Sunday, June 17, 2007

WWE Supplemental Draft Results

Results of the WWE Supplemental Draft held Sunday at 12PM Noon EST on

1) RAW selected Paul London & Brian Kendrick with the first pick.

2) SmackDown selected Kenny Dykstra with the second pick.

3) ECW selected Viscera with the third pick.

4) RAW selected Sandman with the fourth pick.

5) Smackdown selected Hardcore Holly with the fifth pick.

6) ECW selected The Miz with the sixth pick.

7) RAW selected Daivari with the seventh pick.

8) SmackDown selected The Major Brothers with the eighth pick.

9) RAW selected William Regal with the ninth pick.

10) Smackdown selected Victoria with the tenth pick.

11) RAW selected Jillian Hall with the eleventh pick.

12) SmackDown selected Eugene with the twelfth pick.

13) ECW selected Johnny Nitro with the thirteenth and final pick.

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