Thursday, January 4, 2007

Vladimir Kozlov Loves Double Double E

The ex-football player from the Ukraine, is about to make his debut for "Double Double E". Question is, for which brand? He's visited the live shows of Smackdown, RAW and ECW and remarked how he'd like to beat up on their champs and take over the titles. Other question, anyone know Russian, or what he's calling us when he yells out after his interview?

So which brand does Kozlov hit? How about all 3. Having him compete on the three shows, they may even try to make him a multi-title winner. But quite possibly he's the new heel for Cena or Batista to face. The Booker vs Batista feud might be getting old for many, and there's not many competitors for Batista after Undertaker, Kane and Finlay. Batista vs Kozlov seems like a fitting feud, the two are both huge in size. But then again Cena is supposed to represent America with his army salutes and fatigues/camo he wears. Facing a Ukranian monster might be his next storyline..

Hopefully Kozlov gets in the ring sooner vs later instead of pulling an MVP campaign and watching matches from the sidelines until he's ready to show us what he's got..

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