Thursday, February 15, 2007

WWE Raw Recap 2.15.07

Note: power was out for the first half of RAW here, but here is a recap of the second half including the mega main event 8 man tag as well as the recap of the Trump news...(from Portland, Oregon)

Trump challenged Vince to a match earlier in the night for Wrestlemania. Vince told Trump he sustained injuries during his last match with DX and that doctors told him he can't wrestle anymore with the injuries he has. Trump proposed a different match. He said they each pick a representative for the match. Whoever's rep wins the match at Wrestlemania, the winner gets to shave the other billionaire's head. So either Vince or Trump will be bald after Wrestlemania. Vince agreed to the stipulations and strutted off backstage.

Roddy Piper came to the ring. Roddy introuduced to the crowd, Dustin Rhodes, the American Dream, who came out to an ovation. Rhodes on the mic said how great it was to be in the presence of this hometown crowd for Roddy Piper. Just then, Umaga and Alejandro Estrada entered the arena and ring. Piper tried to reason with Umaga, and Piper left the ring. Umaga looking on as Dustin Rhodes came at him from behind with a series of punches. Umaga turned as Rhodes tried to throw punches at him, Umaga countered then struck Rhodes in the throat with his thumb, bringing Rhodes down. Umaga brought Rhodes to the corner and sat him there, then began to punch him. Umaga then walked to other side of ring and ran at Rhodes snapping his head/neck back. Piper entered the ring with a steel chair and smacked it across the back of Umaga. Umaga, un-phased by the move turned to face Piper. Piper went to punch, but Umaga countered and brought Piper down with a thumb to the throat as well. Rhodes got back up, and Umaga grabbed him around the neck with 1 hand. Umaga then took his thumb and jabbed it into throat of Rhodes. RAW headed to commercial with Piper and Rhodes fallen in the ring.

Ric Flair vs Carlito - Carlito challenged Flair earlier in the night after last week's comments Flair made about Carlito's lack of drive/intensity in the WWE. A back and forth matchup, with Carlito in charge to start the match off. Eventually Flaire recovered and took over for the second half of the match. Flair able to come out of the corner ropes and cradle Carlito for a pin. Carlito stunned he lost the match. Flair leaving the ring, but Carlito grabbed Flair to bring him back in. Flair ready to fight with fists raised at Carlito. Carlito extended his hand for a handshake. Flair and Carlito shook hands. Carlito walked up the ramp with Torrie Wilson still upset he lost.

Melina backstage with Johnny Nitro. Melina said she was supposed to have an interview tonight because she fights Mickie James for the Women's Title next week. Melina asked who's possibly more important than her? the camera cut to Ashley Massaro posing backstage, as Todd Grisham came up to interview her. Todd talked to Ashley about her Playboy photo shoot for the upcoming issue. Ahsley told him to just wait til it hits the stores. Then Ron Simmons of APA walked up and looked over Ashley several times and then exclaimed "Damn!".

MVP and Mr Kennedy in the lockerroom as Edge and Orton entered. At first Orton and Edge said that RAW was the "A Show" but they were welcome to it. MVP and Kennedy took offense to the remark and began to retort. Edge told them to calm down because tonight they could potentially do some major damage to their oppponents, maybe a few con-chairto's to Michaels and Cena and some injuries to Undertaker/Batista. MVP and Kennedy agreed.

Main Event - Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Batista, Undertaker vs MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Edge and Randy Orton (8 Man Tag Match) -
A great 8 man tag to rev things up right before the No Way Out Pay per View. Batista, Michaels, Undertaker and Cena each entered to roaring ovations from the crowd. Next, Kennedy, MVP and RKO all entered the ramp looking at their opponents in the ring. Cena started out battling Orton, who had the upper hand for a minute until Cena reversed him into the corner, then began a series of slams and arm takedowns on Orton. Cena tried to tag out Undertaker, but Orton reversed and brought Cena back to the heel's corner. Orton tagged in Mr. Kennedy. Kenned beating on Cena, until Cena able to perform a flying shoulder on Kennedy. Cena tagged in Undertaker, who then injured the shoulder of Kennedy. Undertaker continued to work on the injured shoulder of Kennedy. Taker went for the pin, but MVP entered and disrupted it. Taker knocked Orton off the apron, then tagged HBK in. HBK working on Kennedy who was able to escape and tag in MVP. MVP continued to hammer away on HBK and then brought Edge into the match. Edge dominating HBK for a bit until HBK able to reverse a move and throw Edge into the corner. Edge and Michaels ended up both falling to the mat after colliding. Michaels began crawling towards his corner to make the tag. Edge stood as HBK did and Edge went to grab him, but Michaels able to tag in Batista. The Animal began running wild, throwing Edge into the corner. Batista ran after him and Edge tried to jump but Batista caught Edge for the slam. Kennedy and MVP entered the ring and were both slammed by Batista, who then grabbed Edge and slammed him as well. Batista with the thumbs up signal as Raw headed to commercials.

RAW returns as Batista tags out to Cena, who continues to do damanage on Edge. Cena with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle right into the face of Edge. Cena picked up Edge to slam him down but Cena too close to heel's corner. Orton grabbed Edges arms and pulled him back to prevent Cena. Edge landed on his feet behind Cena, then slammed him down. Cena's back hurt by the barrage of moves by Edge, then Orton, then MVP and Kennedy. The heels continued to batter Cena who was clearly outnumbered and unable to get over for a tag. Edge came back in the ring and began putting choke/strangleholds on Cena. Edge threw Cena against the ropes then the two clotheslined each other and fell to the mat. Cena able to finally escape and tag in Undertaker who went wild in the ring, kicking down all of the opponents. Taker slapped a double chokeslam on MVP and Orton but the two kicked out. Throwing Taker against the ropes, Taker ducked their initial attempt at a clothesline then returned to double clothesline them. Taker running against the ropes but Michaels tagged Taker's back as he came off the ropes. Taker upset to see the partner making this egotistical move. Later, several men out of the ring with Taker, HBK and Orton in the ring. Taker looking outside the ring with his back to Michaels, as Orton shoved Michaels, sending him into Taker. Taker fell out of the ring and looked back in at HBK. HBK looking out at Taker, HBK turned just in time to do a Sweet Chin Music kick to Orton's face and score a pin.

Undertaker re-entered the ring. As Michaels hand was raised in victory, Taker grabbed Michaels and Chokeslammed him down. Cena saw this from outside and got back in the ring. Cena began to beat on Taker and threw him into the ropes, but Batista entered and took down Cena. Batista powerbombed Cena leaving him and HBK both laying in the ring to the crowd's dismay. This will be an explosive matchup at No Way Out!

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