Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catching up with Mr. Kennedy caught up with Mr. Kennedy via telephone for an interview prior to a live WWE house show in North Carolina. Kennedy was unsure of his opponent at the time of the interview. Here's what the Raw brand superstar had to say regarding Raw competition, his goals, and more..


“You can put whoever you want in the ring — I’m going to take ’em down,” said Kennedy, whose star has been on the rise in the WWE after winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23. Kennedy has also held the United States Champion belt.

Weekender caught up with the wrestler — who stands at 6’2” and weighs in at 243 lbs. — by phone while he traveled between matches.

Weekender: You’re one of the new faces of Monday Night Raw, recently coming from “SmackDown.” How’s that working out for you?

Kennedy: It’s been pretty good. I said a long time ago that I needed to face some new opponents. I’ve run through all the talent at “SmackDown.” It’s nice to get in the ring with people that can challenge me.

Weekender: Is there anyone in particular you’ve got your sights set on?

Kennedy: Triple H is coming back, and I’d love to put him back into hibernation.

Weekender: Ouch.

Kennedy: Yeah, Shawn Michaels and John Cena — I’d love to get my hands on those guys. I’m telling you right now that the WWE title will be around my waist. Soon.

Weekender: You handle your own introductions, which are pretty unique to say the least. How do you approach those?

Kennedy: I just try to come up with things that I know will treat the audience. I can definitely hear the crowd get into it, but sometimes you gotta stop the crowd from getting too into it.

Weekender: Are you happy with the progress you’ve been making in your career?

Kennedy: When I got into this business — my first match was in Green Bay, Wisc. — I set forth some short and long-term goals. I’ve been chipping away at those goals. I won my first match in 1999 and got my developmental contract in 2005. So, slowly but surely, I’m knocking those goals down.

Weekender: You seem pretty confident and patient that you’ll …

Kennedy: I’m not patient at all. I might have long-term goals, but if it comes tomorrow, then I want to do it."

Great commentary from Kennedy on wanting to face Cena, HHH and HBK in the ring. These would all make for some exciting feuds and matches. It seems with his never-ending confidence, Mr. Kennedy's title dreams could become reality in the not so distant future..You can read the full interview at here.

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