Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Smackdown Sprint Predictions

Thanks to any readers from Mypsace who entered the WWE Fanatics' Myspace "Smackdown Sprint" contest. Up to eight winners will be featured as top friends on the Myspace through the Royal Rumble. So who's the overwhelming favorite answer? The Deadman himself, the Undertaker. Second favorite, a tie between Booker and Mr. Kennedy..We shall await Friday night's show to see the winner. The contest/voting is closed as Smackdown has been taped Tuesday night. And no love for Chavo Guerrero..

First off, what will the competitor format be? None of us know yet (unless you've been to the taping of the show or read spoilers). If it is top notch wrestlers facing each other, then that changes things. If its top notch wrestlers vs "scrubs", then that gives everyone a pretty good shot to win. Also gotta keep in mind this a is a PPV that the WWE wants people to buy. They wont buy it for a Batista vs Miz match (at least most won't, maybe I'm wrong).

Here's some predictions for the show; The last guy to lose the title was in fact, Booker so he would seem to be odds on favorite to win so he can get his rematch. The Brothers of Destruction would have to also be favorites. Kane & Taker have been wrecking all competition standing in their paths lately. However, since we haven't seen MVP or Kennedy, doesn't it makes sense for them to surface and interfere in these matches about now? MVP, if he's part of the contest seems to be one of the most cunning and trickiest of wrestlers..He has a shot. Finlay who seems like a top competitor for Batista, seems to take his time dismantling wrestlers for the most part, so I can't see him winning.

All that said, the prediction is for Booker to win. If that doesn't happen, then it will be a 2 way tie, between Undertaker and Kane, forcing a 3 way triple threat title defense for Batista at the Royal Rumble..Now how great will that be? Tune in Friday at 8PM EST for Smackdown and check back here for the list of winning entries in the contest..

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