Monday, January 29, 2007

RAW Recap 1.29.07 - Possible Spoilers

Monday Night RAW opened with DX's music and HBK arrived to the arena, fresh off his "runner up" spot in the Royal Rumble. Michaels in ring spoke on the mic and said the "Showstopper" is back and he plans to be a champion at Wrestlemania. Michaels said Undertaker won the Rumble and gets a choice of which title he wants to compete for, but he's yet to choose. HBK said tonight he's throwing his hat in the ring as far as competing for Cena's WWE Title. Just then Cena's music came on and Cena came down the ramp to the ring, still a bit battered from his match with Umaga. As Cena told HBK he liked the idea of the match with them competing at Wrestlemania, Edge arrived to the ramp, mic in hand. Edge told Cena that match wouldn't happen between him and Michaels. Edge told HBK he was right that Michaels would have that close but no cigar feeling after the Rumble. Edge said he's beaten Cena many times and the WWE title match should be his again at Wrestlemania. Just then Randy Orton's music came on as Orton came to the ramp next to Edge, staring him down. Orton said it's every man for himself when it comes to the WWE title just like the Royal Rumble. Orton pointed out Edge has had plenty of opportunities to win the title. As Edge and Orton started arguing, Cena shouted for them to stop yapping and come down to the ring for an ass-whipping by Cena and HBK. As Edge and Orton approached, Vince came onto the Jumbotron yelling for RKO to stop. Vince said the audience doesn't want to see this, and Vince tells the audience what they want. Vince said tonight is "Mr McMahon Fan Appreciation Night". Mr McMmahon said tonight Rated RKO will put their titles on the line vs HBK and Cena, in honor of the fans.

Cryme Time vs World's Greatest Tag Team
- Shad and JTG continued to try to collect wins in the ring. Haas & Benjamin focused on an early injury to the taller Shad's knee to keep him down and away from a tag to his partner. Bemjamin put a half Boston Crab on Shad to attempt to get him to submit. The crowd began to clap to support Cryme Time. Shad eventually kicked and climbed his way to his partner's corner and made the tag. JTG entered the ring and began to take down Benjamin and Haas. Shad then came back in the ring and went to toss Benjamin out. Benjamin hung on the ropes and then flipped himself up to grab Shad in a scissor leg lock. Benjamin tossed Shad over the ropes. Haas and Benjamin took care of KTG and knocked him out with the refs back turned. World's Greatest Tag Team wins by pinfall.

Mr McMahon seen backstage telling Melina sometimes she just needs to go for it. Melina thanked Vince for the tip and hugged him, then left. Coach entered and told Vince everything is ready for appreciation night. Vince said after tonight fans will remember him like Mother Theresa and Gandhi. Vince then sent Coach away to make sure everything was set.

Melina came down to the ring and took the mic. Melina said shes taking Vince's advice to seize an opportunity. She said this will be a 1st Contender's match for the Women's title. Maria then entered the arena and ring as Melina smirked at her competitor. Maria was on the offensive early on taking it to Melina with punches and takedown moves. Melina quickly managed to turn things around and grabbed Maria's hair to knock Maria to the mat. Melina then began to attack Maria in the corner with kicks and chokes. Melina put an interesting submission hold on Maria and got her to tap out, winning the match.

Todd Grisham stopped Shawn Michaels backstage for an interview. Grisham brought up RKO beating up HBK last time they met. Grisham asked HBK how he felt his and Cena's chemistry would be in their tag match. HBK told Grisham all due respect to Cena, he's no Triple H.

Super Crazy backstage telling Mickie James he is Super and Crazy, just like Mickie James once was. Just then Melina entered telling Mickie James she would take her title. Melina called Super Crazy a name and he proceeded to take Mickie James arm and slap Melina across the face. Melina jumped on Mickie and they began fighting, as wrestlers rushed in to break them up.

Edge seen in lockerroom talking to Cade and Murdoch who were questioning how Orton could say he was any better than Edge. Cade/Murdoch continued to trash talk, but Edge told them to hold up, because there's no better partner than Randy Orton out there. Edge said when they are on the same page, nobody can take their titles from them.

Umaga vs Val Venis - Umaga entered looking upset after last night's loss to Cena. Umaga's neck visibly bruised from Cena using the ring rope to choke Umaga out last night. Umaga made quick work of Venis, taking him down to the mat with heavy chops and bodyslams. Umaga hung Venis up in the corner and began to beat him. Umaga ran at Venis with a flying hip and eventually knocked Venis to a sitting position in the corner. Venis sat stunned in the corner as Umaga ran at him then used his hips to snap Val Venis' head in the corner. Umaga pulled Venis to his feet then took a thumb to Venis' throat, knocking Val down. Umaga wins by pinfall. As Umaga was leaving via the ramp, Mr McMahon's music came on, and McMahon began to walk down the ring, passing Umaga who stared the CEO down.

