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Raw Recap 08.20.07

Recap of Raw from North Carolina:

Raw started off with Randy Orton in the ring. Jim Ross said that his partner is still out of action after what Booker did to him last week. Joining JR for the commentary was ECW's Tazz.

Orton told the audience this is the last time you'll see him in the ring without a WWE belt around his waist. Footage was shown of Orton RKO'ing Cena face first through a steel chair after his Saturday Night's Main Event match. Orton had the footage shown repeatedly from different angles. Cena told the crowd that footage would become historic and more shown than the footage of Hogan slamming Andre. Orton said rumor has it Cena isn't at Raw tonight and might not show up for Summerslam. Orton said if Cena's here tonight, he can save himself embarasment and come out to forfeit the title.

As Orton waited for Cena to show up, all of a sudden Mr. McMahon's music came on and Vince strutted down the ramp into the ring. Vince said he knows Orton's Summerslam match is important, but so is Vince finding out who his illegitimate child is. Vince said he knows his child is a male and a superior genetic specimen. Vince said he'd proudly call Randy his son but he knows his dad. Vince said he hopes his other offspring isn't like Stephanie and Shane who just want money. Vince chastised the audience for how they were treating this situation. Vince told Orton he hopes his son is nothing like Cena. Just then Cena was shown walking backstage and asked a WWE staff where Orton was. The man told him in the ring and Cena headed out.

Orton ducked out of the ring leaving Vince in the ring alone as Cena entered. Orton went out into the crowd away from Cena. Cena told Vince the crowd doesn't like him and Cena doesn't like him. Cena said he'd be ashamed to call Vince his father. Cena told Orton that he thought he wouldn't show tonight but he showed up still to fight. Cena said he will show up for Summerslam and he will retain the title. Vince told Cena if he doesn't show at Summerslam he will strip him of the title. Vince then told Cena he thinks he had sex with Cena's mother back in the day. Cena proceeded to punch Vince in the face, causing Vince to roll out of the ring holding his jaw. An angry Vince retreated up the ramp with Orton. Vince yelled to Cena that he'd be in action tonight against the undefeated Snitsky.

Rey Mysterio Summerslam promo ad shown.

Candice and Mickie James vs. Melina & Beth Phoenix

As the match was about to start, William Regal came out onto the ramp. Regal said they will have a divas Battle Royal at Summerslam involving all of the divas from all of the brands. Regal said Candice won't compete, and the winner of the Battle Royal will get a shot at Candice's title in the future.

Beth started off against Mickie James, suplexing her off the ropes. Mickie able to slide off the shoulders of Beth as she tried to carry her to Melina. Mickie then shoved Beth to the corner and made her way over to tag in Candice. Beth tagged in Melina who was then clotheslined down by Candice. Candice with several moves off the ropes and then surprised Melina out of nowhere with an interesting pinfall.

After the victory, Mickie was upset at Candice for the way she stole the show. Mickie kicked Candice in the gut and then tossed her from the ring. Melina then attacked Mickie and threw her out through the ropes. Melina turned to shake her partner Beth Phoenix's hand. Beth held Melina's hand tight and then proceeded to grab Melina, throwing her over the top rope, battle royal style.

Winners: Candice Michelle & Mickie James win via pinfall over Melina and Beth Phoenix.

Replay shown of last week's WWE Idol game show where Ron Simmons tossed Santino Marella into the side of the scaffolding at top of the ramp.

Santino burst into a backstage office where GM William Regal was on the phone. Marella complained to William Regal about Ron Simmons having a date with Maria tonight. Marella insulted Regal who then yelled at Marella ordering him not to interfere in the date tonight.

King Booker shown backstage with Queen Sharmell. Booker said he will ruin Triple H's return at Summerslam. Booker said he knows Triple H is in the arena tonight. Sharmelle then said HHH is invited to the official coronation of King Booker in the ring tonight.

Vince was shown backstage with Coach. Vince and Coach discussed how HHH is going to be there tonight and might be Vince's son. Just then they walked up to Val Venis who said "Hello Daddy!". Vince then came up to Daivari who began to hug and kiss Vince. Daivari put his head piece on Vince who then yelled at him to take it off. Vince and Coach kept walking and came upon Mr. Kennedy. Vince said his son is gonna be a competitor, someone with great wealth. The two kept walking as Raw hit commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin had his partner Charlie Haas in his corner for the match. Shelton thrown to the ropes by Rhodes who tried to dropkick, but Shelton held onto the ropes. Shelton then started to dominate and put Rhodes in a headlock hold down on the mat. Shelton started pushing Rhodes to the ropes and then smashing an elbow into Rhodes' lower back. Cody finally escaped in the corner and managed to take Shelton down several times. Rhodes with a bulldog off the ropes on Shelton. Shelton able to drop Rhodes down hard across his knee. Shelton tried to put Rhodes into a Boston Crab, but Rhodes reversed it managing to get a surprise pinfall victory!

