up getting a card from Vince McMahon for his birthday with enough money in it to subscribe to WWE Network for a month and watch SummerSlam on Sunday. Various guests came out to see Hogan including Ric Flair, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper and then Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Hall got on the mic to see if the crowd preferred Hogan’s red and yellow shirt, or maybe some black and white NWO. Hogan ripped off his t-shirt revealing the NWO shirt. Hogan, Hall and Nash did an NWO pose together. Nash got on the mic and said something he’s never done in his career is this - he started singing Happy Birthday. Suddenly, Brock Lesnar’s music hit to interrupt with Lesnar and Heyman arriving down the ramp.

Lesnar got into a staredown with Hogan in the ring. Heyman asked “Whatcha gonna do?” and then Lesnar told “grandpa” the party’s over. Lesnar continued to get in Hogan’s face, until Cena came charging to the ring. He ripped off his shirt ready to fight Brock, who smirked and backed out of the ring. The crowd booed Lesnar for ducking the fight. He smirked at Cena in the ring. Lawler announced that he was just told Hogan’s birthday party will continue on WWE Network after Raw ends. Cena yelled out at Brock that he’s in his house. Lesnar yelled “I’m a mercenary!” back at Cena before Raw went off the air.

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