Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grading the Supplemental Draft

Once again, RAW seemed to be the biggest benefactor with the WWE Supplemental Draft. Here's some grades, analysis of the Supplemental Draft.

1st Pick: RAW takes London & Kendrick - First off, guess the "rules" of the draft weren't really presented to the fans. We heard commentators keep talking about tag teams being split apart, and then we see that an entire tag team counts as a draft pick. That said though, RAW gains some great talent here now that Hardy's lost the tag titles. Kendrick & London held the titles on Smackdown for a long time, they excite the crowd and have some great aerial moves in the ring. Will be great to see these guys competing with Cade & Murdoch in a new feud, and I have a feeling that just might be our tag title match at Vegeance.

Grade: A

2) Kenny Dykstra to Smackdown - I give this move a solid B+. I can see the potential for him to maybe compete for the US Championship. He would have worked well on ECW as well, but on Smackdown he can only improve, as he wasn't doing much on RAW other than tagging up with Johnny Nitro.

Grade: B+

3) ECW selected Viscera - Tough to say what ECW is going for. Viscera seems to fit here though, but it doesn't make their brand more worth watching. Maybe we will see some sort of Viscera/Boogeyman tag team formed now.

Grade: B-

4) Sandman to RAW - I'm not the biggest ECW fan, but bringing this guy to RAW can't hurt at all. The question is who will he go after? Santino Morella? Could make for an interesting Intercontinental title feud or matchup for Vengeance. Once again RAW manages to add solid talent to its roster, and fan favorites.

Grade: A-

5) Smackdown selected Hardcore Holly - This is a "been there, done that" sorta pick. Similar to Booker returning to RAW. Not really that exciting (Hardcore is a great ring veteran), but this move doesn't really excite me over the Smackdown product any.

Grade: C+

6) ECW selected The Miz - I could see this move coming. I read rumors/reports that Miz was not getting along with JBL backstage, and that may have contributed to this move. Nonetheless Miz now has a situation similar to Kenny Dykstra on Smackdown, where he can make a name for himself with this brand. I give it a B, due to the fact Miz has potential here.

Grade: B

7) RAW selected Daivari - Big thumbs down on this pick, even though RAW's other picks have been very strong. Daivari just competed in the Cruiserweight fatal fourway match on Smackdown and seems to have no real place or purpose on RAW. He's better off wrestling the lightweights like Mysterio, Noble, Moore, etc, or heading to ECW again.

Grade: C-

8) The Major Brothers to Smackdown - I'm not a huge ECW fan and haven't watched it as much as I watch Smackdown and RAW. I give this pick an A- out of the fact that I'm not very familiar with these guys, and it would give me a new reason to tune in for Smackdown.

Grade: A-

9) RAW selected William Regal - Regal was a commissioner once before and maybe that is why this move was done, so he can be the acting GM in Vince's absence. Other than that he really only seems to serve purpose as a heel for people to beat up on. I'm not saying he isn't a ring veteran or legend, but the move doesn't make sense (unless its the GM angle).

Grade: C

10) Smackdown selected Victoria - The diva picks are never really impressive, but Victoria definitely adds spunk and quality wrestling to the roster. I'm guessing there will be some sort of Torrie vs Victoria feud now on Smackdown, seeing as Jillian and Ashley have left. Victoria may feud with Michelle McCool as well, and after that the only divas left are Cherry, Maryse and Kristal.

Grade: B

11) RAW selected Jillian Hall - Again, a diva pick. I suppose she could make a worthy Women's Title holder at some point, but overall this move doesn't excite me for the RAW show.

Grade: C+

12) SmackDown selected Eugene - A good move here, for RAW that is. That got rid of Eugene who wasn't really doing much on the show or roster. Not sure he will do much more on Smackdown.

Grade: C+

13) ECW selected Johnny Nitro with the thirteenth and final pick - Not too sure what ECW is doing, but Nitro can make a solid name for himself on the show. They've added him and the Miz who both can spark interest or reinvent their images on the ECW show.

Grade: B

Overall Grades:
Smackdown: B

RAW once again makes out like bandits and adds even more solid talent to its already talent-heavy roster. Kendrick and London will excite crowds like the Hardy's and Sandman will become a RAW fan favorite. Regal just might be the new acting-GM for RAW. Very interesting and exciting possibilities.

Smackdown and ECW, didn't seem to do well, again. While they moved some names to Smackdown and ECW who could become popular for the brands, it is still perplexing. It looks more and more like the draft was done to unload pointless guys from rosters and move them to less watched shows. Not sure why RAW thinks it needs to increase ratings either, its one of the top cable shows around in terms of ratings. I'm not hating on ECW, but it just seems like they have lost so much and gained very little other than Chris Benoit's name.

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