Wednesday, January 3, 2007

WWE vs TNA reports:

"Thanks to everybody who sent word overnight that during yesterday’s New Year’s Revolution press conference in Kansas City, Jonathan Coachman responded to a contingent of rowdy fans in attendance who were chanting “TNA” by calling TNA “inferior to WWE.” The comments have since been edited out of the archived video now available at, which were made by Coachman towards the end of the event."

So is WWE in fact the better brand? A look at the roster of TNA reveals many wrestlers who were former champions either in WWE or WCW (which WWE bought). Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and the Dudleyz are just a few of the names to have held WWE/WCW gold. So what would happen if you had a Survivor Series style match pitting the best of WWE vs the best of TNA. (WWE would pull talent from RAW, Smackdown and ECW). Imagine Cena, Batista, Lashley, Triple H and Booker taking on AJ Styles, Sting, Steiner, Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle..Now there's a great match.

To call TNA better than WWE is basically saying a spin off of a master product is better. Since the days WCW was its own brand, everyone has looked up to and tried to jealously imitate the greatness WWE has achieved with fans. Vince McMahon is a masterful, shrewd and smart businessman who makes sure he gets the WWE's name out there enough, promotes like crazy, and spins off the brand in so many unique ways. From merchandise, to the failed XFL, to movie deals to having celebrities such as K-Fed wrestle (and dominate some headlines), the WWE makes its presence felt. For TNA to even try to say it can top the ratings, fans and dollars WWE pulls in, is absurd. So while the roster is a solid who's who of former WWE/WCW stars and its own talent, to try to top the master would be a tough feat at this point. The smartest move just might be for WWE to buy up TNA and complete its own stranglehold on the wrestling market. As for now with 3 different shows on TV weekly, PPV's every other weekend, movies and a loyal fanbase, WWE remains king of the ring..

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Blogger DrMeanDudeMD said...

That question goes back to what youre looking for in a wrestling show. If you enjoy a cartoon with far fetch storylines, homosexuality references, B list celebrities, and poop jokes look no further then WWE.
Wrestling wise, TNA, ROH, WXW.
WWE fans(rubes) shouldn't worry about TNA though, if you don't like it, fine, TNA is not even head to head.

WWE needs to worry more about WWE, and not other companies.

While WWE will give you the same boring matches week after week for months, and tired go no where championship fueds, TNA is offering younger, faster faced, brighter, and yes even more entertaining, wrestling.

The WWE marks would have you believe WWE can do no wrong, but surely after watching Big Dick Johnson even the most niave of WWEers should be ashamed a bit.

January 3, 2007 at 4:07 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I gotta agree with what was said above. I am a WWE fan, but it's like Vince is getting so desperate he's putting out any crap he thinks is entertaining.

There's no point in saying much else, Mean Dude pretty much said it all.

And I have to disagree with what was said about a spin-off not surpassing it's master product. Family Matters far exceeded it's master product which was Perfect Strangers. FM lasted more season's than PS did, and it had an overall stronger fanbase than PS. Even after PS was cancelled, FM had a long healthy lifespan.

I know nothing I said in the above paragraph had NOTHING to do with wrestling what so ever, but it was to bring a point that a 'spin-off' have, can and will surpass its original product.

January 3, 2007 at 4:59 PM  

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