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Smackdown Recap 1.25.07

Batista vs Gregory Helms - WWE Smackdown kicked off with a matchup pitting 2 champions against each other. Batista entered the arena to the roar of the crowd. As his music died down, out came Gregory Helms, Cruisereweight Champion. Helms told Batista, that he Gregory Helms, has held his title the longest of any superstar in the WWE, and that Batista would soon lose his at the Royal Rumble. The matchup went fast however. Gregory Helms did his best to keep fighting in this match with a few cheap tricks, but Batista was able to lift up Helms for a Batista bomb, despite Helms trying to punch his way out. Batista kicks off the show with a win over Helms by pinfall.

Chris Benoit vs The Miz
- It was announced that in addition to tonight's 6 man Over the top Rope match, that the participants in the match would face each other in singles matches tonight too. First match, Miz vs Benoit. Miz held his own for a while, managing to use the ropes to put his leg up during a pinfall, and grabbing the ropes to stop a crossface crippler. However, Benoit kept Miz on the mat and was too much as he punched Miz several times and prevented him from grabbing the ropes. Benoit slapped on a crossface crippler and Miz taps out. Submission win by Benoit.

Deuce & Domino appeared backstage with Cherry and pushed a skinny WWE employee out of the way who said their car was ready. The two greaser brothers from the 50's then fought some amateur wrestlers in a match and got another victory after a boot to the face. No major competition for this tag team yet.

MVP backstage was telling Teddy Long that he will not fight in a match with Kane tonight, especially since Kane is the one who burned MVP and gave him his current injuries. Teddy Long told MVP if he doesn't compete in that match, he won't be in the 5 man over the top match. MVP said no problem that will rest him for the Royal Rumble. Teddy Long said if MVP doesn't fight Kane tonight, MVP wont be in the Royal Rumble either.

King Booker vs Finlay - Little Bastard was seen peeking out from under the ring as King Booker entered the ring. Finlay then entered the ring, ready to fight. Queen Sharmelle sat with the commentators and hyped up King Booker, saying he is fighting at his best right now and will win the Royal Rumble. JBL added in how great Booker has been lately. Finlay and Booker battled each other back and forth with vicious assaults. Booker scored a major kick to Finlay's face, bringing him down. After several elbow drops, Finlay managed to get to his feet and whipped Booker into the corner of the ring, then followed up with a arm to Booker's back. As they continued to fight, Little Bastard came out from under the ring and began to chase Queen Sharmelle outside around the ring. Sharmelle stood near the ring apron after Little Bastard disappeared. All of a sudden, Little Bastard appeared under the ring near Sharmelle's legs. The little man began to pull Sharmell under the ring. As Sharmelle screamed, Booker came out to help her. He began to pull Sharmell out from under the ring, bringing Little Bastard with her. Booker grabbed Little Bastard, but then Finlay came out to knock down Booker. As they continued to fight, the ref came out to get them all back into the ring, but Finlay tossed the ref down. A DQ called on Finlay, Booker awarded the match.

Kendrick/London/Ashley vs MNM & Melina - A mixed tag match involving the current Smackdown tag champs vs a pair of ex-champs in MNM. Also tagging up were Ashley and Melina for their respective teams. MNM used some early cheap tactics to gain an advantage in the match. As Nitro went to toss London out of the ring, London landed on the outside part of the ring and started to flip into the ring. Mercury ran over to grab his leg, but London kicked Mercury down. As London flipped over the ropes towards Nitro, Melina was able to kick London in the back. Ashley stormed around the ring to go confront Melina, but Nitro scared Ashley away. As Kendrick managed to get into the ring and started to perform high flight assaults on both of MNM, Melina came in to try to stop him, but just then Ashley speared Melina into the corner and began to attack her on the mat. The two divas fought and rolled around the ring as MNM battled with Kendrick/London out of the ring. London got back into the ring and the ref attempted to clear the ring of Melina. With the ref distracted and London out of the ring, Mercury and Nitro performed their finisher on Kendrick and scored a pin. MNM picks up a win right before their huge match vs the Hardyz at Royal Rumble..

Mr. Kennedy in ring discussed how he defeated the Undertaker last week on Smackdown, again..Kennedy said after Royal Rumble, he will walk out having defeated Batista, again. Kennedy said he is the fastest rising sports star in the history of WWE, after defeating 6 world champions in his career. Kennedy says hes proven he has the physical ability and mental tools necessary to win, and this Sunday will be his crowning achievement when the new heavyweight champion of the world will be "Mr----". Just then Batista's music came on and Batista entered the arena, and then ring. Batista in ring with mic, challenged Kennedy to slap him again like last week. As he tried to get Kennedy to hit him, Undertaker's bell tolled and the arena lights went dark. Undertaker appeared in the ring behind Kennedy. As Kennedy turned and Undertaker ran at him with his boot raised, Kennedy ducked. Undertaker's boot struck Batista in the face knocking him down, as Kennedy escaped from the ring. Undertaker went out, but Kennedy took off up the ramp. Batista stood in the ring holding his jaw and looking out at Taker.

