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Raw Results 11/17/14

Raw results from Roanoke, VA:

The Authority came out to start the show with HHH, Stephanie, Kane, Rollins, Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, Mark Henry, Rusev, Lana and Luke Harper. HHH talked about the stipulation with Team Cena vs Team Authority. If Cena’s team wins, The Authority is out of power. He says that won’t happen, because there won’t be anyone left to sign the match contract for Team Cena after tonight. Harper says to Stephanie that he’s a team player. They bring up how Team Cena is down a man, but Ryback comes out to interrupt.

Ryback speaks from the stage and says Authority wants what’s best for business and Cena wants what’s best for WWE, but Ryback wants whats best for himself. Stephanie tried to have footage shown from when Cena was mocking Ryback last year. Ryback ultimately he says he’s on Team Ryback and leaves. HHH says that’s a wise choice, then hypes up an IC title match for next.

Luke Harper defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to become Intercontinental Champion. Mercury and noble attacked Ziggler before the bell. Rollins hit Ziggler with the briefcase. The ref asked Ziggler if he could still go and he eventually yelled to start the match. Ziggler put up a good fight but Harper eventually hit a huge clothesline for the win to become new IC champ.

They had a backstage segment with Miz, Damien Sandow and the special guest star for tonight’s Raw, Grumpy Cat. Mis and Sandow brought in Grumpy StuntCat, a stuffed version of the real one. The Grumpy cat seemed unimpressed by Miz’s schtick so he stomped off, but then came back to tell him he’s his biggest fan.

Tyson Kidd defeated Adam Rose via submission. Kidd was able to put on The Sharpshooter due to a distraction outside the ring where The Bunny danced for Natalya. Post-match, Rose went to attack The Bunny in the ring, but The Bunny ducked his clothesline attempt and grinded Rose from behind before leaving to the stage.

Bray Wyatt came to the ring for a promo to discuss saving Dean Ambrose. He urged Ambrose to embrace this so it can all go away. Eventually, Ambrose started speaking over the sound system and showed up on the big screen. He told Wyatt to stop his babbling. He said this is really a taped promo, and he’s really in the audience. The lights come on and Ambrose is in the ring to start attacking Wyatt. He gets the best of him for a bit, with Wyatt able to escape. Ambrose tells him he doesn’t need saving, and that Wyatt should worry about saving himself at Survivor Series.

Ryback defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Ryback was able to block a Neutralizer late, then later hit Meathook and Shellshocked for the win. Cena was watching the match on a monitor backstage.

Cena had a backstage interview from Renee Young. He told her he hopes his team is there for the signing tonight and that they can take out The Authority at SS.

Rusev defeated Heath Slater via submission in a non-title match. The match was a squash with Rusev delivering a huge kick to level Slater, followed by The Accolade. Post-match, the Russian flag fell behind Rusev.

They had more antics with Miz, Sandow and Grumpy Cat backstage. Erick Rowan came in and wanted Grumpy cat. He took the stunt double cat instead.

Big Show vs. Sheamus ended in a no-contest. Stephanie started things off when she offered Show a 2015 Hall of Fame spot if he joined Team Authority. Show got upset and in Stephanie’s face. Out came Sheamus to interrupt, but Steph said he has a passport issue and she’d hate for visa issues to make him miss Survivor Series. The match went back and forth for a while until Rusev and Mark Henry came down to get involved. Russell ended up putting Show in The Accolade, while Henry slammed Sheamus through an announcers table.

AJ Lee (Brie Bella) defeated Nikki Bella via pinfall. Brie came out dressed up as AJ Lee. Lillian said this is an exhibition match. Brie didn’t fight back early on and Nikki dominated. The real AJ was ringside and distracted Nikki on a Rack Attack attempt. Brie grabbed a rollup pinfall for the win. Post-match, Nikki attacked Brie, but AJ intervenes to save Brie. Brie got a yes chant going after that, but AJ leveled her with a kick before kissing her title belt and posing over the Bellas.

Backstage, Cena approached Ryback to see if he would now join Team Cena. Ryback didn’t give a response so Cena eventually walked off after trying to persuade him.

Mis, Damien Sandow & The Rhodes Brothers defeated The Usos and Los Matadores via pinfall. Late in the match, one of The Usos got a hot tag into the match. After some fights broke out, Cody was alone with the legal Uso in the ring. He eventually hit Dark Matter for the win.

They had the contract signing to end the show. Team Authority all came to the ring to stand behind the table in the ring. They warned everyone backstage this was their last chance to back out before things get really bad for anyone on Team Cena. Eventually Cena came out by himself with HHH saying he couldn’t see the rest of Cena’s team. Cena cut a promo saying he can pick four fans out of the crowd for his teammates on Sunday because they’ll have more passion for the fight then Team Authority. Eventually, things broke down with cent and HHH looking ready to square off. Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he came down holding his neck. Big Show came out too, despite The Accolade from Rusev earlier.

Next out to surprise everyone was Erick Rowan, who stomped down to the ring and then pointed at Harper. Steph said it was a surprise but Team Cena still is one man short. Cesaro came down to the ring and he stood opposite The Authority for a bit, before joking it off and standing with them. Steph said the look on Cena’s face was awesome.

Ryback’s music hit and he came to the ring to join Team Cena. A huge brawl started up, with HHH and Cena getting into it. HHH knocked Cena down. Ryback got in the ring to stare down Hunter. Cena got up and was able to hit an AA on HHH through the table in the ring. Stephanie eventually got in the ring to check on HHH as Cena was surprised he now has a team for Survivor Series.

Team Cena will feature John Cena, Ryback, Erick Rowan, Big Show and Dolph Ziggler taking on Team Authority: Kane, Seth Rollins, Rusev, Mark Henry and Luke Harper.

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