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Raw Results 10/27/14

Raw results from San Antonio, TX:

The opening segment had Triple H, Stephanie and Kane in the ring. They called Rollins out to commend him on last night’s win. He talks about getting Ambrose out of his hair finally and saying later he’ll see Cena in a puddle of his own failure. Randy Orton came out upset that Triple H and Steph haven’t done anything about Rollins. He attacks Rollins but HHH gets in the middle and says to cool it, telling Orton to go back to his bus and take the night off. Orton agrees but first hits an RKO to drop Rollins before leaving the ring.

Gold and Stardust won via pinfall over Mark Henry & Big Show to retain the tag team titles. During the match, Show and Henry got into an argument over a tag. Late in the match, Henry started to gain momentum but wouldn’t tag Show in, so Show tagged himself in. A brawl ensued with all four men, and Henry took exception to Show’s tag so he hit World’s Strongest Slam on him. Stardust covered for the winning pin. Post match, Henry hit two more WSS’s on Show and a big splash before leaving.

Roman Reigns did a live via satellite interview saying he’s getting better daily and wishes he could be there tonight. He talked about Ambrose being his boy and how he took it to Rollins but Rollins had to weasel out again to get a win. He said when he is cleared to return he will make Rollins the past instead of the future of the WWE.

AJ Lee defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Paige was on guest commentary. She got involved late when Alicia hit a backbreaker on AJ. Paige kicked Alicia in the back then yelled at her to win. That allowed AJ to grab the pinfall for the win to retain. Post-match, Paige pretended to offer an apology to Alicia in the ring but instead kicked her in the gut then beat her up more on the outside of the ring. Eventually Jerry Lawler got up to defend Alicia and Paige left to her own music.

John Cena came out to the ring to deliver a promo about his win over Orton last night that gives him the right to face Brock Lesnar for the title. He talked about everything he does from now will be a statement to Lesnar. He said while Brock is watching from home thinking he’s champion, Cena is there every night fighting like one. He said tonight he will go through the future (Seth Rollins). 

Stephanie McMahon came out to interrupt. Steph offers Cena a business proposition for Survivor Series saying that he should join the Authority since the fans just want to see blood and guts. She says Cena does what he does every night but just for fan appreciation. She says maybe the winner of Cena vs Rollins can be the captain of “Team Authority” at Survivor Series. Cena tells her “hell no,” which brings out HHH next. He said “told you so” to Steph and then said Cena is hanging on by a thread mentally and physically right now. He said it will be Team Authority vs Team Cena at Survivor Series. He said Cena can have anyone on his team he gets to say “Yes” but he’s going to learn The Authority always wins.

The Usos defeated Damien Mizdow and The Miz via pinfall. Late in the match, Jimmy got a hot tag and hit a bunch of quick moves on Miz. Mizdow came in to break the pin up, distracting the ref. The Usos switched places and got the pinfall win with a pin on Miz.

Backstage, Cena had been talking to Ziggler about something and Dolph seemed to agree to it. After commercial break, Kane walked up to Ziggler saying he saw him talking to Cena and considers that an act of aggression against The Authority. He said tonight he’ll make him squeal.

Huk Hogan came out to deliver a talk about Susan Komen foundation and WWE’s partnership. He called breast cancer survivors who were sitting ringside to get in the ring and pose along with him as part of the segment to honor them.

Bo Dallas came out with the microphone. He said he was issuing an open challenge to whoever Bo-lieves they can beat him. Ryback’s music hit and he came to accept the challenge.

Ryback defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall. Ryback won the match in about a minute or so. He hit the toss in the air, a Spinebuster and a Meathook clothesline, then Shellshocked for the quick win.

Cesaro made his ring entrance for a match. The announcers recapped the earlier incident between Orton and Rollins with The Authority in ring.  Dean Ambrose came down and got on the announce table for a promo, calling out Bray Wyatt. He eventually started to beat up Cesaro in the ring and on the outside, then demanded that Wyatt get down there. Wyatt appeared on the big screen and said he sees himself in Ambrose. He said he’s not his friend or brother and was going to take him apart. He finished with “Run, Dean, run.”

Nikki Bella arrived to the ring with Brie along with her as her personal assistant.

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi by pinfall. Late in the match, Naomi had control and rolled Nikki back in the ring. Brie grabbed Naomi’s foot which distracted her. Nikki knocked Naomi down then hit Rack Attack on her for the win. Post-match, Nikki had Brie raise her arm in victory.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane via pinfall. The match went on about 13 minutes. Towards the close, Ziggler hit the Superkick and tried for Zig Zag. Kane avoided it and booted him down. He prepared for the chokeslam but Ziggler rolled down Kane’s back and hit a Sunset Flip to grab the pinfall win. Post-match, Ziggler got out of the ring, but Rollins rushed down and attacked Dolph. He brought him back in the ring so he and Kane could attack. John Cena rushed to the ring to make a save. Rollins escaped the ring ahead of his match with Cena.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins via disqualification. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble were ringside as security for Rollins. They got involved on the outside at one point, attacking Cena so Rollins could get back in the ring. Cena had the advantage late as they battled on the corner. Rollins escaped an attempted AA from on the corner and hit a buckle bomb on Cena. He went for a Curb stomp, but Cena caught his foot and then put him down into the STF. Kane rushed in to make a save, causing a DQ. Post-match, Ziggler also rushed down and got involved. After Dolph, more guys from the locker room came down to get involved. Rollins escaped the melee while Cena was eventually left in the cleared ring after hitting a few AA’s on some guys. Rollins waved a hand in front of his face to taunt Cena from the stage with The Authority by him.

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