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Raw Results 03/23/15

Raw results from Los Angeles, CA:

The opening segment had Sting come to the ring to talk about how it feels to kick off Raw, and about that he isn’t here to fight for WCW, because that’s pointless now. He said he’s there to take down Triple H. Stephanie came out to interrupt and called Sting a big fish in a tiny little pond at WCW. She said he lost his dignity and pride when WCW was lost, and he’ll lose whatever’s left of it at WrestleMania against HHH when he gets pinned. Steph called him a face-painted freak, but Sting let out a “Woooo!” Steph went to slap him, with Sting stopping her by grabbing her by the arm.

Triple H’s music hit and he arrived out, removing his tie as he came to ringside to check on Steph’s wrist. She eventually gave HHH the sledgehammer. Sting revealed he had the bat. HHH backed off from getting in the ring and went up the ramp with Stephanie, as Sting continued to motion for HHH to get in the ring with him.

Dean Ambrose & R-Truth defeated Luke Harper & Stardust via pinfall. Truth got control of Stardust late, but Harper broke up a pin attempt. Ambrose came in and they all brawled, with Ambrose taking Harper out of the ring. Truth hit his finisher on Stardust for the win.

Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Ryback, Zack Ryder & Erick Rowan defeated The Miz, Mizdow, Adam Rose & The Ascension. ESPN’s Bill Simmons joined the commentary team and talked about wanting to do an E60 documentary about Andre the Giant. He also helped Cole promote WWE Network. In the match, Ryback was able to gain control against Miz, hitting a Meathook clothesline and then Shell Shocked for the win.

Fans voted on Randy Orton’s opponents for the night. Seth Rollins along with J&J Security won the poll overwhelmingly over Kane and then Big Show.

Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins, Jamie Nobiel and Joey Mercury via pinfall. The match lasted a bit over three minutes with Orton getting the best of J&J in the ring late as Rollins was on the outside. Orton hit a double draping DDT. Rollins attempted to sneak back in, but Orton saw him first so Rollins ran away. Orton finished Noble with an RKO to win. 

Nikki Bella defeated Paige via pinfall to retain the Divas title. The match was over 10 minutes long, with a mishap at ringside. AJ Lee and Brie Bella were ringside, with Lee taking out Brie late. Paige went near AJ outside the ring and got elbowed in the face with AJ seeming to do it on accident. Nikki took advantage, bringing Paige back in the ring for a Rack Attack and the pinfall. Post-match, Paige attacked AJ, punching at her. The two rolled around a bit before refs separated them.

They had a segment with Snoop Dogg in the ring to hype up WrestleMania 31. Curtis Axel interrupted, coming to the ring to talk about AxelMania and insulting Snoop’s lyrics. Snoop said Axel is missing the most important Mania of them all. Hulk Hogan’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Hogan joked with Snoop asking what Axel is smoking over here? Axel ripped off his shirt before trying to attack Hogan, but Hogan blocked and punched Axel. Snoop was able to toss Axel out of the ring, then ripped off his shirt to reveal a Hogan shirt. He and Hogan posed in the ring to close the segment.

Los Matadores & El Torito defeated Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya. Usos were on guest commentary. Torito was able to counter Nat’s power bomb attempt and rolled her up into a pinfall for the win.

They had a backstage segment where Kane told Bad News Barrett to hand over the IC title so it could be hung above the ring. He said if he doesn’t comply, he’ll be stripped of the title. Barrett called it a travesty, but Kane joked he didn’t know why he’s so upset, all he has to do is beat six other men in a ladder match.

Cole reminded fans that on SmackDown the main event is John Cena tagging with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Mark Henry to take on Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger via submission in a non-title match. Lane was not at ringside as she is shooting a movie. Rusev won in over four minutes, using the Accolade to make Swagger tap out. He kept the hold on after the match, but John Cena’s music hit. Cena rushed the ring to attack. Rusev got the upperhand and shoved Cena into the barricade near the ring. He kicked Cean in the face, before tearing the announcers’ table up and putting Cena on it for The Accolade. Rusev posed after releasing the hold.

Bray Wyatt came down to stand in the ring with a spotlight shining on him while the rest of the arena was dark. He talked about people not liking the person they’ve become and that they’re all liars. He said he may be a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. He said the sword of truth will cut through the deception of your world. He said Undertaker is like them, a liar, denying that he wants his soul set free. Wyatt called himself the one to take him back to the other side. Undertaker’s lightning flickered and Wyatt said that’s what the fans are addicted to, but the lights and demons belong to him now. He said he has judged Taker to be guilty and he will meet his fate in the form of Sister Abigail’s Kiss.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall. Dean Ambrose was voted by fans to be the special referee for the match. Late in this one, Bryan had the advantage and was throwing kicks at Dolph. Bryan charged Ziggler in the corner moments later only to get super kicked by Ziggler and then hit by the Zig Zag. Post-match, Ambrose attacked Ziggler, then went to ringside to grab a ladder. He went up the ladder in the ring where the IC title was hanging up. The rest of the ladder match participants came out to get in a brawl. Eventually, Harper shoved a ladder over when Stardust and Ambrose were on it. The ladder bounced back to land on Harper’s leg. He rolled out of the ring holding his leg in pain.

Paul Heyman arrived out with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar for the final segment. Heyman put over his client for the WrestleMania main event, saying if you want to see him put a beating on another human being, this is the fight to watch. He said Brock has made failures of all others put in his path. He also mentioned that John cent is not the main event at WrestleMania this year, Brock Lesnar is. Heyman concluded by mocking Roman Reigns’ catchphrase line. Reigns’ music hit and he arrived out to the ring to stare down Lesnar. Lesnar held up his title belt to brag a bit, before Reigns snatched it away and held it up, drawing boos. The two men tugged on the belt between them, glaring at each other as Raw went off the air.

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