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Raw Results 11/03/14

Raw Results from Buffalo, NY:

Vince McMahon arrived out with Triple H and Stephanie to start the show. Vince asked the fans if he missed them, then talked up how he fought the government before and also fought Ted Turner's WCW and won. He ended up raising the stakes for Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series 2014.  Vince added the stipulation that if Cena’s team wins, then Stephanie and Triple H would be out of power.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Bray Wyatt appeared during the match sitting in his rocking chair with the lights going out. Ambrose still managed to make a comeback and hit Dirty Deeds for the win on Cesaro. The lights went out and Wyatt’s chair was empty but kept rocking.

The Miz defeated Jimmy Uso via pinfall. Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale on Jimmy as a distraction was going on outside the ring involving Jey super kicking Mizdow down.

Backstage, Stephanie told Hunter not to let them see him sweat. She suggested they need to build the strongest Survivor Series team ever. Triple H said he was calling Randy Orton, which Steph questioned since Orton attacked Rollins before.

Tyson Kidd defeated Sheamus via contout in a non-title match. Late in the match, Kidd and Sheamus fought at ringside with Sheamus getting the best of the champ. At one point, Kidd pulled Natalya into Sheamus’ way, then Kidd got in the ring to beat the count, leaving Sheamus counted out. Prior to this match, it was noted that Sheamus would defeated his US Title against Rusev after Raw on the Network.

After Dolph Ziggler made his entrance, Vince McMahon arrived out with Stephanie, Triple H, Kane, Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble and Seth Rollins. Steph and Triple H talked up how they’re winners and will put together the strongest Survivor Series team. They said Rollins is captain and Kane is also on the team. HHH whispered to Stephanie and she announced that Orton will be on the team too. They started to question why anyone wants to be on Team Cena, turning their attention to Dolph, saying he will bust his butt, but Cena gets all the credit. He said Cena isn’t even there tonight. They told Dolph he could have anything he wanted. He suggested he’d want The Authority out of power. Hunter booked him to defend the IC title against Seth Rollins, next.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler was a no contest or DQ. During the match, Rollins capitalized on a distraction that Jamie Noble made, hitting the Curb Stomp on Ziggler. However, Randy Orton rushed into the ring out of nowhere and hit an RKO to bring Rollins down. Noble and Mercury were on the ring apron but Orton scared them off, then left the ring. As he was walking up the apron, Kane was there and asked what he was doing. Orton headed backstage as Mercury and Noble helped Rollins to his feet.

After commercial, Orton was backstage with Hunter and Stephanie. He demanded a match against Rollins tonight. Hunter said they are the two captains of Team Authority. HHH finally agreed to the match and said he’d let Orton get it out of his system tonight but then he and Rollins need to go to war together at SS. Orton shook on it and left.

Ryback defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. Before the match, Titus delivered a promo that he assured The Authority he won’t back down from anyone. Ryback squashed him in just over two minutes hitting a Meathook Clothesline followed by Shellshocked.

Renee Young interviewed Big Show backstage. He talked about being part of Team Cena, then turned is attention to Mark Henry and their 40 years of combined experience. He said part of him wants his friend back, but another part wants to knock Henry the hell out of his life.

Big Show defeated Mark Henry due to disqualification. Late in the match, things spilled out to ringside. Henry ran Show into the ring steps, then took the top part of them and ran them into Show’s side. The ref called for the bell for the DQ. Henry slammed Show onto the other half of the ring steps and yelled “that’s what I do!” The announcers suggested that Henry is part of Team Authority since they want the strongest Survivor Series team ever.

Renee Young tried to interview Brie Bella backstage, but Nikki interrupted and said she didn’t give her permission to do an interview. Erick Rowan showed up and looked at Renee Young and said “pretty.”

Nikki Bella defeated Emma via pinfall. Brie was ringside, while AJ Lee was on guest commentary. Emma made a late comeback, but Brie hit a dropkick and then the Rack Attack for the win. She ordered Brie to raise her arm in victory post-match then told her to do something else. Brie walked over and slapped AJ. AJ shoved Brie down then went after Nikki, but Nikki took off.

A new promo was shown from Xavier Woods with a James Brown style to it.

Rusev defeated Alex Riley via submission. Russell won with the Accolade. Post-match, Lana said tonight after Raw Rusev will fulfill Vladimir Putin’s directive and bring the United States Championship to him. Rusev said he will make Sheamus beg, suffer and hurt in the ring tonight. Sheamus came out with the mic and said the title signifies the opportunity it gives someone like him to come to this country and fight for it. He said Rusev is in for the fight of his life tonight.

Backstage, Stephanie spoke with Lana and Rusev. She said his performance was impressive tonight and said The Authority wants to offer him a spot on their team. She reminded them of a saying “We scratch your back, you scratch ours,” with regards to them giving Rusev the US title shot. Lana asked, “what is that saying you Americans use, we’ll get back to you.” Stephanie and Lana shook hands as Lana and Rusev walked out.

Fernando defeated Stardust via pinfall. Mis and Mizdow were on commentary. Goldust was ringside and distracted Fernando, allowing Stardust to hit his finisher. Miz and Mizdow got into an argument with Goldust which distracted Stardust, allowing Fernando to steal the pinfall victory.

Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton via pinfall. In the main event, Rollins and Orton battled it out with The Authority looking on. Towards the end, Rollins went for a Powerbomb with Orton countering to backdrop him. Rollins hit an enziguiri kick but Orton blocked the Curb Stomp and hit a Powerslam for a near fall. Orson hit a DDT from the second rope, then went for an RKO, but Rollins countered it with a backslide for a pinfall win out of nowhere. Post-match, Kane, Mercury and Noble got in the ring to try to get on the same page with Orton. Rollins also offered a handshake saying he was sorry. Orton said he was sorry too and hit the RKO on him. Next, Orton tossed Kane, Mercury and Noble to the outside. HHH got in the ring to try to calm Orton down but it didn’t work. Orton ends up bumping HHH on his way out of the ring. HHH stopped him so Orton punched him down.

Things moved outside the ring where Stephanie gave orders for them to finish off Orton. Triple H didn’t want it at first but eventually gave in. Everyone beat down on Orton, with Rollins hitting a Curb Stomp on him on the steps to close things out.

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