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SNME Recap 08.18.07

Recap of Saturday Night's Main Event from NYC:

Vince and Coach shown backstage in an office to start off the show. Vince said how upset he was at the revelation Stephanie made on Raw saying his illegitimate child was a WWE superstar. Coach said he had a list and was narrowing down who Vince's child was based on the info he had. Coach asked Vince if he had told him of all of his past romps. Vince recalled one time in Kansas City with a woman. Coach discussed how he was born in KC and was adopted. Vince shook his head and said "it's gonna be a long night".

JBL, Jim Ross and Michael Cole introduced themselves as the commentators and began discussing tonight's matches including the boxing match between Matt Hardy and Evander Holyfield, John Cena vs. Carlito and also how tonight we may discover who Vince's illegitimate child is.

Batista & Kane vs. Finlay & The Great Khali

As Khali made his way down to the ring as they showed footage of last night's Smackdown with Kane facing Khali. Khali put Kane down in the claw grip, then put Batista down as well when he came to try to attack Khali.

Kane started off hammering away and kicking at Finlay in the corner, then threw him to the other corner for a clothesline. Kane followed with a side slam and a failed pin. Batista tagged in to continue to beat up Finlay. Finlay tried to escape Batista in the corner, but Batista caught him in the air then rammed him into the corner. Batista then suplexed Finlay off the corner ropes. Finlay rolled out of the ring as SNME hit commercial break.

SNME returned with Khali clotheslining down Kane in the ring. During break, Khali attacked Kane when he was outside battling Finlay. Khali began exploiting the rib injury Kane had by grabbing Kane in the side of his stomach. Khali continued to clutch Kane's rib area as the ref asked if Kane wanted to quit. Kane fought back getting to the ropes and punching at Khali. Khali then used a boot to Kane's face, knocking him down. Khali tagged in Fnlay who ran over and attacked Kane, then did the same to Batista. Kane able to recover and tagged in Batista. Batista started running back and forth hitting Finlay and Khali in the corner.

Hornswaggle snuck into the ring behind Batista. Batista saw him and grabbed him, then threw him right into Finlay's midsection. Khali became wrapped up in the ropes, so Kane and Batista picked up Hornswaggle and used him as a battering ram several times into Khali's stomach. As they threw down the leprechaun, Khali escaped then grabbed Batista and Kane with each hand, but they broke out of it and doubleteamed Khali. Kane went out of the ring as did Khali. Finlay came in to attack Batista who then speared him down. Batista finished off Finlay with a Batista Bomb and then scored the pin.

Winners: Kane and Batista win via pinfall over Finlay & Khali.

Vince shown backstage with Coach as they continued talking about who his child might be. Vince went over to a mirror to fix his hair and saw an old reflection of himself as a young announcer/commentator. Coach and Vince then left the scene. Ron Simmons walked up to the mirror and seemed as if he was trying to get Vince's attention. Simmons stared into the mirror a bit before saying "DAMN!".

Triple H returns promo shown for Summerslam.

MVP hanging out with a posse backstage, and Evander Holyfield entered the locker room as the crowd cheered. MVP told Evander since he can't fight due to doctor's orders that's why he chose Holyfield to replace him. MVP hugged Evander as they joked around.

Coach and Mr. McMahon were then in the ring. Coach held a file folder and discussed that the identity of the person who is Vince's child will be announced tonight. Vince told Coach to "get on with it". Coach said Vince provided alot of info and tonight they will locate the child. Coach said based on one "trist" Vince told him of, he believes he may have found Vince's child. Just then Eugene came out to the ring in his superhero costume. Vince had a look of disgust on his face as Coach gave a mic to Eugene. Eugene said how his mom said "Vince nailed her" and that's why his uncle Eric Bischoff got into wrestling, so he could put Vince out of business. Vince told Eugene he wore a condom that night, so he's not his son. Eugene then said "I love you dad" before hugging Vince and leaving the ring.

Coach said maybe Vince has a daughter and introduced Melina. Melina came strutting down to the ring in a tight black and pink dress with an angry look on her face. Vince said Melina is not his daughter and she will agree to it. Coach asked why. Vince whispered to Coach causing Coach to exclaim "thats digusting!" Vince told Melina it was just a typical July 4th celebration. Melina said if it turns out she is his daughter she will take him for every cent he has. Vince became upset as Melina stormed out of the ring. Vince asked Coach if there were any more. Coach said just one more but he didn't think they should bring them out. Vince yelled at Coach to "bring him out".

Just then after a pause, Stone Cold Steve Austin's breaking glass sounded and his theme music came on. Stone Cold came walking down to the ring eyeing Coach and Vince as he posed from the ring corners. Austin took a mic and began pacing the ring around Vince. Austin began discussing how he might be Vince's son. Vince told Austin "theres no chance in hell" he was his illegitimate son. Austin said they missed out on so many memories while he was growing up. Austin said Vince made it easy for him to just come out and "stun his ass". Austin told Vince he must have "overactve grapefruits" and to help him out Austin delivered a kick to the groin and then a low blow to Vince.

