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RAW Recap 2.5.07

RAW kicked off with the Undertaker entering the arena to his eery music, smoke and bells tolling. After Undertaker arrived, next John Cena entered, followed by Bobby Lashley the ECW champion and Batista, Smackdown's champ. With all 3 champions in the ring, Undertaker stared each d own and finally stared back at Batista. Undertaker gave the signal that he would be facing Batista for his title at Wrestlemania Just then, the DX theme music came on the speakers and Shawn Michaels came down to the ring. Mic in hand, HBK said since it's clear Undertaker has selected Batista to face at Wrestlemania, Michaels will now challenge Cena for his title. Before HBK could finish, Randy Orton entered and said he should be Cena's opponent. Soon after, Edge entered and told everyone he deserves more consideration than anyone, since he is also undefeated at Wrestlemania like Undertaker. Suddenly, Mr. McMahon's music came on and Vince came to the ramp with microphone. Vince told the fans that Undertaker had made his choice and that would be the matchup for Wrestlemania, and that since nobody was challenging Lashley, tonight Lashley would be defending his title against someone from the locker room. Vince also said there will be a triple threat match on tonights RAW: HBK vs Roton vs Edge, the winner would be the one to face Cena at Wrestlemania for the title. After most wrestlers left the r ing and ramp, Undertaker continued to stare at Batista in the ring. Batista turned and walked up to Taker raising his title up. Undertaker grabbed Batista in a chokeslam and slammed Batista to the mat. Taker stood over Batista and signalled the belt will soon be on Undertaker's waist.

Carlito & Cryme Time vs Chris Masters and Worlds GReatest Tag Team - Six man tag team action, started off quickly with Torrie Wislon watching at ringside. JTG started the match as his opponents took it to him keeping him in their corner for punishing moves. JTG managed to get a tag to Carlito who came in and started to take it to his opponents. Soon all wrestlers got into the ring, with Cryme Time taking Masters and Benjamin out of the r ing. Carlito managed to roll up Charlie Haas for a pin, until the ref got distracted by outside events. SHelton Benjamin re-entered teh ring to help knock out Carlito. Haas rolled him up as the ref turned his attention back. World's Greatest and Masters score the victory pinfall, as Haas held Carlito's tights.

Mathces announced for later on RAW tonight, Mickie James will defned her title vs Melina and Jeff Hardy will defend the IC title vs Ric Flair.

A recap shown of last week's Fan Appreciation Night by Vince, featuring Trump dropping real money on the RAW crowd, bringing out Vince's anger.

Vince back in his office speaking to the Coach. Vince talking to Coach about last week's incident. A knock came at the door several times. Kenny entered and apologized for interrupting, but said he wants to challenge Lashley tonight for his ECW title. Vince said he heard Kenny wants to be the youngest WWE champion ever, so he has the match, and good luck. Kenny left and Coach then told Mr McMahon he had a letter that arrived for him earlier. Angrily, Vince took the letter saying he should have received it earlier. THe letter was from Donald Trump saying he received many compliments after last week's money give-away. Vince said Trump says in the letter Donald Trump says next week he will appear live on RAW in that ring with a business proposition that would be very good for Vince.

Maria then interviewed Ric Flair who talked about how he plans to beat Jeff Hardy for his IC title. The camera then cut to the lockerroom where Divas Melina and Candice Michelle were talking. Melina said Candice's superbowl commercials were great yesterday. Candice said oh thanks and tonight the spotlight will be on Melina when she wins the women's title, because she's just so good. Candice then turned with a look of disgust on her face and left. Johnny Nitro came in and told Melina not to worry about SUper Crazy because Nitro will get revenge on him tonight. Melina asked if the paprazzi are ready and Nitro said yes before complimenting Melina and leaving.

ECW's Balls Mahoney in ring when RAW returned. Coach at the ramp said recently Mr McMahon has had some problems with ECW originals and he will take care of them on tomorrow night's ECW on Sci Fi. Coach said tonight someone special was handpicked to take care of Balls Mahoney. Just then Umaga's music came on and Umaga and Alejandra came down to the ring. Umaga got in the ring and Balls began to attack, but the attck was over fast, when Umaga blocked a kick and began to assault Mahoney. Umaga took control of the rest of the match eventually seating Mahoney in the corner of the ring and running into him, slamming Mahoney's head back. Umaga then picked up Balls Mahoney and jabbed a thumb to his throat, followed by the 3 count victory.

Super Crazy vs Johnny Nitro -
With Melina and Mickie James at ringside looking on. Nitro attempted to extract revenge on Super Crazy for last week's slap Super Crazy gave to Melina. However, thanks to Mikie James outside the ring, Super Crazy was able to gain the advantage. Super Crazy did a high reverse flip off the top ropes, landing onto the fallen Nitro. Super Crazy scored the pin and celebrated as he and Mickie held their arms high and backed away up the ramp.

Melina vs Mickie James - Women's Title -
With Super Crazy and Johnny Nitro at ringside, Melina and Mickie James had a furious contest. At one point Melina knocked Mickie James out of the ring, but Mickie managed to get on the apron and ram her shoulder into Melina's stomach. Back in the ring Melina attempted to gran Mickie James top and then the ropes to make a pin. However the ref stopped the count due to this and Mickie James rolled Melina up for a pinfall, and 3 count.