Despite the win, Haas came in and attacked Rhodes kicking him while down. Haas then picked up Rhodes and held him so his chest was on the top rope. Shelton ran off the ropes and jumped onto Rhodes back taking him down to the mat. Haas and Benjamin backed up the ramp as the ref attended to the injured Cody Rhodes.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross said next week Raw will be on the Sci Fi channel at 9PM EST instead of USA.

Kendrick & London vs. Cade & Murdoch

Kendrick took down Lance Cade early, but Cade was able to get up and back Kendrick into a corner. The two grappled center of the ring with Kendrick flying off the ropes to dropkick Cade down. Kendrick able to tag in London to help work on Cade. Cade finally able to escape and bring in Murdoch. London took control over Murdoch briefly with aerial and high speed moves. Murdoch eventually knocked London down to tag in Cade again.

All 4 men got into the ring at once with Kendrick and London knocking Cade and Murdoch out of the ring. Kendrick and London then ran off the ropes and flew out of the ring landing on top of Cade and Murdoch. As all 4 men were laying in a heap outside the ring, suddenly Cryme Tyme came sneaking out from the crowd. They grabbed Murdoch's trucker hat and with a mic in hand began trying to auction off the hat to an audience member. As wrestlers got back into the ring, Cryme Tyme continued shouting out for audience members to buy the hat distracting Cade. Kendrick was able to jump up on Lance Cade's back when he wasn't looking and roll him up for the surprise pinfall victory. Cryme Tyme sold the hat off for $2 to a kid in the crowd and then started a "Money Money" chant with the audience. Cade and Murdoch looked bewildered in the ring as Kendrick and London escaped up the ramp.

Winners: Kendrick & London win via pinfall over Cade/Murdoch.

King Booker seen walking backstage with Queen Sharmell carrying a crown for him. Jim Ross said the official coronation is up next.

Maria shown out on a date having dinner with Maria. After Ron Simmons ordered dinner which included Lamb, Jam and Yams, Santino Marella happened to walk up to their table with his date Jillian Hall. Santino said he and his date would join them for dinner and they sat down. Santino stretched out his arm and put it on Maria who told Ron Simmons they would still have a good time tonight.

King Booker shown in the ring with Queen Sharmell. Booker discussed last week's events with Jerome Lawler. Booker also discussed his Summerslam opponent Triple H. Booker had the highlights shown of last week's beatdown he gave to Jerry Lawler. Booker then said for Triple H to come out and place the crown on King Booker's head now. After a pause all of a sudden the "King of Kings" theme began to play as the crowd got excited. A man in a wig with a fake big nose showed up on the ring and pretended to choke on the water he drank, spitting it out.

The fake HHH got into the ring, and Booker told him to prove that Booker is the true king by placing the crown on his head. The man did so and then bowed before Booker. Booker then told him they would meet at Summerslam where Booker will make him bow down. Booker told him to leave now. The man left as Booker said he had one more matter to deal with. Booker exited the ring with Sharmell and went up to Jim Ross. Booker asked Tazz to get up from his seat and he did. Booker began yelling at Jim Ross for his comments about him last week. Booker said he would give JR a chance to make up for it by kissing Booker's ring. Ross stood up and then shook his head No. Booker yelled for Ross to do it as an order.Sharmelle grabbed Ross from behind and shoved him forward to kiss Booker's hand. Booker then shoved JR back down into his chair and said "thank you all" to the crowd.

Summerslam promo shown featuring various superstars and divas to the official theme song. Jim Ross reviewed a replay of Sharmell forcing JR to kiss his hand.

Jillian shown singing in her tone deaf voice to a couple at the same nightclub as Ron Simmons, Santino Marella and Maria were dining. The waiter came back up to Santino and asked for an autograph on his magazine. The waiter then pulled out a piece of paper and read how Maria is on the same page as Santino in the magazine he handed him. Santino signed the magazine for the waiter who walked off. Santino began to talk about how there's just no words to describe his IC title win in Italy over Umaga. Ron Simmons thought about it a moment then said "SHAM!".

Carlito's Cabana w/Umaga

Carlito introduced Umaga to the ring. Carlito offered Umaga some fruit and to sit down. Umaga continued to stand. Carlito told Umaga he doesn't have a match for Summerslam. Carlito said he should get a shot at Umaga's IC title at Summerslam. Just then, Mr. Kennedy came out walking down the ramp to the ring. Kennedy told Carlito he's done something that Umaga has never done. Kennedy said he's beaten Bobby Lashley and took him out of action. Kennedy said he deserves a title shot due to that. Mr Kennedy then proceeded to start yelling his name out at Carlito. Before Kennedy could yell his name a second time, Umaga superkicked him in the face. Kennedy and Carlito scrambled to get out of the ring. Umaga then went crazy inside the ring tossing all of Carlito's set around angrily.

