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Raw Results 04/20/15

Raw Results from Albany, NY:

The opening segment featured Randy Orton coming out to talk up the RKO and Seth Rollins interrupting to claim he will go down as the greatest champion in WWE history. Orton promised to RKO everyone he sees tonight and said he will RKO Rollins before the end of the night.

Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose was a double contout. Late in the match, the two men fought to the stage where Harper tried to power bomb Ambrose. Ambrose slipped away and Harper shoved him to the floor before going backstage.

Big E & Kofi Kingston defeated Lucha Libres via contout to become new #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles. Late in the match, Xavier Woods was under the ring and grabbed one of the Luca Libres by the leg to cause them to get counted out. Randy Orton hit the ring post match and hit the RKO on Woods and Kingston, with Big E able to leave the ring before getting one.

Fandango defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall. Fandango came out to his former theme music and without Rosa with him. In the end, he hit a top rope leg drop for the win on Axel.

Triple H came to the ring to announce that the next Tough Enough competition will begin June 23 to find the next big star for WWE. HHH encouraged fans to send in submissions and they might be among the 10 men and five women on the competition show.

Kane came to the ring and told Hunter he was upset at how he’s been treated lately, especially by the guy they helped become the champ. He said The Authority could’ve made anyone champion, even El Torito. Rollins came out to interrupt. Kane eventually gave his two weeks notice, but HHH eventually offered him to be the guardian of the gate for the Orton vs. Rollins cage match at Extreme Rules, meaning Kane will be ringside and anyone that wants to get in our out of the cage has to go through him first. Kane thanked him and said he wouldn’t let him down. Rollins questioned HHH’s decision and HHH suggested he get on the same page as Kane real fast. Rollins put out his hand for a handshake and Kane eventually reciprocated. 

After commercial, they had a backstage talk involving HHH, Kane and Rollins. HHH told Kane he’s known him for 20 years and he’s one of the toughest guys he knows, but now he’s corporate, he’s not hellfire and brimstone anymore. Kane said he’d prove to him he still is. Rollins asked HHH if he sees what he means now. HHH told Rollins he’s giving him the match tonight he was supposed to have last week, against Dolph Ziggler, so he can show the world what he already knows. Rollins promised to destroy Ziggler and show them what he’s all about, saying he’s no longer future, but now he is “the man.”

Naomi defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. Naomi had a pop-up video before the match asking how many times she has to defeat a Bella before she gets a title shot. In the match, she was able to rally for the win and hit her RearView finisher to get the pin.

Roman Reigns came out for a promo but got interrupted by the return of Bo Dallas. JBL talked it up like the greatest thing since Tim Tebow returning to the NFL. Dallas said that Reigns is a bust but he can make it to the top if he “Believes.” In the ring, Reigns hit a Superman Punch on Dallas and then speared him. He got back on the mic to call out Big Show saying he’ll brin the fight to him at Extreme Rules on Sunday and you can believe that.

Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder due to disqualification. Sheamus hit a quick Brogue Kick but then continued taunting everyone on the mic, saying Ryder deserves a longer match than five seconds. He beat up Ryder more but eventually Dolph Ziggler came to the ring for the save, causing the DQ. Sheamus set up for the Brogue Kick but Ziggler avoided it, then cleared Sheamus out of the ring to talk trash at him. Sheamus headed up the ramp, reeling from the attack.

John Cena defeated Kane via pinfall to retain the United States title. Cena issued his weekly “open challenge” with Kane accepting. The two fought back and forth in a six minute match, where Kane chokeslammed Cena at one point for a two count. Cena eventually came back and hit the AA for the win.

Renee Young interviewed Miz backstage about putting his brand name on the line against Mizdow. Miz talked up the release of his new movie “The Marine 4” on Tuesday and held up a copy to show off. Renee said she had to leave for another interview which seemed to upset Miz.

Backstage, Byron Saxton tried to interview Cena, but the interview was cut short when Rusev attacked Cena. He put The Accolade on Cena using the chain that will be part of their Extreme Rules match. One ref rushed in to try to yell at Rusev to stop. Eventually Rusev let go and Cena looked to be hurting from the attack.

The Miz defeated Mizdow via pinfall to retain use of “The Miz” brand name. Summer Rae was ringside for Mizdow, until she turned on him at one point and gouged him in the eye. That allowed Miz to get the pinfall win. Post-match, Miz was going to give his catchphrase, but Randy Orton rushed in and hit an RKO to shut him up.

Bray Wyatt had a pre-taped video promo talking about his latest "target" he intends to take down.

Ryback defeated Adam Rose via pinfall. The match lasted about a minute and a half with Ryback hitting the Meathook Clothesline and then Shellshocked for the win. Post-match, he hit Shellshocked on two Rosebuds dressed up in banana and hot dog costumes. Rosa Mendes came out to check on Adam Rose following his loss.

Backstage, Renee Young was interviewing Kane and mentioned a tweet Jamie Noble sent out which suggested Kane needs Depends and dentures. That enraged Kane who went to HHH’s office. Rollins was in there and apologized saying this whole thing with Orton has him on edge. He said he’s going to dedicate his match against Ziggler tonight to Kane. Rollins left the room along with his security team. Orton was shown watching them before Raw went to commercial break.

Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a non-title match. The steel cage was hanging above the ring as a reminder of Sunday’s cage match. At one point in the main event match, Sheamus arrived down to taunt Ziggler about how he’ll beat him in their Kiss Me Arse match at Extreme Rules. The distraction helped Rollins hit a Buckle Bomb and then a new DDT finisher for the win. 

Post-match, Rollins cut a promo on the mic about being the man in WWE and how Orton’s RKO won’t be able to save him on Sunday. Hunter came down to the ring and got on the mic to say that this is the man who will defeat Orton on Sunday. Rollin snatched the mic back saying he wanted to finish his thought. He said he’s going to prove this is his WWE by pinning Orton’s shoulders to the mat Sunday, making Kane’s role in the match useless.

Kane’s music played and he came out. HHH was able to help J&J Security stop Kane up on stage. As they were all distracted, the cage lowered down around Rollins, with Randy Orton sliding in before Kane could come down. Orton attacked Rollins who tried to escape the cage, but Orton hit him with the RKO from the cage wall. Orton stood tall in the ring with the title belt, dropping it on Rollins as HHH and the rest of the crew looked upset by what went down to close the show.

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