Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time for the Game - HHH the Return

While no clear date for Triple H has been given, we've been seeing the promo videos each week and know his return is coming soon. After Raw showed the promo this past week, got reaction from various Raw superstars. Read below:

Also check out 5 cool YouTube videos of Triple here. reports on Triple H return:

"The Superstars clearly hadn’t forgotten Triple H in the nearly six months since his injury. Eyes widened, and jaws dropped. Questions such as “What does this mean?” and “When is he coming back?” raced around the locker room. King Booker forgot his British accent as he muttered to Queen Sharmell, “Tell me, I didn’t just see that?”

Even the smirk on Randy Orton's face faded. When asked the Legend Killer for his thoughts on his hated rival and former Evolution teammate’s return, he brushed aside our reporter’s recorder and said, “No comment.”

Orton brushed shoulders with Carlito, who was leaning up against the wall and munching an apple. He rolled his eyes and sucked his teeth as he watched Orton storm away. The Caribbean Superstar had watched the video like everyone else and was less than impressed.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Carlito spat. “I don’t feel he’s [Triple H] done much around here. He doesn’t add anything to Raw. We’re better off without him.”

Perhaps Carlito was just trying to play it cool, but he and all of WWE have been put on notice. The Game is coming back, and it looks like he’s ready to start kicking a**. The list of Superstars who have fallen to Triple H is a who’s who of legends in sports-entertainment. From The Rock to Hulk Hogan to Mick Foley to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and everyone else in between, The Game has made a legendary career out of taking on and beating the best."

There's alot of excitement building for the return of Triple H, will it be Summerslam or even sooner?

Get hyped for the return of HHH with 5 YouTube videos I have added to the WWE Fanatics Squidoo page. You can see Triple H tributes, a 1 minute interview about the sledgehammer and a classic ending to a match vs HBK!

Check out Triple H videos on WWE Fanatics Squidoo!

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