Friday, July 13, 2007

WWE News and Notes 07.13.07

- According to local TV ads here in Connecticut, Smackdown will be appearing at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Tuesday, August 14th. The funny thing with the ad is they claim the Smackdown main event will be Batista vs. Edge for the title. Ironic, because Batista lost in a "Last Chance" match to Edge which prevents him from going for the title as long as Edge has it. So either the ad's wrong or something is in the works. I've attended a Raw show there which claimed main event would be John Cena and Triple H vs JBL and Batista. That match never happened.

- There is a page set up at which is about the Benoit tragedy. On this page you can see the latest news headlines, the Wikipedia, YouTube videos of various things related to the tragedy including Vince McMahon on the Today Show and a clip of Cena on Larry King Live. There's also a glimpse of merchandise that Ebay and still sell related to Benoit. Bookmark the page if you want to stay updated or have a good reference for it. View the page here:

- Fans have left some great comments about when they think John Cena will lose the WWE title and to who and where. Check out the comments here and leave your own thoughts : Time for Cena to Lose.

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