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Raw Recap 1.22.07

Raw from Louisiana opened to the theme music of DX as Shawn Michaels appeared. HBK entered the ring and talked about how he faced overwhelming odds vs RKO but overcame the odds. Michaels said he now feels he can win the Royal Rumble as well. Just then Edge's music came on as Edge came to the top of the ramp. Edge told Michaels Edge would be the winner of the Royal Rumble. Michaels called Edge a "gutless coward" and told Edge to get in the ring so HBK could tear him apart. As Edge ripped off his shirt and ran to the ring, HBK met him outside the ring. Edge and HBK began furiously fighting and it spilled into the crowd. As RAW hit a commercial break, security and WWE officials worked to pull apart the 2 wrestlers.

RAW returned form commercial to find HBK and Edge still fighting backstage, knocking over all sorts of metal pipes and fixtures. Refs and officials attempted to separate the 2 as Coach began screaming to get them apart. Eventually both were taken to their respective locker rooms.

Jeff Hardy vs Joey Mercury (w/Melina and Nitro) A Smackdown vs Raw challenge match
stemming from the recent grudge between Mercury and the Hardy's. As the match began, Hardy jumped the top ropes onto MNM. As Hardy took it to Mercury in the ring, Mercury eventually countered to knock Hardy out of ring with Nitro. Nitro began assaulting Hardy and then started to remove the protective mat on the concrete. THe ref jumped outside the ring and told Nitro and Melina they needed to leave the ring and go back to the locker room. Angrily, Nitro/Melina left ringside. Hardy was able to focus on beating up Mercury and eventually connected a sideslam. Somehow Mercury hit his face and was clutching at his mask, as Hardy scored a pin to win the match. Hardy escaped the ring as Melina and Nitro rushed to Mercury's aid.

Vince in back seen talking to Coach. Coach informs Vince that Edge and Michaels are now in their lockerrooms. Coach asked Vince what he would do in this situation. VInce said he would hold a "street fight" match in that very r ing, tonight. Vince t hen tells COach he needs to head to the ring to make an announcement.

In the ring, Vince was accompanied by Coach. Vince told the fans he had a response letter for Donald Trump. Vince began talking about how now that the Rosie Trump beef has simmered down, the ratings on the View are low again. Vince said The Apprentice ratings need help too. Vince suggested Trump have Vince as a guest on the show. As the fans jeered McMahon, he told them he wanted to show his love for them, even though they make it tough. Vince said next week he would show the fans his love. Just then John Cena entered the arena to the cheers of fans. Cena took the mic and t old McMahon he doesn't love the fans or really even listen to them. Cena said nobody cares about Vince kissing Trump's ass. Coach began to intervene to explain how Vince doesn't care that Trump has more money than him..Vince took exception to this and Cena's comments/interruption. Vince told Cena he would face Johnathan Coachman in a tune up match for the Rumble. Coach was shocked.

Super Crazy vs Chris Masters - Super Crazy managed to pull off the victory with a quick pin on Masters. Masters was stunned by it, and this obviously will carry over to the Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

Coach backstage attempted to kiss Mr McMahon's ass so he could get out of tonight's match with John Cena. Vince wasn't having it and told Coach the match would stand.

Maria interview with Kenny Dykstra. Kenny informed Maria he would be the youngest guy to win the Rumble, the youngest in a main event match at Wrestlemania and the youngest to win a title. Dykstra said he'd show how great he is later in a match with Carlito, because 2007 is the Year of Kenny Dykstra.

HBK seen backstage taping himself up for the street fight match. Edge then seen in lockerroom. Randy Orton entered, with a beaten up, bruised face. Orton was not happy with Edge who said he was surprised to see Orton tonight.

Cena vs Johnathan Coachman - The tuneup match made by Mr McMahon. Cena entered to hysteria from the crowd. Coach then entered to boos from the fans in Louisiana, with a mic in his hand. Coach said he can't change the match, but since Vince has left Coach would schedule another match for Cena first. In this match, Coach would send random superstars to the ring to attempt to throw Cena out of the ring. Coach siad once Cena gets thrown over the top, then Coach will fihgt in his match against Cena.

