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A Dedicated Fan Meets RKO

Business as Usual, a friend of the WWE Fanatics Myspace, recently attended an autograph session and got to meet Rated is the very interesting story, to give some idea of what RKO may be like in person..

"Ok. I just came from a rarety. I went to an autograph signing featuring Rated RKO! This is rare because Edge and Randy DON'T DO signings. Edge is rare, and Randy is a never. Wrestlers of some importance have a choice if they wanna do signings or not, sure it will hurt u if you say no, but they do have a choice.

I promised people that it was gonna be a packed mall for these two, and they people of CT and NY did not break my word. Let me try and explain this. If you're familiar with the Milford Mall, you'll understand perfectly. Rated RKO was suppose to be in the center area of the mall. There was a line to buy tickets. That line went from the center stage area to at least the little convience store (about 30 yds away). So you stand in that long line...JUST to get to the line for the actual autographs! That line went from the center stage to the entrance of FYE (about 60-70 yds away). Then it grew as time went by. It was scheduled to be from 6-8pm. They arrived about a half hour late.

I have two big news. Rated RKO is the first, and here's the second. I've told a few people about how I am Soo busy due to me starting my own business. Those people have been asking me if this would interfere with my dream and plans of becoming a wreslter. I said no, but wasn't really sure how much it would affect it. While in line I was approached by two guys. They asked me if I was interested in becoming a pro wrestler. They gave me a flyer and told me about this wrestling school in Bridgeport, CT (about a half hour highway drive). It is ran by 14x World Wrestling Champion, Paul Roma. You gotta be careful with wrestling schools ran by successful former wrestlers, the school may be more about them than about you and your development. I'll definetly give him a call.

Back to Rated RKO. Size. Edge and Randy are tall guys with alittle bit of size. They're not Batista, but have some size to them. Attitude. Edge was very nice. He talked to people and gave big smiles. Randy had a f*ckin attitude. Maybe because he knew they were gonna go overtime, maybe because he really is the "bad guy" backstage news tells us. Randy had this look on his face, like he didn't wanna be there, like he couldn't wait to get outa there.

Of course it was extremely rushed. I paid for an autographed pic with both. I stood behind them and waited. They were signing things so I looked down and watched until they noticed me and we could greet. I look up......and see a flash!! I wasn't even ready!! I look wierd in the pic. $40 down the drain? Maybe. It'll be up soon. I'm greatful just to be able to meet the two. I am even more greatful just to be there, because if I wasn't, I wouldn't have been introduced to my possible future wrestling school."

You can read about Business as Usual's other superstar meetings with Trish Stratus, Carlito and the Hardyz here:

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Blogger Jenni said...

Randy Orton did an autograph signing in St. Louis back on January 6th. He was super nice the whole time I was there. There were about 800-900 people in line, but my friends and I were in the first 50. The people in charge of the signing were telling everyone that there would be only one autograph allowed per person, and no posing for pics with him, but Randy told them that since we had been in line for so long (the first people go there at 2am for a signing that started at 4pm!) he would sign anything the first 50 people wanted and would pose for pictures, after that they would limit it to one per person and no photos. He was supe sweet and super nice. A friend of mine has a slight disability and had a hard time getting up the step to get to the stage they had him set up on. When he noticed this, he offered to come down to her to sign her promo photo, but with the help of one of the security guys and myself, she got up on the stage. Randy was hugging anyone that wanted a hug and posing for all the pics we wanted. He was smiling and happy the whole time. I could be because his fiancee was there with him and he was in his home town, but he was one of the nicest superstars I've met so far.

January 29, 2007 at 12:46 AM  

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