Friday, July 20, 2007

NY Daily News: WWE Spin of Benoit

NY Daily News has a recent article discussing the WWE's quick "spin of the toxicology findings" in Chris Benoit. In the article they have comments from Dr. Gary Wadler who was part of the Anti Doping Agency made the following comments:

"An anabolic steroid is nothing more than a derivative of testosterone," Wadler told the News, adding that he did not lend much credence to the WWE's current drug-testing program – wrestlers with a 10:1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio are not flagged for positive tests – nor the portion of the statement that outlined how Benoit had tested negative for steroids as recently as this past April.

The article also discusses how Nancy Benoit's family was upset at Jim Ross' appearance at the funeral for Nancy and Daniel Benoit. Apparently the family felt it was a media ploy and Jim Ross was never an invited guest.

From NY Daily News:

The family of Nancy Benoit is infuriated with the WWE for allowing star announcer Jim Ross to attend the memorial service for Nancy and son Daniel in Daytona Beach, Fla. Saturday, according to a source. McMahon did not attend, but Ross did and was the only bold-faced name to stop and talk with reporters outside the Lady of Lourdes Church before the Catholic service. Ross made a point of quashing the steroid rumors.

"This is not a steroid issue. That horse needs to be put in the barn and unsaddled. This was a domestic issue. There's a lot of other criteria that has to be involved in it. I still can't believe it even happened. It's a domestic issue, but more than anything it's a tragedy. This is not a steroid issue. It's a mother and little boy, (they) are dead and that's the bottom line as far as I'm concerned," Ross said Saturday.

I still find it interesting how media, former superstars and expert doctors want to try to hold any party responsible to the horrible acts which occurred. When it comes down to it, this continues to look like a series of pre-meditated acts committed by 1 person, who made horrific decisions. In terms of Jim Ross, for the family to assume his appearance at the funeral of a colleague and friend was all about media presentation is a bit wrong too. I can understand their position, but feel Jim Ross is one of the most genuine people in the wrestling business today who tells it like it is and has a passion for the sport and its superstars.

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