1st up, Cade and Murdoch entered teh ring to start the assault on John Cena. As the 2 continued to beat down Cena, Cena eventually countered and got out of the ring corner. Cena took down Cade and Murdoch. Cena then picked up Murdoch and F-U'd him out of the ring. Cena hit the You Cant See Me on Cade. before Cena could get rid of Cade, Coach sent Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and then Viscera down to work on Cena. After Cena was held down, Viscera performed a body drop slam on Cena. The Great Khali came into the ring next but Khali began to beat up Benjamin, Haas and Cade. Khali tossed out Benjamin and Haas followed by Cade. Viscera then began to attack Khali. Khali landed a kick to Visceras face after Viscera ran against the ropes. Khali tossed out Viscera. As Khali stood with his back to Cena, Cena got on the top rope. Cena attempted to jump into Khali from the rope, but Cena just bounced right off Khali, who stood in the ring. Khali then clotheslined Cena and tossed him out of the ring. Khali continued to beat up Cena afterwards both in and out of ring. Coach then ran to the ring to get a quick pin on Cena, but Cena kicked out after 2. Cena stood and began facing Coach angrily. Just then Umaga and Armando Estrada appeared. Umaga slammed Cena down and then repeatedly assaulted him. Coach and Armando brought a table into the ring and set it up. Cena was placed onto the table and held down by Coach and Armando. Umaga then jumped from the top rope onto Cena, smashing him through the table. Cena layed battered in the ring as refs and officials entered to help him.

RAW returned from commercial as officials and medical staff assisted a battered John out of the ring and up the ramp. JR said he's never seen Cena in this state before. The crowd cheered as Cena was helped to walk back to the locker room. JR said they would update Cena's condition later on and not sure if he would be ready to compete vs Umaga this Sunday.

Diva Tag Match - Candice & Mickie James vs Victoria and Melina - Candice Michelle returned to the ring after re-constructive surgery on her nose (from a kick to the face Victoria had given her). Victoria's tag partner, Mickie James, the women's champ. The 2 faced off against Divas Melina and Victoria. Melina started off against Mickie. Eventually, Melina and Victoria double-teamed Mickie after the ref turned to stop Victoria. Candice ran in to the ring to stop a 3 count attempt by Melina. Mickie eventually able to escape to tag Candice. Candice cleared Melina out of the ring and fought with Victoria. Mickie and Candice were able to double-team Victoria in the ring and throw her d own. Mickie then flew onto Melina outside of the ring, as Candice scored a move off the top ropes to knock out Victoria. Candice scores the pin and 3 count victory.

Kenny Dykstra vs Carlito (with Torrie Wilson)
- Carlito took it to Dykstra early by tossing him around the ring and clotheslining him many times. Dykstra avoided Carlito running into him in the corner and slammed Carlito down to take control of the match. Carlito began to use high flying moves off the ropes and drop kicks to take down Kenny, gaining momentum. Kenny and Carlito reverse rolled each other for pins, but Kenny grabbed Carlito's tights to score a 3 count victory.

Main Event Match - Street Fight, Shawn Michaels vs Edge Edge and Michaels began using every weapon from under and around the ring including the steel steps, chairs, trash cans and a ladder. At one point with Michaels down, Edge suplexed the ladder off the top ropes onto HBK. Edge then set the ladder laying across the two steel steps inside the ring. Edge and Michaels battled on the rope, HBK eventually tossed Edge abs first onto the ladder. Michaels then did a flying elbow drop off the ropes onto Edge. HBK then began to prepare for the sweet chin music. HBK went for the kick but Edge ducked and was able to slam HBK down. As the 2 fought more in the ring, Michaels used the chair on Edge. Just then, Randy Orton appeared in the ring behind HBK and landed the RKO on Michaels. When Edge came to he was able to score a 3 count with Orton looking on. Orton seemed to be ready to congratulate Edge as he stood up, but instead Orton tossed Edge out over the top ropes. What followed was several superstars running down to the ring such as Kenny Dykstra and Carlito as HBK drop kicked them and tossed them out of the ring.

With the Royal Rumble less than a week away, the action is just picking up!

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