Monday, July 9, 2007

Ashley & Trish Stratus News

First off, WWE Diva Ashley is on extended break from WWE ("suspension") so that she can appear on the next All-Star edition of Survivor. From

- Survivor: China, which is currently filming (or just recently stopped filming, it's difficult to say) in the Far East, will air this fall. WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro has been all but confirmed as one of the contestants. That should be fun.

- CBS has said nothing about the possibility of a second version of Survivor: All-Stars.

- Casting calls are being held all around the country this summer for Survivor 16, which will air in the spring. That season is set to begin filming in an undetermined location in late October/early November.

Also according to, Paul London was nearly fired for letting out the info to sources that Ashley's suspension was due to Survivor. This is the reason we saw Paul London smiling during Mr. McMahon's walk to his limo on the Vince Tribute Episode of WWE Raw.

Trish Stratus is the host of a new reality search/comedy show in Canada, "Second City's Next Comedy Legend". From, HFX, the Halifax Daily News:

"Ask how a professional wrestler - used to knocking people out with body slams rather than one-liners - got the job hosting a comedy search, and Trish Stratus comes out swinging.

"There was this box of cereal and I pulled out this prize, and I was the host," the former WWE blonde bombshell said. "I got to hang out with goofy people, and be goofy with them."

Stratus is the host of CBC Television's new reality series, Second City's Next Comedy Legend. The show - which premieres on Tuesday - crosses the country in search of the next big Canuck funny man or lady.

Among the stops was a visit to Halifax earlier this year, with SCTV alumnus Joe Flaherty, comedian Elvira Kurt, and director Mick Napier looking for some East Coast talent to take part in the last-one laughing series. The Halifax audition airs on Tuesday, July 17.

"Everyone says 'Aren't Canadians funny?' Yeah, we are. I don't know why, but we are really funny people. It's kind of my personality. Even in wrestling I got to be funny - believe it or not - when I turned into a bad guy," Stratus said."

Read the entire article on Trish Stratus and her new show here.

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God remind me not to watch survior now

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