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Raw Recap 07.09.07

WWE Raw Recap 07.09.07:

Raw kicked off with Bobby Lashley coming to the ring, followed by King Booker and Queen Sharmelle for a singles match to start off the show.

Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker (w/Sharmell) - Early on Lashley was able to powerslam Booker followed by a hard clothesline. Lashley had a near pinfall after catching Booker off the ropes for a powerslam. Mr. Kennedy ran down to the ring to attack Lashley, causing a disqualification for King Booker. Booker knocked down Lashley with the standing side kick, and then Booker and Kennedy began to attack Lashley. Coach came out to the ramp telling them to stop attacking Lashley. Coach said Lashley deserves a fighting chance and that originally he was scheduled to be in a main event tagging with John Cena. Coach said Lashley would need to find a new partner for tonight's match or it would be a handicap match. Booker tried to attack Lashley again, but Lashley fought back and drove Booker and Kennedy out of the ring.

Winner: Lashley wins via disqualification over King Booker (due to Mr Kennedy interfering).

Backstage, Coach thanked Regal for taking over for him last week to handle the matches on Raw. Regal bragged about how good a job he did. Regal told Coach the match he just made for Lashley was "creative". Coach told Regal he would be in a match tonight later, against the Sandman. Regal looked stunned as Coach walked off.

Recap shown of Umaga winning back the Intercontinental Title last week from Santino Marella on Raw.

Santino Marella vs Umaga (Intercontinental Title match) - Maria came down to the ring after the match had started to root for Santino. Umaga was on the attack and dominating with Maria looking concerned. Umaga dragged Santino to the corner and tried to jump off the middle ropes for a Splash. Santino able to move out of the way and start a comeback. Umaga shoved Santino then hit him with a huge sidekick. Umaga sat Santino up in the corner of the ring then ran at him, smashing his hip into Santino's head. Umaga then used the Samoan Spike throat jab on Santino and scored the pinfall victory.

Winner: Umaga wins via pinfall over Santino Marella to retain the IC title.

Backstage they showed Lashley in the locker room area trying to find a partner for tonight's main event.

The Highlanders vs. Cade & Murdoch (World Tag Title match) - Highlanders came out to challenge the champs for their belts. Cade and Murdoch kept Rorie away from a tag and used several moves to isolate him early on. Robbie finally able to tag in to relieve his partner. Cade and Murdoch doubleteamed Robbie behind the refs back to pick up a cheap win..

Winners: Cade & Murdoch win via pinfall to retain the World Tag titles.

Backstage, Maria was trying to comfort Santino despite his loss to Umaga. Maria said they should go out and have some fun to take Santino's mind off the loss. Santino said everyone would be pointing at him and saying he was never a real champion. Santino said he shouldn't be alone tonight and invited Maria back to his room Maria suggested they watch a movie, and Santino agreed saying he shouldn't be alone tonight.

Back in the locker room, Charlie Haas was talking to Shelton Benjamin. Haas was making fun of Shelton about kissing Booker's hand last week. Benjamin said today's his birthday so all he's concerned about is winning tonight. Haas trying to be funny put his hand out and asked Benjamin to kiss it. Benjamin mockingly laughed, and said if he doesn't win tonight he will kiss Haas. Haas laughed after agreeing, and Shelton walked away. Haas then realized what he had just agreed to.

A promo for John Cena was shown, which featured footage from John Cena's childhood and his debut match against Kurt Angle. They showed Cena's rapping, his championship runs, and focused on Cena having fans and haters as champion.

Super Crazy vs. Snitsky - Snitsky dominated Super Crazy in this match and used a punp handle slam in under 2 minutes to pick up the very quick and dominating win.

Winner: Snitsky wins via pinfall over Super Crazy.

JR and the King discussed how Randy Orton disrespected Dusty Rhodes and his son Cody last week. They showed the footage from last week when Orton slapped Dusty. Rhodes shown backstage on his way out to the ring.

Promo shown for Triple H, the King of Kings theme song playing to announce his return to WWE.

Dusty Rhodes came out to the ring. Ross apologized for Randy Orton's actions last week. Dusty took the mic, and reminded the audience how Orton disrespected he and his son last week. Orton's music came on and he came out to the ring. Rhodes reminded the crowd about the challenge he issued to Orton and told Orton they've heard the legend speech a million times.

Orton said people like Dusty who live off the past don't deserve respect. Orton told Rhodes he gets respect for all the things he's accomplished and also mentioned that he single-handedly ended HBK and RVD's careers. Rhodes said Orton kicks them while they're down, so he needs to put his money where hs outh is. Orton challenged Rhodes to fight him at the Great Americah Bash, if not for himself, do it for his son. Orton asked Dusty if he wants to make his boy proud, or should he end Cody's career before it even starts.Rhodes said the match would be on his terms and it would be a Texas bullrope match

Orton accepted Rhodes' match but told Dusty to tell Cody to bring a broom to the match to clean up what's left of Dusty. Cody snuck into the ring and then he and Orton went face to face. Orton suggested Cody leave the ring before he gets hurt. Cody slapped Orton in his face. Orton was visibly upset and stared at Cody. Then Orton backed away and stared down Cody, who clenched a fist.

