Friday, July 13, 2007

Finlay, Mero on Nancy Grace Show

Nancy Grace on CNN Headline Prime had Marc Mero and Dave Finlay of WWE on her show to discuss more of the Benoit tragedy.

Marc "Wildman" Mero has been appearing on a slew of shows recently to discuss how steroids are killing off wrestlers and something needs to be done about it. Current WWE star, Finlay, appeared on behalf of WWE with some rebuttal. Finlay mentioned that Mero hasn't been in wrestling for 8 years now so he doesn't know what goes on in the locker rooms. Finlay also said that wrestlers make enough money to afford health insurance and can pay for that rather than splurging on fancy watches or cars if they wanted to.

Grace said the funerals would be held tomorrow for Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

A caller asked if Benoit had possibly been selling steroids to other wrestlers. Finlay said he knew Benoit quite well and doesn't think he was a drug dealer and never would have seen this horrible situation coming at all. Finlay said wrestlers are being harshly criticized over this single incident when they are in the business of entertaining people. Finlay said it's a personal choice for wrestlers to use steroids or drugs and that he has never used them or painkillers and he raises his kids in the same clean manner. Marc Mero presented a list of names of wrestlers who have passed at a young age during the last 10 years. Finlay rebutted saying that not all of those wrestlers have died due to steroids or drug use. Mero said nothing has changed since 10 years ago when he was wrestling and that more and more wrestlers keep dying young. Mero said they need congressional hearings over this.

Penny Bordeau-Durham a widow of late wrestler Junny "Grunge" Durham appeared from Daytona Beach, Florida where the Benoit funeral is being held. She said she agrees with Finlay that it is a person's choice to take steroids or not, but that she also realizes how it is very easy for professional wrestlers to get ahold of steroids to take at any time they want to.

John Burris, defense attorney appeared to discuss the case as did Doug Burns, another defense attorney. Nancy Grace brought up that 770 pills were prescribed in 1 day by Dr. Phil Astin to 1 person. Trenny Stovall a Family law attorney discussed the track marks on Daniel Benoit's arm which have no explanation, because there's no evidence to suggest Daniel had any condition requiring it. Lillian Glass, a Psychologist also appeared to discuss how dangerous these drugs can be on a person's psyche. Marc Mero began to address some comments Benoit made back in 2003 in a WWE magazine, but a breaking news story interrupted to close out Nancy's show.

Nancy Grace will air a show tomorrow night at 8 and 10 PM EST about wrestlers dying young, on CNN Headline news channel.

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