Coach walked up to Austin confronting him for what he just did. Austin then kicked Coach and delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to him. Austin celebrated with beers in the ring pouring them out onto Vince and Coach. Jim Ross said he thinks they can now conclude Stone Cold is not Vince's child. Vince finally got back up and Stone Cold said it's his first time back at the Garden, so he offered to drink a beer with Vince. Austin handed Vince a beer and they toasted, before Stone Cold kicked Vince and then delivered a stunner to him.

MVP shown in the back locker room as Evander Holyfield was preparing for the upcoming boxing match.

Carlito vs. John Cena

Footage shown of Cena's match on Raw 3 weeks ago against Carlito, where Randy Orton interfered allowing Carlito to win. Carlito then spit apple into Cena's face on the mat. Michael Cole discussed how Cena will put his title on the line against Orton in about a week at Summerslam.

Cena took control early on, kicking down Carlito then tossing him to the corner. Cena threw Carlito off the ropes then knocked him down with a hard forearm. Carlito rolled out of the ring and went over to grab Lillian Garcia's chair. Carlito tried to enter the ring with the chair, but the ref took it away. Cena came over to Carlito on the apron. As the ref turned away, Carlito was able to knock Cena out of the ring. SNME headed to commercial break.

Back from break, Carlito was kicking and punching Cena down on the mat. Michael Cole said Carlito had been working on the head of Cena. Cena able to regain control out of the corner, then came off the ropes to do a neckbreaker type move. Cena got up on the corner ropes then did a double legdrop on Carlito's head. Cena quickly slapped the STFU onto Carlito who immediately tapped out. Cena with the win, but as the bell sounded, Randy Orton came running down to the ring.

Orton attacked Cena, then tossed him out of the ring. Orton grabbed Cena and whipped him into the steel steps. Orton then began franticly pacing around until Cena got up. Orton set up a chair, then grabbed Cena and did an RKO on Cena right through the metal chair. Orton stared coldly at Cena laying on his back outside the ring.

Winner: John Cena wins via submission over Carlito.

Backstage, Todd Grisham caught up with Randy Orton. Grisham said what Orton did was brutal. Orton said he sent a message to Cena "loud and clear" about what he will get from Randy Orton at Summerslam.

Several divas seen sitting in front of the commentator's table near the ring dressed as boxing ring girls. JBL discussed the matchup showing the stats of Hardy vs. Holyfield. Hardy was then introduced and came out in a boxing robe with two corner men. MVP came out next with about 5 or 6 corner men. MVP got into the ring and started taunting Hardy. Holyfield came out with 2 men to a roar from the crowd. Cole said Holyfield has a reach advantage over Hardy. Boxing announcer Michael Buffer announced the match asking MSG if they were ready. MVP interrupted him and handed Buffer a card of what to say for MVP's intro.

Matt Hardy vs. Evander Holyfield

Holyfield started jabbing away at Matt in the first round, backing him into a corner. Holyfield knocked Matt Hardy down to the corner with under a minute in Round 1. Hardy got back up and shook things off. Holyfield continued to punch away at Hardy until he fell to the mat again. Jim Ross said tonight it might be best for Hardy to stay on the mat, but Matt got himself up right before the round ended.

As Round 2 started, Holyfield indivated to the ref he didn't want to go after Matt Hardy anymore because he can tell Hardy's had enough. MVP went over and yelled at Holyfield to go knock out and finish off Matt Hardy. As MVP continued barking orders, Holyfield gave him a look. Holyfield turned to leave, then MVP grabbed him. Holyfield delivered a solid knockout punch to MVP leaving him face 1st on the mat. Holyfield then went over and showed some love for Hardy's effort, giving him a hug in the corner.

Winner: Holyfield dominated the match over Matt Hardy and knocked out MVP.

Tazz joined Michael Cole and Jim Ross at ringside to replace JBL for the next match, from the ECW brand.

Boogeyman & CM Punk vs. Big Daddy V & John Morrison

Big Daddy V came to the match with Matt Striker as his manager. Morrison and Punk faced off first with Punk knocking Morrison down for a quick pin attempt. Punk continued to fight Morrison giving a strange look to Boogeyman in the corner instead of tagging him. Punk eventually clotheslined Morrison over the ropes as SNME went to break.

Back from break, Boogeyman whipped Morrison to the ropes then flipped him up over his back. Boogeyman grabbed a fistful of worms and put them in his mouth then went at Morrison. Matt Striker got up onto the apron and distracted Boogeyman, allowed Big Daddy V to tag in. V clotheslined Boogeyman down then began to manhandle him around the ring. Eventually Boogeyman escaped when V ran at him in the same corner as Morrison was standing near. Boogeyman tagged in CM Punk just as Morrison tagged in.

CM Punk started to dominate the ECW champ, slamming him down then tossing him to the corner. Punk able to jump off the side ropes and clothesline Morrison down. Punk tossed Morrison to the corner then ran at him to knee him in the face. Morrison eventually landed a spinning kick to Punk's head, knocking him off the corner ropes. The two superstars continued to battle with CM Punk eventually rolling up Morrison for a surprise pinfall victory.

Winners: CM Punk and Boogeyman win via pinfall over Big Daddy V and John Morrison.

Michael Cole thanked everyone for tuning in as highlights of tonight's matches were shown with POD's "Boom" playing.

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