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Smackdown Recap 2.2.07

Smackdown kicked off with a recap of the Undertaker's Royal Rumble victory and then Taker's appearances on RAW and ECW this past week to confront the various champs. It was announced that on tonight's show, Batista is asking for an answer from the Undertaker regarding the title.

Finlay vs Chris Benoit - US Championship match - Both competitors got to the ring and then the announcer announced each while the US belt was put on display. The match started with technical holds until Benoit just slapped Finlay in the face. The two wrestlers eventually took it to the outside, where Finlay gained control throwing Benoit into the steps, injuring Benoit's left knee. Finlay then continued to work on the hurt knee of Benoit in ring, stepping on it and slamming Benoit's knee into the corner post and mat. Finlay then used the ropes to wrap Benoit's knee up and kick it. Finlay slapped a Boston crab style submission on Benoit's knee. Benoit restrained himself from tapping out and managed to get to the ropes to have the ref break the hold. Finlay continued with his strategy and Benoit was barely able to stand on his own but managed to get in some slaps to the chest of Finlay. Finlay tried to run against the ropes but Benoit countered. Benoit went to suplex Finlay but the leg wouldn't hold and Benoit fell to the mat holding his leg in pain. Finally Benoit was able to get to his feet and land 4 German Suplexes on Finlay. Benoit, with Finlay on the mat, climbed to the top rope to land "Air Benoit" but Finlay rolled out of the way. Finlay tried to pin, but only got a 2. At one point Little Bastard was under the ring and was trying to get out. Finlay kept tryng to pull him out from under the ring but for some reason Little Bastard was being pulled back under. Soon, Boogeyman's music came on and Little Bastard crawled frantically out from under the ring as Boogeyman followed him out and grabbed him. Boogeyman began walking up the ramp with Little Bastard, and Finlay was distracted by the events. Benoit rolled up Finlay to score the pin and retain his title. After the match, Boogeyman released Little Bastard and Finlay chased Little Bastard back under the ring..

Kristal backstage with Vickie Guerrero for a special interview. Kristal asked Vickie how her neck is now that the brace is off. Vickie said so much better now, but that Teddy Long has made conditions on Smackdown so unsafe. Despite all this, Vickie says a new opportunity has caught her eye that will be successful in the New Year. Vickie said she will still be a part of WWE, then wished Kristal good luck tonight and hugged her.

Kendrick/London vs Deuce & Domino
- The longest reigning champs arrived to the ring with Diva manager Ashley. Then Deuce & Domino were seen backstage saying its time to go. Deuce picked Cherry up over his shoulder and they all got in their 50's convertible to head to the ring. The newcomers were impressive in their doubleteaming of the usually high flying Kendrick London. Keeping London in the ring for most of the match they continued to pound away on him and prevent him from making any move or tag to his partner. When he finally managed to get there, Kendrick came in and began to fly around the ring throwing punches at Domino. Deuce stepped into the ring to interfere. London then re-entered and went to clothesline Deuce over the ropes, but Deuce threw London out instead. Kendrick went to do his finisher but missed and then flipped over Domino. He grabbed Domino again, but didnt see Deuce run up behind and hit him. Domino then held Kendrick on the match in a seated position, as Deuce ran against the ropes and kicked Kendrick in the face knocking him out. Deuce & Domino scored a pinfall win in the non-title match as Cherry cheered them on. Ashley attended to London outside the ring and angrily scowled at the 50's tag team as they left the arena celebrating. During the match, it was announced there would be a swimsuit competition tonight hosted by JBL involving Ashley, Kristal and Jillian.

Teddy Long backstage in his office as Batista enters. Batista asks Teddy if he's heard any decision from Undertaker yet. Teddy said hasn't heard anything yet but will let him know. Batista said no disrespect to Undertaker, but he needs to know tonight.

King Booker receives the key to the city from the Royal order of Houstonians -
King Booker seated on a throne in the ring with 3 guys in business suits at a podium. One man said it is a great honor to present King Booker a key to their fair city. A large Golden Key was shown in a special red box and presented to Booker. Queen Sharmelle then proclaimed "All Hail King Booker" many times as he put the key around his neck and looked at it. Booker took the microphone and spoke. Booker thanked all his loyal subjects and took out a statement to read. King Booker said its about time he received this key, because what outer Houstonian has achieved what Booker has? Cronkite, Patrick Swayze and the Houston Rockets were mentioned amongst other Houstonians who fail in comparison to the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time champion Booker who defeated Cena and Big Show in the same match. Booker told the 3 men in the ring to bow down and kiss Booker's ring. 1 man did willingly, the next man tried to reject it, but Booker pushed the man's face into the ring. The 3rd man then quickly bowed down and kissed the ring in fear. Booker then announced Hall of Famer Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top was in the crowd. Booker walked up to Gibbons in the crowd and told him to show his respect now by kissing his ring or foot. Gibbons refused and Booker walked back into the ring saying this is what he means by people lacking respect. Just then an explosion went off and Kane's music came on. Kane came down to the ring and scared off the 3 men in the ring in business suits after choke slamming one. Kane then got into it with Booker and knocked him over the top ropes to end the ceremony abruptly.

