Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sun-Times on Summerslam...

Chicago Sun-Times has the following brief write-up on Summerslam by Blackjack Brown:

"WrestleMania gets all the hype, but year in and year out, SummerSlam proves to be the biggest (and many times the best) show of the year.

This year should be no exception, with three world-title matches on the card as well as the return of Triple H to pay-per-view in what should be the show-stealer. SummerSlam has been a mainstay in WWE since it began in August 1988. The best event was in 1998 or 2002. The 2002 edition from the Nassau Coliseum saw Brock Lesnar pin The Rock to win his first WWE championship. The 1998 version had The Rock losing to Triple H in a ladder match for the Intercontinental title." (source:

Of course we may see a few more matches added this week, possibly the Intercontinental title (I'm guessing if we do either Carlito, Shelton or Mr. Kennedy might get the nod to go up against Umaga). My favorite theory currently is that Mr. Kennedy is Vince's son and will end up taking the IC title from Umaga before climbing the ladder to the WWE title..

In an interesting piece of related news, the latest issue of "ESPN the Magazine" features a full page ad for Summerslam, and still features Jackass members (who had reportedly backed out of the PPV a month ago). The ad shows Umaga standing in the sand, with 6-7 Jackass guys including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Wee Man buried up to their heads in the sand at his feet. Could be that WWE had provided the ad a while back and didn't have it changed, but as of now haven't seen any reports to indicate the Jackass crew will be part of the event.

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