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SmackDown Results 03/20/15

SmackDown results from Kansas City, MO:

The opening segment had Roman Reigns come out to talk about Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman trying to use intimidation tactics. He was interrupted by Mark Henry who came out to endorse Reigns after he got the best of him last week, spearing him through a barricade. He said all his money’s on Reigns to beat Lesnar at Mania. Seth Rollins interrupted with The Authority and Kane. Kane said he doesn’t believe for a second that Reigns can beat Lesnar at Mania. Rollins said anything is possible at WM and held up his MITB briefcase. He then said people are looking forward to seeing Randy Orton tonight but he won’t be there because extra security has been brought in to secure the arena. Rollins said at WrestleMania he’ll get his face-to-face with Orton and show him the future of the WWE. Rollins said he needs to work out some aggression tonight. Kane booked he and Rollins against Henry and Reigns for the main event match.

Paige defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. Paige won after reversing Brie’s pinfall attempt into an a crucifix for the winning pin. Post-match, AJ Lee and Nikki talked trash back and forth on the mic.

A gauntlet match was announced involving all of the participants in the IC title ladder match for WrestleMania.

Dean Ambrose defeated Stardust via pinfall. Stardust tried for a late Sunset flip only to have it blocked by Ambrose who put him down for the pin.

Dean Ambrose defeated R-Truth via pinfall. Truth rushed to the ring after Stardust lost and sent Stardust out of the ring. Stardust distracted Truth after that, which allowed Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds for the win.

Luke Harper defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall. A back and forth match which lasted six minutes, saw Ambrose come back late, hitting a huge clothesline. However, Harper hit a discus clothesline and then a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper via submission. Late in the match, Harper hit a discus clothesline but only got two. Bryan was able to slip out of a power bomb attempt and then put Harper into a submission hold to make him tap.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall. Bryan had a Yes Lock on Ziggler late. Ziggler managed to fight his way out. Moments later, Bryan tried for a kick to Ziggler’s head but Dolph avoided it and then hit the Zig Zag to get the win. Post-match, IC title holder Wade Barrett walked down the ramp with a mic in hand to start talking trash about Ziggler. Ziggler attacked him, but Barrett hit him with the mic. He brawled with Daniel Bryan. Eventually, Barrett laid out both guys with a mic shot and Bull Hammer elbows to stand tall.

Natalya, Kidd and Cesaro defeated El Torito & Los Matadores via pinfall. Late in the match, Diego and Fernando knocked the tag champs out of the ring before diving out on them. That left Natalya against Torito with the diva hitting a sit out power bomb on the little guy for the pinfall win.

Roman Reigns made his entrance for the main event. Backstage, the camera caught footage of his supposed tag team partner Mark Henry laid out with a steel chair next to him. The Authority made their entrance next with extra security guards to help out.

Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins and Kane via pinfall. Early in the match, Kane and Rollins continued to team up on Reigns as J&J Security interfered to try to help out. Later on, Reigns was able to clear some of the guards off the side apron. The close saw Rollins choke Reigns on the top rope. Kane tagged himself in as Rollins jumped off the top rope into a Superman Punch and then Kane was the recipient of a Spear from Reigns for the win. 

Post-match, Reigns went up the ramp after shoving security guards out of his way. In the ring, Rollins was throwing a tantrum over the loss. Randy Orton’s music hit and Rollins looked around for him, but Orton surprised him from behind. Security guards got involved but Orton RKO’d them or hit draping DDTs. He eventually an RKO on Noble and one on Mercury, before Rollins escaped the ring as SmackDown closed with Orton looking out at him.

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