Mr. Kennedy vs Vito -
The commentators noted how Kennedy almost had Batista beat, but Batista managed to hold on and win. Vito started the match off early taking it to Kennedy. Kennedy stripped Vito of his dress and tossed it out the ring, then began taking out his frustrations on Vito. Kennedy eventually got Vito up on his shoulder in the corner and climbed the ropes. Kennedy flipped off the top rope slamming Vito down. Mr Kennedy scored the pin, then retrieved Vito's dress from outside the ring and began to choke Vito with it. After Vito lay unconscious on the mat, Kennedy grabbed the mic from the ceiling and got in Vito's face headbutting him as Vito lay motionless & announcing he is "Mr Kennedy"!

3 way Bikini Match - Jillian vs Ashley vs Kristal - Kristal and Ashley both revealed hot bikinis to the delight of the audience and strutted to their music. Jillian removed her robe to show a pair of shorts and a tee shirt instead of a swimsuit. JBL looked shocked as Jillian took the mic and said her talent is singing not strutting around the ring in a bikini like a tramp. JBL said Jillian could sing but the crowd still gets final vote on contest winner. Jillian sang a tone-deaf version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby 1 More Time until JBL took the mic and told her it sounded like Barbaro the horse being euthanized. The crowd then cheered to vote for Ashley, contest winner. Jillian grabbed the mic angrily saying that all Ashley did was strip to a bikini. Ashley had heard enough and took Jillian down and began hitting her, then stripped Jillian of her clothes revealing her bra and panties. Jillian rolled out of the ring and backed away up the ramp covering herself.

Teddy Long backstage with Mr. Kennedy in his face. Kennedy told Teddy Long he beat Batista for more than a 3 count but the ref didnt count it. Kenendy demanded a rematch with Batista for the title and said he isn't afraid to go to the top if Teddy wouldn't grant his request. Teddy told Mr Kennedy not to threaten him like that. Teddy said if Kennedy wants to go to the top, next week it will be Mr. Kennedy vs Batista in a rematch for the title on Smackdown. Kennedy said good because if Undertaker chooses the title from Smackdown, it will be Kennedy wearing it at Wrestlemania.

Miz vs Matt Hardy - A back and forth matchup between the 2 superstars in which Miz looked somewhat impressive in his attempt vs Hardy. Miz landed Hardy out of the ring at one point, but Hardy managed to get back in and build momentum. Hardy did a standing elbow track off the top ropes onto Miz, then a Side Effect. Miz kicked out after 2 1/2 count. Miz threw Hardy to the corner then got elbowed in the face by Hardy as he ran at him. Miz got Hardy wrapped in the ropes. With the ref not looking Joey Mercury appeared near the side of the ring from the crowd and hit Matt Hardy in the face with his mask. Hardy fell back into the ring to the mat. Miz then performed the "Mizard of Oz" on the already unconscious Matt Hardy and scored a pinfall to win the match.

Batista seen walking with his title backstage on way to the ring.

Batista showed up the ring and began speculating on how he's dreamt of putting his title on the line vs Undertaker, who is 14-0 at Wrestlemania. Batista said he needs an answer as to if the Undertaker wants to go for his title at the big event. Just then, John Cena's music came on, and Cena entered the arena, then ring. Cena with the mic says he's there for the same reason, because he wants to see what Undertaker wants. Cena says he needs to know now because if Taker is coming for him, he needs time to prepare. Just then the arena went dark, and Taker's music came on. Undertaker came down and entered the ring and stared down both Cena and Batista. As Taker stared at Batista, the DX theme music came on and Shawn Michaels came out and to the ring. Michaels said the Rumble was great and Undertaker did win, but that didnt prove who the better wrestler was. HBK told Taker he was challenging him for this contender spot, in a match that would decide who is better. Before Undertaker could even respond, Vince McMahon's music came on and Vince came to the ring. Vince said that the men in the ring do not decide what the fans want, but Vince does. Vince said he will set a match for the No Way Out Pay Per View and it will feature Shawn Michaels and John Cena in a tag match vs Undertaker and Batista. Vince said there will be "No Way Out". Smackdown left the air with the 4 men standing in the ring, stunned.

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