Umaga then made his way to the top of the ramp. William Regal came out onto the top of the ramp looking at Umaga as he went backstage. Regal told Kennedy and Carlito they would fight each other in a match next to decide who will face Umaga at Summerslam.

Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

Carlito and Kennedy battling in the ring as Raw came back from break. Carlito tackled Kennedy down and began punching away. Carlito tossed Kennedy out of the ropes but Kennedy landed on his feet then ran back into the ring to take down Carlito. Both men went out of the ring again to recover and Carlito re-entered. As Kennedy went to get back in, Carlito tried to do an elbow drop on him, but Kennedy moved. Kennedy finally got back into the ring and Carlito took control eventually putting Kennedy into a headlock.

Kennedy regained momentum briefly until he threw Carlito to a corner. Kennedy ran at Carlito but got an elbow to the face. Carlito continued to dominate with Kennedy rolling under the bottom rope. Kennedy stood up on the apron where Carlito came over to battle him. Carlito finally suplexed Kennedy back into the ring and dominated for a bit more. The two men continued to battle back and forth each having several pinfall attempts.

Carlito tried to do a springboard elbow off the ropes but Kennedy avoided it, then grabbed Carlito to toss him out of the ring. Kennedy went outside the ring where Carlito was sitting against the steel steps. Kennedy ran at Carlito and delivered a kick to his gut. Kennedy rolled back into the ring as Raw went to a commercial break.

Back from break Kennedy had control of Carlito in the ring, clotheslining him down.
Kennedy whipped Carlito to the corner then knocked him down. Kennedy tried to focus on the hurt shoulder of Carlito, kicking away at it. With Carlito seated in the corner, Kennedy turned to run at him for the kick. Just then Carlito got to his ffet and clotheslined Kennedy down. Carlito regained control of the match, then was able to climb the corner ropes. Kennedy came over and knocked him down. Kennedy put Carlito up on the ropes and then tried to go up to do his Canton Bomb off the turnbuckle. Carlito reversed it and suplexed Kennedy off the ropes to the mat. Carlito went for the pin, as Kennedy also tried to pin. The ref made a 3 count, then told Lillian that both wrestlers' shoulders were down.

William Regal came out to the ramp and anoounced they would have a Triple Threat at Summerslam: Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy vs Umaga for the IC title.

Winner: The ref determined both men's shoulders were down at the same time, and called it a draw.

Triple H Summerslam promo shown.

Footage shown of the dinner date with Santino Marella, Maria, Ron Simmons and Jillian Hall. Marella began to insult Ron Simmons and threatened him over last week's incident where Simmons pushed Marella into the side scaffolding. Simmons yelled "Sam!" which was their waiter's name. Same came over carrying a tray of dinner plates. Simmons proceeded to push him forward causing the dinners to dump all over Santino. Marella stood up enraged as Maria brushed him off. Simmons then exclaimed "DAMN!" with a smirk on his face.

Vince shown backstage sitting with Melina who was textng someone. Vince began trying to hit on Melina again after saying she's not his child. Just then, Snitsky came up behind Vince McMahon. Snitsky told Vince he never knew his parents. Snitsky talked about causing Cena pain tonight before calling Vince "dad" and exiting.

Snitsky vs. John Cena

The two men grappled in the center with Snitsky pushing Cena down then kicking him in the midsection. Snitsky whipped Cena to a corner and ran at him ,but Cena avoided it to do the bulldog on Snitsky. After a failed pin, Snitsky recovered to kick Cena off the ropes. Cena tried to whip Snitsky to the ropes, but Snitsky reversed it by throwing Cena to the ropes for a hard clothhesline. Cena rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Snitsky brought Cena back into the ring for more punishment. Cena tried to gain momentum, but Snitsky again tossed him to the ropes then knocked him down. Snitsky put a hold on Cena with his hands behind his back. Snitsky continued treating Cena like a ragdoll, tossing him hard to the corner. As Cena got up, Snitsky ran at him but Cena moved. Cena then ran back at Snitsky and hit his leg, taking the big man down. Cena then climbed the ropes and was able to jump off to leg drop on Snitsky's neck. Cena was then able to hoist up Snitsky for the F-U, but Randy Orton had run down to the ring and was behind Cena.

Cena turned with Snitsky on his shoulders and dropped him, but Orton quickly RKO'd Cena down to the mat. Snitsky rolled out of the ring. Orton stood Cena up for a second RKO driving him face first to the mat. Randy Orton then went out of the ring to grab a steel chair as Raw went off the air.

Winner: John Cena wins due to disqualification of Snitsky.

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