Thursday, April 2, 2015

SmackDown Results 4/2/15

SmackDown results from Fresno, CA:

Seth Rollins came out to brag about becoming the new WWE champ at WrestleMania 31, saying his plan came together perfectly. He talked about being the face of the future of WWE, and how he would’ve allowed Brock Lesnar a rematch tonight if he hadn’t gone crazy on Raw. Randy Orton came out to remind Rollins he beat him at WrestleMania 31 and has been owed a title rematch forever. Orton insulted The Authority, particularly Kane and Big Show. Kane ended up booking Orton to face Big Show next and said if Orton wins they’ll rethink the title shot maybe.

Randy Orton defeated The Big Show via disqualification. During the match, The Authority interfered with Kane hitting a chokeslam on Orton. Ryback’s music hit and he rushed down to make the save.

Naomi defeated Natalya via pinfall. The Bella Twins were on commentary. Naomi was able to break free of an abdominal stretch late. She kicked Natalya from the apron before hitting a headscissors DDT to capture the win.

Rollins spoke to Kane backstage saying it was funny Kane made Orton think he might get a title shot. Kane said he was considering it because it would be a good match at Extreme Rules. He asked Rollins if he’s scared to face Orton. Rollins said something stinks and walked off. A toilet was heard flushing and Ambrose came walking out. Kane was upset Ambrose was using their bathroom and booked Ambrose vs. Harper for later.

They had a backstage interview with Byron Saxton and Roman Reigns talking about WrestleMania. Reigns said he has shown he can go head-to-head with Brock Lesnar and survive suplex city. He said he’s proven he can and will beat Brock, then mentioned he’s beaten Rollins before and will again.

The Miz defeated R-Truth via pinfall. Miz won the match in 1:30 using Skull Crushing Finale. Post-match, Mizdow got in the ring and hit SCF on Miz from behind then put on his sunglasses to pose.

John Cena came out to discuss pride in being the U.S. champion and how hard he fought to win it. Rusev came out to interrupt and told Cena he needs to surrender to him what is his or get crushed at Extreme Rules. Cena hyped patriotism a bit more and said he’ll keep the US title at Extreme Rules.

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via disqualification. Late in the match, the two brawled outside over the barrier into the timekeeper’s area. Harper hit a Powerbomb on Ambrose through the announce table causing the DQ. Ambrose appeared to have a possible concussion from the attack.

Sheamus came out to cut a promo asking where all the real men went. He suggested that Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler are underdogs and he’ll put them out of their misery. Daniel Bryan made his entrance for their main event match.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan via countout. Wade Barrett was on guest commentary. Late in the match, Sheamus went to hit club shots on Bryan’s chest on the apron, but Bryan got free. Seamus shoved him out into the announcers table. Bryan came up bleeding from hitting the table, and the ref held Sheamus back. Barrett took advantage of the ref being distracted and hit a Bull Hammer elbow to Bryan in the forehead. Seamus was going to go grab Bryan to bring back in the ring and finish, but let the ref count him out instead.

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