Rif Flair vs Jeffy Hardy - Intercontinental Title match
Match began with Ric Flair and Hardy exchanging slaps to each others chests. Early in the match, Jeff Hardy sustained a knee/leg injury and began hobbling around the ring. Flair capitalized on this by kicking Jeff's knee and bringing him down to the mat for attempted submission moves to further injur his opponent. Flair held up Hardy's one injured leg and let out a "Woo" right before Hardy managed to kick Flair's head with his other leg, dropping Flair. Hardy then began to take control of the match with his style, quickly running and jumping at Flair with clotheslines and aerial moves. Jeff landed a Twist of Fate then climbed to the top ropes. As he went for the Swanton, Flair moved away causing Hardy to possibly hurt his leg even more. Flair then let out several "Woo's" and took the attack to Jeff's knee even more. Flair paced around the ring strutting his stuff, and then went to Hardy in the center of the ring. Flair grabbed Hardy's leg in prepatarion for the figure 4. Hardy rolled forward then rolled up Flair in a pinfall and scored the victory.

A replay shown of Undertaker and Batista in the ring as Undertaker chokeslammed Batista. Todd Grisham then backstage to interview Batista. Grisham asked Batista if he had a comment about what Undertaker did earlier. Batista said "Payback is a bitch" and he will defend his title successfully at Wrestlemania.

Kenny Dykstra vs Bobby Lashley - ECW World Championship Match - Early on Lashley showed his strenght tossing Dykstra out of the ring, and also into the corner of the ring. Lashley began to ram Dykstra in the corner. Then took him back out of the ring. Lashley went to jump at Dykstra on the ramp but Dykrsta dropkicked him and Lashley landed face first on the ramp. Dykstra brought Lashley back ino the ring and attempted some quick pins, but couldnt get past 2. Keeping Lashley down on the mat, Kenny kicked at Lashley and landed elbows on him. Kenny tried more pins but could not get a 3 count. Dykstra kept Lahsley down on the mat and slapped a chokehold on, but Lashley managed to get to his feet. Dykstra put a sleeper hold on, but Lashley countered then clotheslined Kenny several times. Lashley threw Dykstra to the corner and charged at him then ran at Kenny. Kenny landed a kick to Lashley's face as he came near. Lashley re-gained control and signaled for his finishing move. As Kenny was stunned and hunched over, Lashely ran against the ropes, but Kenny got up and dropkicked him out of the ring. RAW went to commercial then returned with both competitiors back in the ring. As they battled down on the mat, Kenny held Lashley until Lashley broguht them to their feet and threw Kenny across the r ing. Lashley held up Dykstra long in the ring followed by a suplex. Lashley then attempted to spear Kenny, but Kenny kicked Lashley in the face. Dykstra ran at the hunched over Lashley, but Lashley grabbed him and put him up on his shoulders. Lashley slammed Kenny down hard and grabbed the 3 count pinfall.

Orton and Edge seen back in the locker room. Orton told Edge there is no strategy tonight for him other than winning tonight. Edge told Orton if they have any pride left, they will make sure Michaels doesn't win the match.

Carlito leaving the arena backstage talking to Torrie. Flair came up to Carlito angry that Carlito was leaving the arena when the main event is about tocome up. Flair began screaming at Carlito about how Carlito takes a spot in the WWE for granted and thinks he can just walk out now with Torrie, thinks he can fly first class and just make money. Flair said Mr McMahon said Flair needs to prove himself and can't believe someone lazy like Carlito thinks its cool to just walk out before a main event match. Flair walked off continuing to yell as Carlito and Torrie stood there confused.

Triple Threat Match for #1 contender spot for Cena's title - Edge vs Orton vs Shawn Michaels - Early on the match started with RKO double-teaming Michaels, until Shawn Michaels began taking it to both of his competitors much like he did weeks ago on RAW. HBK threw Orton over the top ropes and began to then battle Edge alone in the ring. Michaels clutched his back in pain, but climbed to the top turnbuckle to fly at Edge. Just then, Orton got back up and pushed Michaels down off the top ropes onto the ring. Orton then eliminated HBK out of the ring and Edge/Orton began to argue in the middle of the ring. RAW hit commercial.

As Raw Returned all 3 men in the ring. Michaels dropkicked Orton out of the ring and onto the announcers table. Edge then battled Michaels in the ring again. Knocking him to the mat, Edge started punching away. Orton re-entered the ring after Edge had been beating on HBK. Orton RKO'd Michaels then went for the pinfall. Before the ref got to 2 Edge pulled Orton off Michaels and went for a pin of his own. Orton pulled Edge off and the two then began to fight each other. Eventually all 3 men were back in the ring. Michaels went for sweet chin music on Edge, Edge ducked and Orton grabbed Michaels foot. Edge came running at Michaels for a spear, but Michaels soun around and threw Edge into Orton. Michaels then kicked Edge down, and covered Orton for a pinfall victory. Shawn Michaels wins the opportunity to face John Cena for the title at Wrestlemania.

John Cena then entered the arena and went to the ring to stare down the new contender, HBK. Just then Batista's music came on. Batista stood on the apron looking down to the ring where his "No Way Out" competitors stood. Then Undertaker's music came on and Undertaker came to the ramp. RAW ended with Undertaker nose to nose with Batista and Michaels and Cena in the ring together.

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