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Raw Results 11/24/14

Raw Results from Indianapolis, IN:

The show opened with Triple H and Stephanie complaining about how their team lost last night and now they’re out of power. They blamed Sting then said without The Authority there’s no Cena, Ziggler, Ryback, Rowan or fans. Triple H said they’d be begging for them to come back, before he dropped the mic and he and Steph left. Daniel Bryan’s music hit and he came out to lead the crowd in a Yes! chant as The Authority left the scene.

Bryan called out Team Authority and booked everyone in matches including Rollins in a handicap match vs Ziggler/Cena, Henry vs. Ryback, Rusev in a battle royal for the US title and Harper in a title match against Dean Ambrose.

Ryback defeated Mark Henry via pinfall. The match lasted just one minute and Ryback won with a spine buster and clothesline.

Vince McMahon spoke to Steph and HHH backstage. Steph apologized for letting him down. Vince said “You failed me” and said they will fix it somehow. Steph apologized but Vince shrugged it off saying he was never sorry for anything in his life. They all got into the limousine to leave.

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via disqualification in the IC title match. Harper shoved Ambrose into the ref at one point to cause the DQ. Post-match, Bray Wyatt showed up to attack Ambrose and then buried him in chairs behind the announcers table.

Larry the Cable Guy came to the ring with Santino to crack jokes about wrestling. Sanction informed Larry they wouldn’t be wrestling tonight. Stardust and Goldust came out for a match, with Stardust harassing Larry a bit before he and Santino left backstage.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow defeated Goldust and Stardust via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team titles. At one point, Miz had an injury where he was holding his nose and a trainer had to check on him. The finish saw Mizdow toss Goldust out of the ring. Miz recovered to get back in and hit his finisher on Stardust for the win.

Rusev and Lana came to the ring to complain about a country that forces its will on people like Daniel Bryan did to them for the battle royal. They began to leave the ring after calling everyone “you dumb Americans,” but Daniel Bryan appeared on the big screen and reminded them of the earlier stipulation he made to participate in the Pledge or in a battle royal to defend the US title. Bryan introduced Sgt. Slaughter who came out to supervise. Slaughter started to lead Lana and Rusev in the pledge. Rusev eventually stepped into Slaughter’s face to back him into a corner. Jack Swagger came running to the ring and attacked Rusev. He eventually locked the Ankle Lock on him until Rusev escaped to ringside. Slaughter and Swagger did the “We the People” yell with Zeb and the fans.

Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall. Fandango won the match quickly, hitting a top rope leg drop for the win. Rosa Mendes accompanied him to the ring.

Big Show came out to cut a promo about how he made a mistake last night. He said he’s human and has feelings and fears. Show was teary-eyed but eventually got angry yelling “I am the Big Show and I deserve respect, damn it.” He said he hears the cowards in the back whispering how he’s a traitor. He challenged anyone to come out and say it to his face instead of whispering behind his back. Erick Rowan’s music hit and he came out to the ring.

Show mocked the idea that Rowan came out instead of someone else like Cena who had a reason to. He suggested Rowan had no part in this and should go backstage. Rowan said “I don’t like bullies,” then threw a punch at Show before delivering a huge boot to bring down Show. Show rolled out of the ring and told Rowan “You’ve sealed your fate!”

Brie Bella defeated A.J. Lee via pinfall. Nikki helped out by grabbing Lee’s arm to yank across the top rope at one point. Brie took advantage and scored a rollup pin to get the victory.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya beat Adam Rose and The Bunny via pinfall. Rose was angry at the Bunny during the match, but Natalya had sympathy for it. The finish saw Rose accidentally get tripped by The Bunny, leading to a finish from Tyson Kidd for the win.

Ryback was walking backstage when Renee Young stopped him to interview him and congratulated him on his victory over Mark Henry. Ryback said he wasn’t concerned with that and asked where the concession stand was at.

Ryback found Kane working at the concession stand in the concourse area (per Daniel Bryan’s earlier orders). Ryback asked for an order of two cans of tuna fish, protein shake and bag of beef jerky. Kane offered him a hot dog. Ryback pushed the table into him. Kane took off. Ryback picked up a bag of nuts and said “Hey Kane you forgot your nuts stupid.”

Dolph Ziggler and John Cena had a backstage interview from Renee Young. They talked up last night’s tough win after Cena got knocked out by a 500lb traitor. Cena praised Ziggler and Sting for getting rid of The Authority. Cena said up next consider the show about to be stolen.

Daniel Bryan came out to a Yes! chant and announced results of a WWE app poll for Seth Rollins’ teammates in the handicap match. Fans voted for Mercury and Noble to team up with Rollins.

John Cena & Dolph Ziggler defeated Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble and Seth Rollins via pinfall. The close saw Cena getting a hot tag to come in. He ultimately hit Attitude Adjustment and then Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Mercury and Noble so they could get the pinfall. Rollins watched it unfold from ringside. Daniel Bryan grabbed Rollins and tossed him back into the ring where Ziggler and Cena got the best of him. Bryan, Cena and Ziggler celebrated the win.

The computer sound effect email chime went off. Michael Cole went up to his podium to read a statement from the “Anonymous Raw General Manager.” He said next Monday is Cyber Monday and order and discipline will return to Raw. The email sound kept chiming to close out Raw.

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