Paul London vs. Shelton Benjamin - Early on, London applied a headlock center ring. Shelton broke free, and London caught him in the face with a hard kick. Shelton recovered underneath the apron, then he fired back with a hard slam. Shelton threw London shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle then brought London center ring for a shoulder/arm hold. London regained control with a running huracanrana, and attempted a pinfall. Benjamin fought back with a spin kick and then pounded on London against the bottom rope. When Benjamin brought London to his feet, London surprised him with a very quick forward roll up for the win. After the match, London celebrated as Shelton thought about how he would have to kiss Haas.

Winner: Paul London wins via pinfall over Shelton Benjamin.

Super Crazy was walking backstage with the help of a trainer. Kennedy came up to find out what happened with their match last week. Kennedy then tossed Super Crazy into the side of a dumpster, then ripped off the tape around his ribs. Kennedy put a fist up to Super Crazy and said he knows last week was just a misunderstanding due to the language barrier. Kennedy landed another punch on Super Crazy.

Candice Michelle and Mickie James were shown backstage walking to the ring.

Backstage, Shelton said he was just kidding about the kissing on the lips. Haas said he knows because that would be weird. He instead asked Shelton to kiss his hand. Haas held out his hand, and Shelton was about to kiss it when Haas said he was kidding. The two wrestlers started to hug and Ron Simmons walked in. Simmons yelled his trademark, "Damn!" as the two men backed away from the hug.

Candice Michelle and Mickie James came the ring for a tag match. Melina and Jillian Hall walked out, and Melina said she's suffering from a sprained ankle, so she chose a wrestler to replace her tonight. Out came Beth Phoenix, who we saw before in the childhood angle with Mickie James.

Candice Michelle & Mickie James vs. Jillian and Beth Phoenix -
After Mickie was worked on by her opponents for the first minute, Candice tagged in and began to run over the opponents. Jillian landed a sidewalk slam on Candice in center ring, but couldn't score the pin. Candice reversed suddenly with a backslide on Jillian for the win.

After the match, Beth attacked Candice from behind and threw her down to the mat. Melina came into the ring and splashed onto Candice as Beth and Jillian held her down. Michie James came in to rescue Candice and clear the ring of the other divas.

Winners: Candice & Mickie win via pinfall over Jillian and Beth.

Backstage, they showed Arn Anderson talking to Lashley about something and Lashley had a strange look on his face.

Another promo shown of Triple H set to the King of Kings theme music announcing his return to WWE soon.

Booker and Sharmell were watching a monitor backstage. Sharmell asked Booker what was causing him the stress. Booker was trying to answer, as Mr. Kennedy interrupted and said he took care of Super Crazy, and now they have to go and take care of Lashley in the ring. Kennedy said they were both made to look like fools last week. Booker interrupted Kennedy and told him he looked like the fool.

William Regal vs The Sandman -
Carlito joined JR and King to comment on the match from the announcer's table. Regal started to attack Sandman right after the match started. Carlito went to attack Sandman on the outside, but Sandman was able to hit Carlito with the Singapore Cane. Sandman then hopped on the apron and caned Regal, and the ref awarded teh DQ win to Regal. Afterward, Sandman celebrated by drinking a beer.

Winner: William Regal wins via disqualification over The Sandman.

Highlights shown of Bobby Lashley's amateur wrestling and military background. as well as his WWE debut match on Smackdown in 2005 against Simon Dean. They also showed Lashley's U.S. Title victory over JBL and ECW Title victory over Big Show in the Elimination Chamber match. Lashley said his goal is to become a household name in wrestling and take the business to another level. They showed a replay of Lashley spearing Cena at the end of Raw last week.

JR and King interviewed Cena from the set of CNN's Larry King Live. Lawler asked Cena if he came off more intelligent than Paris Hilton. Cena said a kindergartener could have. Cena said he would have to address what Lashley did next week. Cena then said Lashley is an uncrowned champion, and they're going to find out who the real champion is at the bash.

King Booker and Sharmell walked out for the main event tag match. Mr. Kennedy came out as Booker's partner for the main event match. Mr. Kennedy then took the ceiling mic and announced himself him in his usual fashion. Bobby Lashley walked out and after a few moments, Lashley then looked to the entrance ramp and Jeff Hardy's music hit. Jeff walked out as the mystery partner.

King Booker & Mr. Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy & Bobby Lashley -

Booker and Hardy started the match off with Booker knocking him around with forearm chops and punches. Hardy gained some momentum with a double leg drop to Booker's midsection. Booker quickly recovered tagged in Mr. Kennedy, who went at Hardy for a bit. Hardy was able to regain momentum and attempted a pin with no success.

Lashley finalled tagged in and ran into Kennedy in the corner with a clothesline. After Lashley gave Kennedy an elbow to the back of the head he attempted the pin. Lashley went over and knocked Booker off the apron then got down on all fours. Hardy ran and used Lashley to run off and hit Kennedy with a leg splash in the corner. Booker got back into the action and was able to Hardy from behind with the ref's back turned. Kennedy then was able to land a clothesline. When Hardy regained control, he used the Whisper in the Wind on Booker. Lashley then tagged in and began to attack both Kennedy and Booker. He put Kennedy up in a torture rack back breaker, and when trying for a pin, Booker came in to break it up. Hardy and Booker fought to the outside. In the ring, Lashley went for a running powerslam, but Kennedy was able to escape off him. Lashley was then able to leap frog Kennedy and hit a charging spear in center ring for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Lashley & Hardy win via pinfall over Mr. Kennedy and King Booker.

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