Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cena - Like Son, Like Father

While the champ, John Cena currently entertains fans on WWE shows all over, many might not know that his father is also involved in wrestling. Boston Globe has an article discussing the father of John Cena, named John J Cena. Cena's 63 year old dad works as a wrestling manager known as "Johnny Fabulous" in the New World Wrestling organization.


METHUEN -- During the work week, John J. Cena sits in a quaint office as the city assessor and marries couples on the side as a justice of the peace. He speaks passionately of love, marriage, and property values and wears the uniform of white dress shirt, khaki slacks, and tie.

But on weekends, he enters the wrestling ring and transforms into Johnny Fabulous, a Donald Trump-like character who wears a dark suit and a darker pair of shades and heckles fans without mercy. His villainous wrestling persona is so believable that a 72-year-old woman threw a beer in his face, with an obscene gesture for good measure, at one match in Sturbridge

The interesting article also discusses WWE's John Cena, the relevance of the dog tags he wears, fights the father and son had growing up and more.

Read the full Boston Globe article here.

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