Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thoughts on Vince's Death Stunt

It's been about 1 week since the WWE's latest story, involving Vince McMahon entering an exploding limo and being presumed dead. Here are my thoughts on the story, fan reaction, and more.

First off, the WWE is never at a lack for ideas. For all those who say the stories are not original or not creative, who really saw this one coming? It's fresh and creative as much as anyone wants to hate it. Nobody expected it, and right now it is very hard to say where this story is leading us. That makes the story fresh and exciting and might revive some people's interest in the WWE product. It also has caused outrage amongst many fans, and parents of children who are fans, as well as the FBI.

Kids do watch the WWE and develop strong reactions and opinions about the wrestling "characters" and stories. I have to say that if someone has their kids watching wrestling and the kids are believing the things happening on the shows are real, then they just may be too young for it. Wrestling Entertainment is definitely not meant as a way to teach kids sound values or morals, that is painstakingly obvious. Kids under say 15, tend to be very impressionable, so it's tough for me to criticize the WWE there. In that argument, I'd say the parent takes responsibility for what a kid is seeing on TV in the first place, and the parent should be aware of the disclaimer: WWE & Wrestling do tend to have controversial and sometimes upsetting storylines.

The places I think this story goes too far are when they tell people to stand at a live event in rememberance of Vince McMahon. Granted it is a live entertainment show people are participating in. Making people stand to remember someone who is not dead almost mocks the idea of standing for those we have truly lost. And what is next here, desecrating the National Anthem during its singing? I can't agree with WWE when it asks people to stand like this, or when it has people spending their time and money for memorials and vigils to Vince. (reported on You can argue that fans should know from the start that this is a storyline, but some do take things serious enough to participate. This is where the story crosses the line. I'm still anxious to see the angle and plot twist they take with this one, but when it receives more publicity and text on the site then the recent passing of Sensational Sherri Martel, that too is a sign it is a bit much.

Overall, death is never a funny thing in real life. The whole Vince McMahon WWE "limo explosion" and death story had me reflecting on what many have echoed, in that we have lost many true WWE legends prior to this (and since). This new story/plot might make kids wonder if Eddie Guerrero or others have really passed away. While Vince and the WWE do live on, Rest in peace to those we have truly lost.

I have dedicated a new portion of my site to the memories of those stars the WWE/WWF has truly lost:

Also, please vote in the latest poll about your reactions to the Vince death stunt:

Also leave your comments/feedback here as to your thoughts/opinions on the matter. (Note: Comments containing profanity or vulgarity will not be accepted)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen wwe has had it the story line sucks its like vince knows its going down hill so hes trying to have fun while it does i seen wrestlers that are very talented but dont get that much shine the writers suck they are just doing the most stupid crap, john cena sucks he cant wrestle edge is trash kane sucks undertaker is trash hhh use to be good he sucks now like the list goes on wwe what are you going to do its over what the hell you guys are going to do

June 17, 2007 at 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If vince didn't die why make such a huge deal over all this.Mabe he needed time off and didn't want to take time off so decided to fake the whole limo explosion.Or could it just have been suicide?To be honest no one really knows for sure yet,yeah people have opinions but not facts.So there is nothing anyone can say for sure it could have been a joke gone to far,homicide,or like a said suicide.

June 18, 2007 at 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death is not entertainment, sorry. If I wanted to watch an action movie, where people died, and that was part of the story line, then I'd go to the movie. But I have a son in Iraq, and my fiance has been there 4 times now. Death and bombings are something we have to live with. Watching wrestling, is entertainment for us. One thing about WWE that we've always admired is their committment to the troops....but this was just disrespectful to families who have to live with this reality every day! This is a way of life for us. We turn to things like this to get away from words like "terrorism" and "car bombings".

And then to have a whole show and completely disrespect the memory of the passing of true legend like Sensational Sheri Martel....that is just beyond disgrace!

They crossed too many lines on this one. Lowering the WWE flag to half mast....this whole thing is beyond anything in good taste or entertainment value. And I know they've lost a lot of credibility with the armed forces as well, not to mention the families....this is just wrong.

June 19, 2007 at 9:13 PM  

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