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Greatness of the Game takes a look at each of Triple H's title reigns, including the hard fought matches which make him one of the greatest in the pro wrestling sport. HHH has done battle in just about every match type WWE has had, and has fought against most of the WWE's top champions throughout its history.

Here's the rundown of HHH's 10 WWE/World Heavyweight Championship title reigns courtesy of

Reign 1: Triple H vs. Mankind

The first ever WWE title victory for HHH occurred on Monday Night Raw, on August 23, 1999. HHH threatened to break the arm of announcer Jim Ross if Mankind did not offer a title shot to the Game. Foley obliged and lost, beginning HHH's 1st WWE championship run.

Reign 2: Six Pack Challenge

Held at WWE's "Unforgiven Pay Per View" in September of 1999, The Game battled with 5 other hungry competitors: The Rock, the British Bulldog, Big Show, Mankind, and Kane. With the title up for grabs after it had been vacated by Vince McMahon, Triple H pinned The Rock to capture the title yet again.

Reign 3: Triple H vs Big Show

Triple H had lost the title to Big Show at 1999 Survivor Series and regained the title by defeating the giant Big Show two months later on Monday Night Raw (1/3/2000).

Reign 4: Triple H vs The Rock

Possibly one of Triple H's toughest opponents, the "Game" faced the "Great One" in a one on one "Iron Man Match". The match was held at Judgement Day and included the likes of Vince, Stephanie, Shane and the Undertaker becoming involved. Special referee, Shawn Michaels, disqualified the Rock due to Undertaker's involvement, giving Triple H the 6-5 match edge and the WWE Championship.

Reign 5: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

March 17, 2002 was the date for Wrestlemania X8, where Triple H was the #1 title contender after winning the 2002 Royal Rumble. In the Wrestlemania main event, HHH defeated current champ, Chris Jericho for his 5th title run.

Reign 6: Triple H 1st World Heavyweight Championship

Since Brock Lesnar departed Raw for Smackdown taking the belt with him. Since Raw had no champion, GM Eric Bischoff presented the WCW's Championship to Triple H as the most deserving wrestler for the belt. Triple H became the first World Heavyweight Champion for WWE. Flair contested that he deserved the belt and ended up losing in a match to Triple H later that night.

Reign 7: Three Stages of Hell

Triple H battled with Shawn Michaels in an epic feud here. The best 2 of 3 falls would win the title. Triple H captured match 1 after hitting HBK with the Pedigree. Michaels pinned HHH in the 2nd match, a steel cage match. The final contest was a ladder match. Triple H managed to push the ladder down, sending Shawn Michaels flying out of the ring. HHH then climbed up and triumphantly grabbed the belt.

Reign 8: Triple Threat Match

Triple H in a battle against a WCW legend, Goldberg, and the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane managed to chokeslam Goldberg knocking him out. Before Kane could pin him, Batista yanked Kane out of the ring, allowing Triple H to grab the pinfall win and Goldberg's belt!

Reign 9: Triple H vs Randy Orton

Triple H stated this match was "showing the student who was still the master". One of two title wins where he defeated the "Legend Killer".

Reign 10: Elimination Chamber

One of the most brutal matches HHH has been involved in took place at New Year's Revolution in 2005. The structure around the ring allowed each wrestler to enter the match randomly after a bit of time had run off the clock. HHH was allowed into the match third and outlasted his competition to pin Randy Orton. This was HHH's last title reign, as he lost 3 months later to Batista at Wrestlemania 21.

Triple H will be returning to Summerslam to face King Booker to prove who's the true King of WWE. If and when he pulls off the victory, HHH will begin to re-climb the ranks of WWE and eventually go for his 11th title reign. It can be easily argued that Triple H is the greatest WWE champion of all time, just by running down the list of victories above. Possibly overshadowed by the popularity of the likes of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock and John Cena, nobody can doubt the greatness of the Game.

View's "Ten Times the King" feature here, complete with full accounts of each match/title reign, Triple H quotes and photos.

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