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ECW Recap 06.19.07

ECW on SciFi Recap live from Charlotte, NC:

The vacant ECW title was shown, and then it was announced CM Punk would face Marcus Cor Von tonight, and then Chris Benoit would face Elijah Burke. The winners of each match will then face off this Sunday at Vengeance for the ECW title.

Joey Styles and Tazz revisited the Vince McMahon saga, showing clips of the vigil/memorial, witness interviews and the McMahon press release by Ed Kaufman the General Council for the WWE/McMahon family.

Chirs Benoit vs. Elijah Burke - Winner advances to the ECW title match at Vengeance this Sunday. The commentators noted that the ECW title is one title Chris Benoit has not worn yet. Early on Benoit forced Burke to the mat and kept him down in an arm hold. Despite Burke getting to his feet, Benoit was able to go for an early Crossface crippler, but Burke got his foot to the bottom rope. Burke began to take over the match and beat down Chris Benoit, then kept him down in a submission move. At one point Burke knocked Benoit off the side apron, then threw him back into the ring. Burke went to jump on Chris Benoit who he put face first against the ropes, but Benoit moved away causing Burke to land on the ropes on his groin. Benoit then delivered a suplex and failed at getting a pinfall. Benoit tried several bridge-style pins on Burke, then used a series of 3 German Suplexes. Chris Benoit went to the top rope for "Air Benoit". As Benoit flew off the ropes for the headbutt, Burke put his knee up, causing Benoit to hit his skull on Burke's knee. Both men struggled to get to their feet and Benoit was able to counter Burke's moves. Burke escaped a sharpshooter attempt by Benoit and shoved Benoit to the corner. Burke then went for the Elijah Express and ran at Benoit in the corner. Benoit moved away causing Burke to bounce off the corner. Benoit then slapped a sharpshooter on Burke, and caused Burke to tap out.

Winner: Chris Benoit wins via submission over Elijah Burke. Chris Benoit will go on to compete for the ECW World Title at Vengeance this Sunday.

A replay of Stephanie McMahon's appearance on Raw this past Monday was shown, where Stephanie thanked everyone for their support and smypanthy since the loss of her father. Stephanie announced next week Raw will be a special 3 hour celebration of Vince McMahon involving superstars from Raw, Smackdown and ECW. Stephanie then said the McMahon family will have vengeance against whoever did this to her father, before she left the ring in tears. Joey Styles and Tazz also said fans can go to starting this wednesday and tell WWE who they think did this to Vince McMahon.

Shawn Alexander vs. Boogeyman - Boogeyman made extremely quick work of his opponent, grabbing him after the bell rang with both hands around the neck, then slamming him down on his back hard. Boogeyman with the pin and victory, and then drooled a mouthful of worms into the mouth of his fallen opponent.

Winner: Boogeyman wins via pinfall over Shawn Alexander.

Styles and Tazz discussed Daniel Beck who is doing the investigation into the limo explosion and death of Mr. McMahon. Joey Styles mentioned beck has been speaking to all superstars from Raw, ECW and Smackdown.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn - Early on Thorn knocked Dreamer to the mat, but Dreamer able to trip Thorn down and put him into a hold. Thorn grabbed the ropes to break things up. When both men got on their feet, Thorn was able to slam Dreamer down. Thorn started stomping his foot into Dreamer's neck, and then punching him. Thorn went off the ropes and then tried to drop an elbow on Dreamer who moved out of the way. Dreamer then moved out of the corner as Thorn ran at him. Dreamer used a bulldog on Thorn, and then Dreamer went for a DDT, which Thorn countered. Dreamer was able to duck Thorn's punch and then slam him down for a pin. Thorn kicked out before 3. Dreamer put Thorn in the corner and got on the ropes to start punching Thorn. Thorn able to get out of the corner and pushed Dreamer. Dreamer fell from the corner ropes then hurt his ankle in the process. Thorn scored the pinfall despite Dreamer's foot being visibly under the bottom rope.

Winner: Kevin Thorn wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Footage was shown once again of Vince McMahon entering his white limosine after RAW almost a week ago, and then the limo exploding. The ensuing firefight was then shown, where 2 firemen hosed down the burning car. The charred and destroyed remains of the car were then showed.

Nunzio vs. Johnny Nitro - Nitro made his debut on ECW after being drafted from the Raw roster this past Sunday. Despite Nunzio's early attack, Nitro was able to perform a spinning kick off the ropes and catch Nunzio in his face. Nitro with a twisting leg drop on Nunzio and a failed pin attempt. Nitro tried for a neckbreaker, but Nunzio shoved Nitro to the ropes, then elbowed him in the back of the head. Nunzio with a dropkick off the corner ropes and a failed pin attempt. Nitro able to slam Nunzio down with a neckbreaker, and tried for another pin. Nitro finally landed a unique new finisher move (twisting Nunzio by the neck) to slam Nunzio down for the 3 count.

Winner: Johnny Nitro wins via pinfall over Nunzio.

Backstage Cor Von was talking to Elijah Burke. Cor Von told Burke too bad about his loss to Benoit, but not to worry. Cor Von said he will now go out and defeat CM Punk, and then beat Benoit at Vegeance, to become the new ECW champ.

A promo was shown for Miz saying he would soon be crashing ECW. Extreme Expose - Layla, Brooke and Kelly Kelly were then shown talking in the lockerroom. Brooke told the girls how hot she thought Miz is and asked them if they could hook her up with Miz. The 2 girls laughed and said sure, as Brooke left the lockerroom. Layla then asked Kelly if she was with Miz last weekend. Kelly told Layla to mind her own business and then left the lockerroom.

CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von - This match would determine the man who will face Chris Benoit for the ECW title at Vengeance this Sunday. A quick main event with both men trading early attacks on each other. Punk gained momentum until Cor Von slammed Punk down face first into the mat. With Punk down and his shoulder hurt, Cor Von tossed Punk shoulder first into the corner ring post. Cor Von then went outside the ring and grabbed Punks arm to slam it into the post more. Back in the ring Cor Von tried to finish off Punk, taking him down and holding the injured arm behind his back. CM Punk able to get back to his feet, but Cor Von quickly clotheslined him back down. Cor Von continued to hold Punk's hurt arm behind his back. Punk tried to counter a move, but Cor Von slammed Punk down and held Punk's arm again to wear him down. punk able to kick Cor Von in the face when Marcus ran at him in the corner. Punk with a kick to Cor Von's face off the ropes. Punk threw Cor Von to the corner, then did a running knee to Cor Von's jaw, followed by a bulldog. Punk went to jump at Cor Von off the ropes, but Cor Von grabbed him from the air and slammed him down. Cor Von with a failed pin attempt. Cor Von tried to do a series of moves to finish Punk off and had him stunned in the corner. Cor Von ran at Punk in the corner, but Punk moved. Punk was able to win the match by dropping Cor Von down onto his knee for his finisher.

After the match ended, Chris Benoit came down to the ring and he and Punk stared in each other's eyes. Benoit then offered his hand and the 2 competitors shook hands.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall and will face Chris Benoit at Vengeance to determine the new ECW champion.

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