Vince's Fan Appreciation Spectacle
RAW returned from commercial with Vince in ring wearing a cowboy hat, talking in Texas slang to the crowd in Texas. Vince began berating those who wear cowboy hats. Vince then dropped his cowboy hat to the ring and stomped on it several times. Vince said tonight he presents "Fan Appreciation Night" to give back to the little people. Vince said he had 2 words for the fans, "Thank You", since the fans have made him a billionaire. Vince said he wanted to give everyone a material gift, but he would give just one member of the crowd a special gift. Vince asked for a volunteer to get in the ring. Vince selected a girl in a short dress and white sweater. Vince told her shes probably nervous standing next to him. Vince asked for a drumroll to present his gift to the fans. Vince pulled the cover off the item he had in ring, a giant display of the Muscle & Fitness cover featuring Vince. Vince told the girl she would get this after the show was over. Vince told the fans about giving. As Vince carried on, Donald Trump appeared on the Jumbotron telling Vince his fans don't want what Vince is trying to give them. Trump said he knows what everyone wants, Money! Just then Trump said he had buckets of money above the audience, and tons of cash began to rain down on the crowd. Vince said it couldn't be true and had to be fake $. Sure enough the camera captured fans holding $20's and $100's. Vince was outraged by Trump's act of giving and began to stomp up the ramp angrily. Fans now see why it "pays" to attend the live shows..

Coach found Vince walking backstage to his limo. Coach said he tried to collect as much money as he could find out among the crowd. Coach handed money to Vince and said he put $10 of his own money in as well. Vince grabbed the fistful of cash and got in his limo, leaving angry.

Carlito w/Torrie Wilson & Super Crazy vs. Chris Masters & Kenny
- Competitors from last night's Rumble compete in a tag match. As Super Crazy knocked the 2 opponents out of the ring, they got back to their feet just in time for Carlito and Super Crazy to jump on them over the top ropes. Dykstra and Masters collected themselves and got back into the ring. Kenny able to turn the tide and double team Super Crazy in the corner and middle of the ring. Masters and Kenny with a double suplex on Super Crazy, continuing to take advantage of a beatdown in the ring. Carlito watched as Super Crazy continued to suffer attacks at the hands of the opponents. Carlito finally got into the match via tag, and managed to jump out of a military press, then slammed Masters to the mat, scoring the pinfall. Carlito and Super Crazy with the win!

Randy Orton backstage with Todd Grisham. Grisham told Orton its obvious there's a lot of tension between he and Edge. Grisham asked how he would put this aside in tonights title match. Grisham asked how Orton and Edge can possibly put their differences aside to defend their titles tonight vs HBK and Cena? Orton said he looks forward to tonight's match and thanks for the interview.

Jeff Hardy vs The Great Khali - Intercontinental Title on the line as Hardy faced his toughest and tallest competitor yet. Great Khali fresh off his impressive Royal Rumble entry last night, where he eliminated many competitors to clear the ring. Jeff Hardy off his victory with his brother Matt in their tag match vs MNM last night. Khali grabbed the IC title and held it high above Hardy's face, then withstood several running attacks from Khali. Khali proceeded to throw Hardy over the top rope, then pulled him back in and began the assault on Hardy. Khali tossed Hardy around the ring and continued to punch him knocking him to the mat. Jim Ross said Hardy's IC title was definitely on the line here unless Hardy pulls off a miracle. Hardy had few moments where he was on the attack, and got clotheslined down quickly. Jeff tried a whisper in the wind, Khali dodged it, but somehow Hardy hit Khali's head causing a bit of pain. Khali sat Hardy on the top rope and chopped him down. Hardy fell out of the ring and layed unconscious. Khali stood in the ring arms raised. The ref counted to 10, as Khali raised his arms in victory. Great Khali wins via countout, but the title stays with Jeff Hardy.

Vladimir Kozlov at ringside again being interviewed. Kozlov asked what his thoughts were on the Royal Rumble. He said he wasn't too impressed and can throw any of those guys over the ropes. Kozlov said he loves Double Double E and began speaking in a bunch of Russian, as the crowd booed.

Ric Flair was backstage to wish Cena good luck, and said the idea of him vs HBK sounds great. Flair told Cena he knows Michaels wants the title badly. Flair left as Cena had a puzzled look on his face about Flair's comments.

Main Event - John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Rated RKO - Tag Team title match
A back and forth match early on with Michaels and Cena working better together than the tag champs. Eventually with Cena battling Orton in the ring, Edge got on the side apron. Cena jumped off Orton who attempted to bodyslam him and then shoved Orton against the ropes, knocking edge to the floor. Edge began to walk away up the ramp away from Orton, who was yelling at Edge to return. Edge eventually returned to the ring as RAW returned from the ramp. Cena and Michaels took control of the match as all men began to battle in the ring. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music but Orton ducked and dropkicked Michaels. Cena managed to land the F-U on Orton and scored a pinfall..Michaels and Cena win the tag team titles!

As the crowd erupted in celebration, Cena rushed up to Michaels yelling with his title "is this what its all about??! Is this what you want?" Michaels and Cena staring at each other as the Undertaker's music and bells began to sound, and the arena went dark. Undertaker rose up from the top ramp with flames and smoke. Undertaker began to stare at Cena from the top of the ramp as RAW left the air..JR yelled it appears Undertaker has decided to go for Cena's title!


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