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ECW Recap 07.10.07

ECW Recap 07.10.07 from New Orleans, LA

Styles announced that Tommy Dreamer will face Johnny Nitro in an Extreme Rules match.

ECW kicked off with Matt Striker in the ring with a classroom setup (chalkboard and desk). Striker invited his guest to the ring, the Boogeyman. Striker said he is one of the most peculiar students he's had. Boogeyman did his strut down to the ring. Striker warned Boogeyman to stay at a distance. Striker said normally the student brings a gift for the teacher, but tonight he brought the student a gift. Striker uncovered a glass bowl full of worms. Boogeyman grabbed a handful and ate them. Striker then showed everyone the footage of Boogeyman force feeding him worms a few weeks ago. Striker started to educate Boogeyman on worms and how they procreate. Striker said worms are coldblooded and so is what Boogeyman has been doing to him. Striker said it ends right here and now. Just then Viscera came walking down to the ring wearing no shirt. Striker introduced him as "Big Daddy V". Boogeyman tried to attack Striker but Big Daddy V hit him from behind. V proceeded to slam Boogeyman onto Striker's desk and then threw him right through the Chalkboard and out of the ring. V tossed the chalkboard out onto Boogeyman before he and Striker walked off up the ramp.

A Triple H "King of KIngs" promo was shown.

Balls Mahoney vs. Elijah Burke

Early on Burke cornered Mahoney then punched away at him unti lMahoney reversed and began a series of punch. Mahoney started to wind up for a knockout punch but Burke ducked and then knocked him down. Burke tried to grab his towel to use to choke Mahoney but the ref stopped him. Burke ran at the corner and splashed Mahoney hard. Burke began wearing down Mahoney with a neckhold in the center of the ring. Mahoney got to his feet and punched his way out of the hold. Balls with a few clotheslines and a series of punches. Mahoney then wound up and punched Burke down. Mahoney signaled for a move and went to the top of the turnbuckle. Mahone jumped off for a leg drop but Burke rolled out of the way. Burke nailed Mahoney in the corner with the running "Elijah Express". Mahoney fell to the mat and Burke grabbed the pinfall victory.

Winner: Elijah Burke wins via pinfall.

Highlights were shown of Tommy Dreamer's matches, the "heart and soul" of ECW. Styles said this is what Nitro would be in store for later n tonight.

CM Punk shown walking backstage on his way to the ring for a match.

Stevie Richards vs. CM Punk

Punk had momentum early on knocking Richards down several times off the ropes. Johnny Nitro was shown watching the match backstage on a monitor. Punk nailed Richards in the back of the head with a hard kick. Punk kept Richards down on the mat in a neckhold, but Richards able to stand up. Punk smashed Richards down with a forearm to the chest. After a failed pin, Richards got up to take some control of the match. Richards knocked Punk down several times then landed a neckbreaker. Richards with several near pins, but Punk kicked out. Richards waited for Punk to stand up and went at him, but Punk knocked him down. Punk slapped a figure four type move on Richards but Stevie kicked out. Punk with a back suplex on Richards followed by a half Boston crab. Richards able to roll over and kick Punk in the head. Punk grabbed Richards legs and catapuled him into the corner, then nailed him with a running knee to the head. Punk with a bulldog off the ropes and another near pinfall. Punk able to slam Richards down back first on his knee, and tried another pin. Richards regained control, knocking Punk down and putting a chokehold on near the ropes. Punk got his foot on the bottom rope. Stevie Richards got to the top of the turnbuckle, but Punk went over and grabbed him. Punk then landed his finisher on Richards for the pinfall win.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Backstage the Miz was talking to Kelly Kelly. Brooke came up and asked Kelly to introduce her. Miz said hi to Brooke and then Layla came up and said h to Mizi. Miz said he had a match coming up next but maybe afterwards they all can get into a little action of their own. Miz left and Brooke told Layla and Kelly how cute she thinks Miz is.

Nunzio vs. The Miz

As Miz came down and got into the ring, Team Extreme was shown backstage watching the match. Early on Miz grabbed Nunzio in a headlock and ran with him off the ropes to slam him down. Miz ran at Nunzio in the corner, but Nunzio flipped Miz over the ropes. Miz able to land on the apron then did an impressive slide under Nunzio's legs back into the ring. Miz flipped Nunzio up off his back. Nunzio able to regain control and dropped Miz to the mat . Nunzio with a chokehold and had his feet on the ropes for leverage, until the ref broke things up. Nunzio continued to wear Miz down with a head scissors and chokehold on him. Miz got to his feet and began to forearm shiver Nunzio. Miz with several flying shoulders off the ropes to knock Nunzio down. Miz finally picked up the victory with a swinging neckbreaker known as the "Mizard of Oz". Team Extreme shown cheering the Miz on backstage after the win.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall victory over Nunzio.

Team Extreme performed a dance routine on the side apron and in ring to Beyonce's song "Get Me Bodied" which ended with a blast of fireworks from the ringposts.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Nitro (Extreme Rules Match)

Tommy Dreamer came down to the ring with a shopping cart full of items/weapons to use in the match. Nitro baited Dreamer early on and attacked him outside the ring. Nitro got back in the ring and grabbed a crutch . Dreamer came back in the ring and managed to avoid being hit by the crutch. Dreamer knocked Nitro down then began to attack him with the crutch. Dreamer put a version of the Texas Cloverleaf submission onto Nitro, but Nitro able to reach and grab the bottom rope. Dreamer went to hit Nitro with the crutch again as Nitro stood up, but Nitro avoided it then threw Dreamer shoulder first into the corner ringpost. Nitro smashed the crutch down across Dreamer's back. Dreamer able to get up and slam Nitro down, then clotheslined him over the ropes. Nitro grabbed a No parking sign outside the ring and smashed it on Dreamer's head.

Outside the ring Nitro put a steel chair around Dreamer's head then shoved him into the ringpost. Nitro with a backflip off the crowd barricade onto the fallen Dreamer. Nitro and Dreamer back in the ring, and Nitro tried to climb the ropes. Dreamer able to slam Nitro off the ropes. Nitro able to regain slight control and ran at Dreamer in the corner, but Dreamer flipped Nitro onto the ropes on his groin. Dreamer then smashed a trash can lid over Nitro's head and took control with a DDT. Nitro kicked out of a near pinfall. Dreamer tried to jump off the ropes with a trash can lid onto Nitro, but Nitro moved. Nitro got up to the ropes, but Dreamer got right back up. Dreamer able to put the trash can over Nitro's head and hang him upside down off the ropes. Dreamer with a running dropkick into the trashcan. Dreamer then set up a chair in front of the trash can in a corner of the ring. The 2 men fought near the chair trying to throw each other into the corner. Finally Nitro able to duck a Dreamer punch and trip Dreamer into the chair head first. Nitro with the pinfall as he put one foot on the ropes to gain the win.

Winner: Johnny Nitro wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

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