Michael Cole spoke to Vladimir Kozlov about when he will choose which brand he wants to compete for Smackdown, RAW or ECW. Kozlov said he is still in negotiations, and knows he can elimiate all the men in the Royal Rumble, but he will be happy to just watch because he loves Doubel Doubl E.

Teddy Long seen on the phone in the back office. Kristal entered and asked Teddy how she's doing lately. Kristal did a spin in front of Teddy and he told her shes doing fine lately. Kristal thanked Teddy then left. A knock at the door and Vickie Guerero entered. She said she wanted to talk but sees Teddy has been busy. Vickie left the office.

Kane vs MVP - MVP entered the match with great hesitancy as Kane smirked in the ring. Kane took the assault to MVP early on, causing screams of pain as Kane attacked the back of MVP. Kane dominated the match early with vicious assaults and submission holds. Kane ripped off MVP's top to reveal the bandaged back of MVP. Kane continued the attack keeping MVP down on the mat. MVP writhed around the ring in pain as Kane continued the kicks, slams, and slaps to MVP. MVP rolled out of the ring and started to walk away up the ramp. Kane followed and tracked down MVP, bringing him back to the ring. Back in the ring MVP managed to turn the match around battled back against Kane, forcing him into the corner. MVP started punching and assaulting Kane with choke holds and forearms to the face. Kane down on the mat, as MVP kicked him and stood on him, then dropkicked Kane out of the ring. As MVP went out of the ring, Kane gave a right hand chop to MVP. Kane went to whip MVP into the steps, but MVP reversed it and threw Kane into the steel steps. As the 2 got back into the ring, Kane gave a righthand punch knocking MVP down, then a barrage of kicks and punches. Kane sideslammed MVP down on his injured back. Kane then took to the top ropes and jumped down to punch MVP.
MVP managed to get out of the ring but stood on the apron, back to Kane. Kane then drop kicked MVP to the ground. Kane got out of the ring and slapped a choke hold on MVP near the announcer's table. MVP managed to break out and grabbed a steel chair. MVP smacked Kane with the chair then got him back in the ring and began to assault Kane, smacking him over the head with the chair. With Kane lying on the mat, MVP went to the outside of the ring and retrieved a gasoline cannister from under the ring. MVP brought the cannister into the ring ready to dowse Kane with gasoline, but Kane sat up. Kane stood up and knocked MVP down, then grabbed teh cannister. As he approached, MVP rolled out of the ring and escaped. Kane wins match by DQ and the 2 will see each other in the next match, Main Event over the top battle royal..

The main event, 6 Man Over the Top Battle Royal
- All 6 competitors started in the ring, Miz, Kane, Benoit, Finlay, and King Booker. MVP was hanging outside the ring and Kane went out to get him before the bell. Kane chased MVP into the ring. MVP then stood with his back to Benoit, he turned to see Benoit as Kane climbed in behind MVP. The bell rang and all the competitors began to fight. During the match, Cole and JBL discussed the Royal Rumble adn the fact that no wrestler who has drawn the #30 in the Rumble has won. Little Bastard came out from under the ring and gave a shalalee to Finlay. Finlay then smashed the shalalee across Kane's back as Kane was trying to beat up MVP in a corner. Kane thrown out of the ring and eliminated from the ring. Benoit and Booker both went out of the ring but not over top..The 2 fought outside the ring. MVP and Finlay started to beat up Miz in a corner of the ring, but eventually Miz and MVP turned on Finlay in an attempt to eliminate him. Booker came back into the ring as did Benoit. Miz had Finlay up and attempted to eliminate him but Finlay countered and managed to stay in the ring. MVP had Finlay up on the top rope and Miz came over to help but Finlay managed to fall onto the side apron and roll back into the ring. Miz eliminated from the ring. Just then Undertaker's music came on and the arena went dark. Undertaker standing in ring as the lights came back on. Undertaker began to take it to each of the remaining 4 men in the ring. Undertaker knocked down Benoit, then took it to MVP. Booker came over for an attack kick on Undertaker, but Taker avoided it then choke slammed Booker. MVP came at Undertaker and then also got choke slammed. Taker then grabbed Finlay and performed a tombstone piledriver. Miz came back in ring and hit Undertaker once from behind but Taker turned and choke slammed Miz, then delivered a last ride. Undertaker cleared the ring of all competitors, as Smackdown left the air..

The Royal Rumble should prove interesting after both ring-clearing events on RAW and Smackdown this past week..Will Undertaker take it? Or will another man from the RAW, Smackdown or EVW roster??

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